Unexpected Uses For Pine-Sol

Unexpected Uses For Pine-Sol

It’s piney, fresh, and a low-cost answer to so many cleaning problems. But what’s the catch? And what else may it be used for? Continue reading for more information – from needing Pine-Sol as a pregnancy test to killing wasps, the possibilities for this substance will amaze you. Of course, not all of them function, but more on that later.

Do you enjoy Pine Sol? The scent is most likely the cause; the sensation of strolling through a pine forest every time you clean is exhilarating. It’s also a fantastic cleaning incentive. Pine-Sol full strength is created with authentic pine fragrance, just as the advertisements say.

Pine essential oil is used as a fragrance. Water, isopropanol (an alcohol solvent with antibacterial characteristics), and xantham gum round out the list of ingredients, which include grease-cutting surfactants and strong cleaning agents.

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Pine Sol Uses You’ve Never Thought Of

Pine-Sol As a Cleaning Agent

This is what Pine SOL is most known for, and not surprisingly, it is extremely effective. It is also useful as a cleaning agent. It can remove stains and clean a wide range of surfaces. Most applications will necessitate the use of diluted Pine SOL.

In the case of persistent stains, however, you can apply full-strength Pine SOL. Just make sure to test an inconspicuous section of the surface first to ensure that you don’t harm it. It is fairly safe in its diluted form and may be used on most surfaces, even sealed wood. Take care not to let it come into touch with your skin.

Pine-Sol Stovetop Cleaner

  • 1 gallon of warm water + 14 cup Pine-Sol® Lemon Fresh
  • Wring out a sponge or lint-free cloth in the mixture until it’s barely It.
  • Wipe your cooktop in straight lines from side to side.
  • Following that, use a lint-free towel to wash off the surface with water.

Pine-Sol for Cleaning Wood Furniture

How to clean and disinfect wood furniture with Pine-Sol multi-surface disinfectant.

  • For each gallon of water, add 14 cups of Pine-Sol®.
  • To clean the surface, dampen a soft sponge, cloth, or mop with the mixture.
  • Scrub difficult areas gently with a scrub brush or a mop. If necessary, use full-strength Pine-Sol® followed by a water rinse.

Pine-Sol as a Disinfectant

Pine SOL is a highly efficient disinfectant that is broadly compatible with a wide range of items that may require disinfection. Its diluted form may be used for almost any disinfection application.

Use it at its regular strength only for really unclean items that will not be harmed by it. It is also critical to ensure that there is adequate air circulation. Inhaling Pine SOL, especially at its normal dose, can be extremely hazardous to one’s health.

Pine-Sol as a Stain Remover

Cooking oil may be a pain for home chefs and theatre popcorn lovers alike. If you have an ugly oil stain on your clothing, pre-treat it with undiluted Pine-Sol. After soaking the garment for 30 minutes, hand wash it and inspect for stains. If required, repeat the treatment. You may also soak paper towels in a container and use them as disinfectant wipes to clean most surfaces, such as countertops, tables, cabinet doors, and so on.

Pine-Sol to Clean Granite

How to Clean and Polish Granite Countertops needing Pine-Sol Cleaner Clean and disinfect granite like a professional.

  • SIep or brush away dirt, grime, or food crumbs.
  • 14 cup Pine-Sol® in a gallon of warm water
  • Wipe clean the granite with a It sponge or mop.
  • Scrub stubborn stains needing Pine-Sol® at full strength. Instead of a hard scouring pad, which may damage unsealed granite, use a cleaning brush or a plastic scrub pad.
  • To maintain your granite streak-free, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off with water.

Pine-Sol as a Paint-stripper

Many people are unaware of this application. Pine SOL in its normal form is extremely damaging to paint. Of course, you need to guarantee that the item from which you are attempting to remove paint does not react with Pine SOL. Metallic items are OK.

Place some Pine SOL in a jar and submerge the object from which you wish to remove the paint. Close the jar and leave it for 8-12 hours to allow the paint to dissolve.

Pine-Sol In The Laundry

While detergents are much better at cleaning and disinfecting these days, Pine SOL may be used to wash and disinfect every filthy clothing. Pine SOL may also be used to clean and disinfect washers and dryers.

Pine-Sol to Clean The Toilet

How to Clean a Toilet with Pine-Toilet Sol’s Cleaning Method These methods make cleaning and disinfecting toilets and toilet bowls simpler.

  • Directly apply Pine-Sol® to a sponge, cloth, or scrubbing brush.
  • Wipe down the toilet tank, lid, seat cover, and outside of the bowl with a damp cloth, reapplying cleaner as required.
  • Rinse each surface well with water.
  • Splash Pine-Sol® into the toilet bowl and use your beloved toilet brush to clean every crevice. Allow it to settle for a few minutes before flushing.

Pine-Sol to Clean Walls

How to clean walls and wash walls needing Pine-Sol multi-surface disinfectant cleaning solution

  • To a gallon of water, add 14 cup of your preferred Pine-Sol® fragrance.
  • Wring out a sponge, rag, or cloth in the mixture until it is mildly moist. Then, wipe off the walls from top to bottom, needing Pine-Sol® at full power on persistent markings.
  • Wipe the walls off with water.
  • To avoid streaking, use a dry wipe towards the end.

Pine-Sol for Homemade Fly Spray

Spring and summer are wonderful — except for the bugs. A few frugal horse owners have developed a fly spray that helps keep horses fly-free. How does it function? Simple. Pine-Sol, like many other fly sprays, includes a smelly plant pine oil – pine.

Flies despise it. However, do not use Pine-Sol straight from the bottle. To manufacture your own Pine-Sol fly repellent, use 13 parts water, 13 parts vinegar, and 13 parts Original Scent Pine-Sol. You may also add a dab of Skin So Soft or Citronella to the mix if desired. As required, spray it on. This combination works nearly as effectively as Neem but will not cause a pregnant horse to miscarry.

Pine-Sol as a Wasp Repellent

Pine-Sol can protect you from painful stings from wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and bees. Remember not to use it on honey bees — I need them to pollinate your food plants – but apply full-strength Pine-Sol as a pesticide on other hive insects. You may also use pine sol as a repellent by making an 80 percent Pine-Sol, 20% water solution, and spraying it on locations where you wish to keep these stinging bugs away.

Keep Pests Away With Pine-Sol

Do you have raccoons in your yard? Try spraying your garbage cans with a 50-50 combination of full-strength Pine-Sol and warm water. The scent of pine is unpleasant to most animals. There’s also a bonus. There are no flies and the cans are clean. Insects dislike pine as well!

Pine-Sol as a Pet Pee Deterrent

If your dog or cat is peeing in the home, Pine-Sol is an excellent method to put a stop to the practice. Simply clean the area where they sprayed diluted Pine-Sol and water. It does not include ammonia, unlike many home cleaners. Pets enjoy peeing on ammonia-clean surfaces because urine includes ammonia. They believe they are claiming land. Avoid ammonia, and well avoid the problem.

Pine-Sol Toilet Brush Cleaner

Fill the toilet brush container with pine sol to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Pine-Sol for Dusting And Cleaning

Diluted pine sol should be used to clean shelves, hardwood floors, and tables. When needing it on wood furniture, exercise caution.

Pine-Sol as a Ied Killer

When Ied growth becomes too much of an issue, you can use pine sol as a Ied killer.

Pine-Sol For Cleaning FAQ

What should you not use Pine-Sol on?

Allow no puddles of product to remain on wood surfaces. Pine-Sol® should not be used on marble, metal, unsealed, waxed, oiled, or clearly worn wood.

Is Pine-Sol toxic to breathe?

Because of the corrosive nature of some of the compounds in Pine Sol, individuals are concerned that it is harmful to their health. However, it is safe to say that whatever impact inhaling Pine sol has on you, it will not be pleasant.

Do you dilute Pine-Sol?

Pine-Sol® Cleaners are concentrated solutions that may be diluted to suit most cleaning needs. A 24 oz. the container provides 12 gallons of cleaning power for general cleaning! You may save money by adding water to the recipe yourself.

Is Pine-Sol safe on skin?

When contemporary Pine SOL containing glycolic acid comes into touch with skin, most individuals will have no visible response. It might cause skin irritation in rare situations. It is also relatively safe if you inadvertently consume it. If you begin to have an allergic response, get medical attention.

What can I mix with Pine-Sol?

Adding more ammonia to Pine-Sol can boost its cleaning ability for tough stains and exceptionally nasty chores. You can make a powerful cleaning solution in only a few minutes.

Cleaning with Pine-Sol

It’s piney, fresh, and a low-cost answer to so many cleaning problems. But what’s the catch? And what else may it be used for? Continue reading for more information – from needing Pine-Sol as a pregnancy test to killing wasps, the possibilities for this substance will amaze you.

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