Cleaning Hacks To Remove Dog Urine Stains From Concrete

Our adorable puppy makes downtime more pleasurable and memorable. But the delight fades when the dog urinates and its foul odour spreads throughout the house. Dog urine contains ammonia, which gives it a foul odour. Because the concrete floor is porous, urine may readily soak in and cause a foul odour. We’ll show you how to remove dog urine stains from concrete.

Traditional concrete floor cleaning methods can not effectively remove dog urine stains and odours. Removing dog urine stains requires extra attention or a wet vacuum. A dog urine-damaged concrete floor need a two-stage cleaning procedure. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the desired cleaning results. Well-known carpet cleaners may sometimes efficiently remove dog urine stains from concrete. According to the majority of pet owners, conventional cleaners only remove a small amount of dog stain from the carpet, but the urine stench remains. As a result, it is critical to understand the correct cleaning method. It saves you time and money while providing the desired cleaning results.

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Identify Urine Stain On Concrete

It’s not always simple to pinpoint the source of an odour; typically, pets urinate near where they spend the most of their time. If you can’t readily identify a region, you’ll need to use certain techniques. You don’t know where the stink is coming from because you just moved into a new house. In this circumstance, instruments that can quickly determine the source of the odour are required. To identify pet stains and odours, use a UV or black light.

Before using, shut the door and windows since it produces the greatest results in the dark. Keep the light at least three feet away from the concrete floor, and the stain will appear as a blue, green, or yellow hue on the concrete. While using light, examine the wall because occasionally pets urinate on the wall joint, which is not apparent if the wall is not scanned with a U.V. or black light. If the stain cannot be removed with a cleaning solution, remove the wall or cover it with wall coating.

Remove Dog Urine Stains From Concrete

Using TSP

When compared to tiles, marble, and wood floors, concrete floors are more permeable. If a liquid is allowed to stay on the concrete surface for an extended period of time, it is difficult to remove stains from concrete. When urine is exposed to air for an extended period of time, it forms a strong connection with the concrete. This relationship became stronger and deeper with each passing day. This bonding procedure can sometimes last for days or even months. It’s somewhat broken down bonding when cleaning solution is applied. However, after a specific period of time, moisture is added and the prior connection is broken.

Determine the damaged area before attempting to remove a dog urine stain. Fill a bucket halfway with boiling water and add half a spoonful of TSP (Trisodium Phosphate). Mix them together and apply to the afflicted region. Allow at least 15 minutes for this to take effect. To achieve a more precise cleaning outcome, combine enzyme urine cleanser with a firm brush and scrub the area. Don’t worry if the odour returns; simply reapply pure hot water and use a wet vacuum. Repeat this cleaning process for best results; in high traffic areas, this cleaning step may need to be repeated a third time. Trisodium Phosphate efficiently destroys dangerous germs and eliminates odours from surfaces.

Enzyme Cleaner

Dog urine odour, odour, and germs are all combated by pet enzyme cleanser. Its chemical composition breaks down urine into tiny pieces. Also, make the surface sanitary and visually appealing. Pet enzyme cleaners are more effective in cleaning concrete than carpet and area rugs. Because this solution is not available in a spray container, mix it with a gallon of water. Wet the afflicted area with water to prevent evaporation when using this cleaner for a better outcome. Rocco and Roxie are professional odour removers that also perform well on concrete. There are several types of pet enzyme cleaners on the market; avoid cleaners that require you to combine carpet shampoo with them.

Sealing The Concrete

Sealing the concrete floor prevents the stench of pet pee from returning to the surface. Most pet owners use concrete sealing to reduce odour. Concrete sealing ensures that stench is completely removed. There are several types of sealers on the market, but only the garage floor coating is the best for concrete floors. This layer prevents odour molecules from passing through the system indefinitely. So that stink does not pass through the covering and the dog has an odor-free existence.

Coating The Floor

You may use garage floor covering to keep your floor free of dog urine stains and odours. It’s a simple and efficient method for eliminating odours. Before putting the coating to the floor, it must be ground or acid etched. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to perform garage floor coating, check out YouTube or a flooring blog.

Cleaning Hacks To Remove Dog Urine Stains From Concrete Bottom Line

Concrete’s porous layer makes it easy to set many sorts of liquids. Using pet enzymatic cleansers that quickly absorb concrete, you can keep the concrete floor free of stains and odours. Concrete also allows for air transmission, therefore moisten the damaged area before applying any sort of liquid cleaning, otherwise it will absorb the solution.

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