How To Use Goo Gone For Stains

How To Use Goo Gone For Stains

Goo gone has a lot of uses, especially when it comes to cleaning. It helps clean off sticker residue and other common household stains.

If you have some stains and you swear you’ve tried everything, have tried goo gone? Goo gone can be used on glass, wood, fabrics, and metals safely without worrying about creating stains.

You can make your own goo gone following this recipe or purchase one. Goo gone is readily available on Amazon in gel form and liquid spray too.

Always follow the bottle directions when it comes to needing a store-bought product and be sure to test a small hidden area before needing the goo gone on a new material to avoid damaging your items. See how goo gone can be used for cleaning and stain removal.

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How To Use Goo Gone To Clean Stains

Goo Gone For Hot Glue Stains

Have you ever had a hot glue accident? If you have, then you might be a fellow crafter like me. If you use it often, then you might have had a stain on your carpet or whatever t-shirt you Are laying on while crafting from the glue.

The nice thing about hot glue is that you can stick your garment into the freezer and then when the glue freezes you can peel it off with your finger, and there won’t be a stain leftover. If you can’t put your garment into the freezer because it’s on the couch or carpet, then you can use Goo Gone to take the glue away. The goo gone will loosen the glue and you should be able to peel it right off.

Goo Gone To Clean Wax Stains

Do you love Scentsy wax candles and also have a cat or a kid? Yes, I do… I know all about how difficult it is to remove wax from things, especially walls. Sometimes wax can even stain walls, and it’s a huge eyesore. well instead of purchasing furniture to cover up the stains on your walls (haha I have done that when I didn’t know about the goo gone wax hack) use goo gone on your stains.

You don’t want to scratch your walls, so scrubbing is kind of out of the question. Gently spray your goo gone onto the wax and leave it there for a few moments. Wipe the area clean. The wax should come to clean off. You can clean the wall or other furniture item off further with soap and a cloth to get rid of the goo gone residue.

Goo Gone To Clean Makeup Stains

Have you ever had lipstick rub onto your shirt after you put some lipstick on and then get dressed? Yes, it’s a total bummer to have lipstick on your clothing.

Goo gone to the rescue! spray the stain with goo gone and soak it for 15-30 minutes. Then throw your stained garment into the washer as normal. Your stain should be gone.

You can use the same method to use goo gone to clean stains of foundation, mascara, and other makeup products.

Goo Gone To Clean Sticker Residue

This is a very well-known goo gone hack, and it was one of the first things I’ve ever known to use goo gone on…sticker residue.

When you go shopping and the manufacture or store places a sticker right onto the most important place on your new item, you peel off the sticker, and boom, you’ve got ugly, sticky residue.

Wherever you get stickers off of, you can use the goo gone to get rid of the sticky gunky mess stickers leave behind.

(why, oh why do they make it so messy in the first place…)

Goo Gone To Clean Armpit Sains

Goo gone works well on fabrics and if you’ve got yellow armpit stains on your favorite white top, then goo gone is here to help.

Soak the affected sweat area with goo gone for 30 minutes and then scrub the area with a soft brush. Wash the clothing as normal!

You should have your favorite top back with no yellow stains and with minimal effort.

Goo Gone To Clean Crayon Marks

If you’ve got kids, you probably have crayon marks on the wall. Just as you can use vinegar to remove the crayon marks off your wall, you can use goo gone too.Simply spray the crayon marks with goo gone and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Goo Gone To Clean Sticky Knives

Have you ever had your kitchen scissors, knives, and other utensils so sticky they Are difficult to wash? Goo gone to the rescue. Dip your sticky utensils into the goo gone and wait a few minutes. Then wipe it off with a soft cloth and give those utensils a rinse before putting them back into the drawer.

Goo Gone To Clean Construction Glue

Sometimes you move into a brand new home and you’re super excited to have a fresh clean house, but you notice construction glue marks on your walls. Instead of getting angry and irritated, use goo gone! Simply spray the area and wipe it down with a cloth to remove any construction glue in your new home.

Goo Gone To Clean Baked On Grease

Yes, it’s true! You can use goo gone on baked-on grease if it’s a super tough job. Spray, let sit and wipe/wash the grease away. Be sure to get rid of all the goo gone before needing your dish for baking food again.

Goo Gone To Clean Pine Sap

If you live near pine trees and get pine tar on your skin, car clothes…anything really. Then goo gone is a good tool for the job! An alternative to tree sap removal is hand sanitizer.

Goo Gone To Clean Bathtub Stains

Do you have annoying stains in your bathtub that you can’t seem to get out with any other cleaner? Try the goo gone.

What Not To Use Goo Gone On

  • Paper
  • Plywood
  • Rubber
  • Unfinished wood
  • Cork
  • Unfinished aluminum
  • Wall paper

How To Use Goo Gone To Clean Stains Bottom Line

Goo gone has many uses around the house. It is definitely a staple for me.

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