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You don’t need to buy a dishwasher rinse aid to get sparkly clean dishes and glasses.  However, if you’re still worried about water spots on your dishes, you can try one of these natural rinse-aid substitutes for dishwashers. 

People all over the Internet recommend using vinegar instead of commercial rinse aid, however, this method has two flaws. To begin, you should not use vinegar in your dishwasher’s rinse-aid dispenser. Vinegar has an acid powerful enough to dissolve the rubber gaskets in the rinse-aid dispenser.

Is it also essential to use Jet Dry? This from the Jet-Dry website was useful: Rinse agents aid in the removal of residue that produces stains and film on dishes and glasses. This avoids the development of water droplets on the surface of the dishes, which are ‘set’ by the heat of the drying cycle, resulting in spots and film.

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Jet Dry Helps Clean Dirty Dishes In A Dishwasher

When I needed a new dishwasher, I picked a high-quality machine, expecting to have sparkling-clean dishes as a consequence. Instead, I found myself using to clean at least a quarter of the top rack after every load.

Washing dishes by hand after they’ve been through the dishwasher cycle is certainly inefficient, and it’s not what an already overburdened mom needs at the end of the day. Something had to give.

I contacted the dishwasher manufacturer, who gave me a couple of samples of dishwashing rinse aid and advised a certain (expensive) brand of detergent.

I was willing to test the detergent, but this thrifty mom was adamant about not spending any more money and introducing any more hazardous chemicals into your house and the environment.

So I set out to learn how to produce an all-natural homemade dishwasher rinse help.

I heard somewhere that placing pure vinegar in the rinse aid section was a simple DIY Jet-Dry substitute.

So I gave it a go. And it was effective.

However, immediately after discovering this “ingenious” discovery, a dishwasher repairman cautioned me of the hazards of doing so, claiming that the acid may eat away at the compartment’s seals. Yikes!

Instead, he suggested the first incredibly easy DIY dishwasher rinse aid approach that I’m going to shave with you today. It’s your favorite since it’s so easy and effective.

How To Make Jet Dry At Home

Homemade Natural Jet Dry requires the following ingredients:

Making the Jet Dry

Mix your ingredients together in a bottle. You can use any bottle, it does not have to have a spray function. pour your mixture into the dishwasher and rinse agent spot. Run your dishwasher as normal. It even works if the interior of your dishwasher is stainless steel.

Important Things To Note When Making Your Own Rinse Aid

However, before I get to the recipes, there are a few things you should know about other DIY rinse aids on the internet. Here’s why not all of them are safe.

Never Combine Acids and Peroxide

There are various DIY Rinse Aid recipes available that include citric acid and peroxide. This appears to be a bad idea.

Also, do not combine peroxide with vinegar. Alternatively, use any acid. When peroxide and acid are combined, they form an extremely powerful oxidant that may etch metal. This is NOT a good idea.

Take Caution When Using Essential Oils

Water and essential oils do not mix. So, if you mix essential oils with peroxide or water and citric acid, the oils will float to the top and possibly create sticky residue in your machine, which might be a problem.

Avoid Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also recommended as a component in several DIY Rinse Aids. I’m not sure if this will harm your dishwasher, but it’s quite nasty, and the vapors of rubbing alcohol are compatible and should be kept away from any heat source.

I don’t think the dishwasher’s heat source would be a problem, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, and I believe the smells would be rather powerful. Because rubbing alcohol vapors aren’t deemed safe to be subjected to, let’s simply avoid it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Homemade Rinse Aid

 Can You Use Bug Spray To Make Jet-Dry Work Better?

A few people have asked me whether you can use products like Off® Insect Repellent to help dissolve the detergent left behind by a washing machine. In this article, I recommend that you use a standard dryer sheet instead. 

How To Use Vinegar And Jet-Dry In The Dishwasher

Dishwashers are great for keeping your life simple and your kitchen clean. Most people just simply load it up and push start. But, if you have the time to read a little bit, you’ll get even more from your dishwasher.

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