The traditional ketchup cannot get any better as a midnight snack buddy and a kid’s all-season favourite. It’s one of the cheapest condiments on the market and a kitchen saviour. The ketchup, which is made with ripe tomatoes, salt and pepper, and a dash of magic, can make anything taste better.

But did you know it offers a plethora of other advantages? Tomatoes are high in antioxidants and can aid to slow the ageing process. They control your cholesterol by reducing the harmful sort. With its high vitamin A and C concentration, ketchup can also help keep your eyesight in tip-top shape. This would also improve immunity in children, keeping them away from the doctor.

With its naturally existing qualities and abundance, ketchup may help in a variety of ways. We’ve compiled a list of 15 unconventional uses for the condiment that don’t involve food at all.

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Cleaning Hacks Using Ketchup

Clean Toilet

Remember what ketchup is made of before you shout. It is, indeed, vinegar, and vinegar is a cleaning substance. When you need a go-to toilet product, try this.

Fill the toilet with 1/4 cup ketchup. Using a toilet brush, swish about. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes before flushing. Flush twice to release a delightfully refreshing scent from your toilet.

This is excellent for masking the odour of urine, which is a problem in most restrooms. This is an excellent idea to have on hand for when you need it the most. You may never find out.

Clean Copper

Traditionalists have traditionally argued for the advantages of utilizing copper rather than commercialized steel. Copper containers may provide significant benefits in a variety of situations, from holding water to making a delicious stew.

However, with regular usage, copper may quickly acquire green rust. Even with the most strict maintenance, this process cannot be avoided due to naturally occurring oxidization.

If you’re wondering how to remove the green muck out of your ketchup bottle, look no further.

Squeeze some ketchup into a washcloth to restore the coppery shine. Wipe off all of your copper vessels thoroughly.

Scrubbing copper vessels can cause scratches on their surface, so use a washcloth or microfiber cloth instead.

For a like-new sheen, clean and rinse the utensils with warm water.

Clean Silver Jewellery

Silver, like copper, tarnishes readily when left out in the open for an extended period of time. With frequent contact with air, it might progressively blacken, reducing its lustre.

Most silver cleaners restore shine by removing a thin coating from the surface. The use of these cleaners on a regular basis might damage and fragile your jewellery. Instead, try washing them with ketchup for a more natural method to counteract dullness.

Cleaning Car Alloys

It might be difficult to slough off crusted dust and dirt from automobile exterior alloys. Save money on your monthly vehicle wash by removing stains with ketchup.

Apply the condiment on the collected grime and leave it on for a few minutes. Simply wash the ketchup away with warm water, rinsing twice to ensure that it is fully gone. And presto! The ketchup has left behind a vehicle that appears to have just rolled out of the showroom.

Clean Gardening Equipment

This technique might save you a lot of money on cleaners if you have a green thumb. Cleaning rust from gardening equipment requires a lot of soap and labour, both of which are expensive.

To begin with, with near-daily use, these cleansers soon rack up a large cost. Second, utilizing chemical cleansers on your equipment might cause it to deteriorate. Ketchup combined with a touch of vinegar can achieve the same benefits at a far lower cost and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Get Rid of Wet Dog Smell

Dog owners understand the frustration of having their dog go out and return with a foul odour all on them. The scent then spreads to you! Rather of reducing your playtime, you may use ketchup to remove the wet dog scent out of your house and clothes.

Simply soak all the garments that have a strange odour in ketchup for a bit before throwing them in the laundry. There will be no longer limitations on accessing the puppy park!

Shine Keys

Rusted keys are difficult to use and, in some cases, do not even open the proper locks. Simply cover them with ketchup and massage carefully to remove the rust to restore their original lustre and shape. Wash once with lukewarm water and you’ll have the answer to all, or at least some, of your problems.

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