bestcloths for cleaning the kitchen

Best Cloth For Cleaning The Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is a daily chore that haunts me all, and it can be hard to decide just which cloth is the best cloth for cleaning the kitchen, which is why I wrote this post to help you keep a healthy and clean kitchen with quality cloths that well enjoy using.

I don’t know about you, but washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen is a daily thing in your house. It should be daily in your home too, but who knows, maybe you don’t cook every day so you may not need to clean the dishes – lucky you!

But if you’re like me and you need to do the dishes and clean the kitchen daily (sometimes multiple times a day) then you know the struggle of finding a cloth that works you well on kitchen counters and doesn’t leave streaks, fibres and other unpleasant surprises while you clean.

When I think about how often I use this simple kitchen tool – the cloth – it’s important to consider purchasing a quality cloth that will help make the job of cleaning the kitchen a lot easier. One secret of professional cleaners is that they always use microfiber cloths for all the jobs that need to be done. Enjoy this list of personally tried and tested cloths that I have used in your kitchen, and see if you can find a pack or two that you think will be nice to use in your very own kitchen.

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Top Picks For Best Cloths For Cleaning The Kitchen

#1 Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

#2 Libman Microfiber Sponge Cloths

#3 Cellulose Sponge Cloths

Best Cloth for Cleaning The Kitchen

Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

My favorite cloth is of course microfiber and the Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths have never failed me before.

With just a little water, these cloths are able to pick up a lot of dirt and grime from your kitchen counters.

I specifically like these cloths because I CAN wash them in the washing machine with laundry detergent without damaging them, which makes your busy mom life easier.

Because I like to buy big packs of these cloths, I can use specific colors for specific rooms of the house. For example, all the green cloths are kitchen only. This helps me keep the bathroom, kitchen and dusting cloths separated in the closet and I can easily grab the ones I need based on color.

They feel a little bit more on the thin side as opposed to a lot of microfiber cloths, but I don’t mind that at all because they are sturdy and durable for your cleaning routines.

These are lint-free, no-streak cloth which help me keep your counters clean without the need for harsh chemicals. Hand down the best cloths for cleaning kitchen counters.

You can purchase a pack on Amazon here

Libman Microfiber Sponge Cloths

Another excellent option for cleaning the kitchen is the Libman Microfiber Sponge Cloths.

They are a perfect combination of a sponge and cloth in one convenient package. You can wash the dishes and clean your appliances and counters with one cleaning tool.

This is a synthetic sponge that is quilted between two microfiber cloths making it an absorbent tool that wipes without leaking streaks.

These cloths are also easy to wash since you can toss them in the washing machine or the dishwasher, but it’s best to air dry them to keep them absorbent.

These cloths tend to last about 20 washes before needing replacement which means a pack of 3 cloths can last about 3 months.

These super-absorbent, lint-free, and easy-to-washcloths are another awesome option for busy families and are a great choice in the best cloth for cleaning the kitchen.

You can purchase a pack on Amazon here

 Cellulose Sponge Cloths

A non-microfiber option that is excellent for those who prefer a different material in the kitchen cleaning cloth is the  Cellulose Sponge Cloths.

Just like the Libman cloths, these are sponge cloth but without the microfiber outer cloth.

I love that these cloths are a little bit smaller than cloths because then I can use them to wash the dishes as well as the countertops and kitchen table and cabinets. They are a very absorbent cloth and have a criss-cross waffle-like weave which means they pick up dirt and dirt very well.

These best cloths for cleaning the kitchen are easy to clean! Simply toss these in the washer AND dryer for easy washing without having to worry about losing absorbency and dexterity.

I like to use these in the kitchen mostly, but they do come in handy in the bathroom as well sometimes. I try not to use them anywhere else as a do prefer the Zwipes cloth for pretty much everywhere around the home, especially when doing the dusting and your daily chores.

You can purchase a pack on Amazon here

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Cloth For Cleaning The Kitchen

It’s very easy to just pop into the shop and grab the first pack of kitchen cleaning cloths you can find, but there are some things you should consider when choosing which kitchen cloths will help you keep your kitchen clean.

I love microfiber cloths, but they are not the only option for a good clean, you still need to consider the type of surface you are cleaning, the quality of the microfiber that you purchase, and how well you take care of your cloths.

Type Of Surface

Because microfiber cloths can be used to clean pretty much any surface in your home from mirrors and windows to countertops, the weave in the cloth should always be considered when you’re choosing the perfect cloth for the kitchen. You’re going to want to look for a “waffle weave” microfiber cloth that can help remove water deposit stains and larger dirt particles in the kitchen.


Microfiber cloths do tend to last longer than regular rags and they clean the best overall, but if you do not care for them properly, they will not be effective and you’ll end up tossing them earlier than expected. Washing a heavily soiled microfiber cloth in the washing machine with a lot of detergents is a surefire way to ensure that your cloths are not going to be an effective cleaning tool for long. It’s always best to follow the washing instructions that your cloths come with to make sure you can sustain the durability of your cloth and clean the kitchen longer with them.


The quality of a microfiber cloth is measured by fiber density, weave, and filament size. The quality and price of the cloth ly go hand in hand, so it’s a good idea to keep in mind what other reviewers say about the durability of the cloth you choose. A cloth that leaves behind a lot of lint, is not a high-quality cloth. You’re going to want to look for a cloth with smaller fibers and the best blend ratio is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Most of the cheaper cloths have a 90-10 percent ratio which is how you can tell they are loIr in quality.

Remember that microfiber does not actually kill the germs you pick up but it picks them up and helps you dispose of them. Cloths with tiny dense fibers do claim to be anti-viral, but you’ll probably want to ensure that you use a good disinfectant even with that kind of cloth.

Another quality factor to consider is the GSM (grams per square meter) of your cloth. Cloths with GMS of 200 or less are more likely to leave streaks whereas a GSM of 200-350 is more helpful for removing tough grease and stuck-on stains. You’re also going to want to look for a cloth that has a waffle weave which is excellent for scrubbing, scouring, and taking on the tough cleaning jobs that kitchens throw at me. A loop Iave cloth is better suited for electronics, glass, and mirrors, so you wouldn’t want that cloth for cleaning tough kitchen messes.

Why I Believe A Microfiber Cloth Is The Best Cloth For Cleaning The Kitchen

While I do love all sorts of other kitchen cloths, the microfiber ones are your favorite. According to research, microfiber is the most effective way to attract dirt without needing too many heavy chemicals. But those aren’t the only reasons I love microfiber cloths! Here are some more:

Healthy Clean

While microfiber cloths cannot actually kill viruses, they can pick up germs and debris, helping decrease the risk of disease. Their tiny filaments are effective for cleaning and erasing dirt and allergens and the very best microfiber cloths pick up surface microorganisms and bacteria too.

Hospitals are even needing microfiber for cleaning more often as well because microfiber mops pick up more bacteria than the traditional loop mops, decreasing the spread and risk of E-coli spores. Microfiber cloths are certainly not a cleaning replacement for those extra soiled and greasy areas of your home, but they do work well for cleaning the kitchen counters.

Low Maintenance

Microfiber cloths are pretty durable and low maintenance too. You can either scrub them by hand with cool water and no soap or wash them in the washing machine without detergent or bleach. You’ll need to look at your specific cloth care instructions to figure out how to care for your set but ly, but they are fairly simple to keep clean. You can ly air dry or tumble dry on low to protect surface properties on the cloth and keep your cleaning tool effective for longer. You want to make sure that your cloths stay highly absorbent and attract dirt whether you’re cleaning a wet or a dry surface.

You also want to avoid creating cloths that leave behind lint, which is why caring for the cloths properly is important.


Because kitchen cleaning cloths are reusable, they are an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. The man-made fibers are non-toxic and you don’t need chemicals to pick up dirt and dirt, and they last a long time through many washes without falling apart and losing their cleaning power.

Why Use Kitchen Counter Cleaning Cloths

You can clean your kitchen counters with either cloths or paper towels, but I much prefer to go the reusable cloth route yourself.

Even though I am constantly switching out the kitchen cleaning cloth on a daily basis and washing the dirty ones, it makes me feel better to know I’m not just throwing used paper towels away after I finish cleaning the counter.

I mean, I don’t JUST clean the counters, I also tackle the dining room table, and kitchen island and do a quick wipe of the cabinets daily too, so one kitchen cloth gets a fair bit of cleaning action before it gets thrown into the washing machine.

Tips For Wiping Down Kitchen Counters

Cleaning the kitchen counters isn’t a difficult thing to do, but I almost couldn’t believe it when I first met your husband that his family didn’t wipe down the counters after the daily dishes Are complete. It just wasn’t part of the routine, and washing the dishes meant “washing the dishes” and nothing else.

I mean this boggled MY mind, and I wonder how many other families think the same way?

So here are some tips that I use when I clean the kitchen (includes washing dishes too!) and they are simple, and should be completed daily.

Wipe down counters daily

Yes, I’m saying it again, do this daily. It’s a pretty quick task and if you’re going to step on the kitchen floor after anyway, you can knock a lot of crumbs and dirt right onto the floor, making the job of counter wiping super simple.

Use A Simple Cleaning solution

You don’t need to get complicated cleaners to clean your countertops. A simple mixture of vinegar and water in a bottle is all you really need. If you hate the smell of vinegar, add a few drops of essential oil to help. If you’re unsure about the vinegar, go with dish soap and water. YEP! That’s all I use on your countertops yourself.

Just a tablespoon of dish soap (Blue Dawn) in a spray bottle full of water and I’ve got your perfect counter cleaner. I do like to disinfect your counters after I use your dish soap mixture, and I use something called Sol-U-Guard for the job.

If I’m all out of Sol-U-Guard, I’ll go with the vinegar for the disinfecting portion of the daily clean. If I had raw meat on the counters, I will defend the counters with some tried and true Lysol cleaner.

Don’t Forget The Floors

After you clean your countertops, you’re going to want to do a quick step (maybe even a mop of time and energy allow) because all of that dirt and all the crumbs from the countertop are now on your floors.

If you have a dog that acts like a vacuum cleaner, that’s pretty cool, but I would still prefer to use a broom or your trusty vacuum mop which your darling husband spoiled me with when I complained of a sore back from all the floor cleaning during pregnancy #3.

How To Wash Microfiber Cloths

In order for your microfiber cloths to work effectively, we’ll need to keep them clean. Most microfiber cloths are machine washable. Rinse your cloths with clean water after each use which will help the grime and dirt from getting stuck in the fibers. Wash the microfiber cloths in warm or hot water needing a mild detergent.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener as that could make the cloth less efficient over time, just like with towels. If you are needing your microfiber cloths daily, you should wash them every like, or more often if you need to.

Using Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

You can use microfiber cloths to clean many surfaces around your home, but here are your favorite things to clean other than the kitchen counters.

Stainless Steel

Remove smears and smudges off your stainless steel and leave your appliances and faucets looking shiny.


Because microfiber can reach deep into cracks and crevices, these cloths are great for washing inside cabinets.


One of your favorite things to clean with microfiber cloths is kitchen counters. These cloths pick up sticky messes and other grime without scratching marble or granite counters.


I like to use microfiber cloths to wipe down your faucets all over the house which leaves them very shiny and looking so good.

Windows and Mirrors

While I do have special window cloths, sometimes I like to use microfiber cloths to wash your windows and mirrors still.

Bathtub and Shower

You can use your microfiber cloth to wipe down your shower and tub after each use to keep things dry and prevent mold growth,


If you’re going to be a dirt detective, then a microfiber cloth is going to be a good friend to have as it traps dirt and dirt so well.

Wrapping Up Best Cloth For Cleaning The Kitchen

So what is the best cloth for cleaning the kitchen? Still, the choice is up to you, but your favorite set of clothes is the Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths as they are super reliable and simply have never failed me before. They do not leave bits of cloth and lint when I’m wiping down your counters and your appliances.

Overall they are great cloths, and they come in many colors so I can delegate colors to certain rooms in your house! It’s always nice to know that the yellow kitchen cloths are bathroom only, and the blue ones are for mirrors and windows! Even after they get washed in the laundry, I still would prefer to keep the cloths separated for their unique duties.

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