How To Spot Clean A Comforter

How To Spot Clean A Comforter

Tips to get small stains out of a comforter by using a simple spot cleaning method.

Washing your bedding should be a weekly task, but when it comes to luxurious comforters that cannot be thrown into the washing machine, you might just need to care for them with simple spot cleaning. I highly recommend washing your pillowcases and bedsheets once a week as those come into contact with your skin and hair on a nightly basis.

You should wash a large comforter 3-4 times per year, or to make it simple just wash it when a new season comes into play.

Here are a few explanations on how to spot clean a comforter.

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How To Spot Clean A Comforter

If you have a small greasy smear, makeup mark, or bloodstain on your comforter, you might want to consider giving it a fast and easy spot clean instead of a detailed full-on wash.

The first thing well want to do is get all the filling of the comforter away from the area where well be treating. This ensures that well not It and potentially damage the filling and take away the fluffiness of your luxurious comforter.

Get your cleaning solution of choice. I like to use a baking soda and water paste, or a vinegar and water solution for tougher stains. You can also use oxi cleanBuggyLove Organic Stain Remover, or Arm and Hammer Washing Soda. The only thing you should not use is bleach.

Blot the stain with your cleaning solution of choice with a white cloth. Rub the fabric together if the stain is stubborn.

Once the stain is showing signs of coming clean, then you can rinse that spot off with some water. Make sure to squeeze out any excess water and blot the area with a cloth to dry up any remaining moisture to your best ability.

Allow the area to blow dry, or dry it with a hairdryer.

How To Wash The Whole Comforter

In The Washing Machine

If you have a washing machine that can handle your comforter and is a front-load wash, you might be able to handle washing your comforter right at home.

Check the label and look for specific washing instructions. In most cases, a comforter can be washed with mild detergent and cold water. If your comforter says dry clean only, then well wash it at your own risk. Bedding can get expensive, so if you need to head to the dry cleaners, then do so.

To wash the comforter at home, load it up into the washing machine and add a small amount of mild detergent as you normally would.

Set your washer to the bulky setting and choose the temperature that the label suggests. I would recommend a cold wash if you do not have a label to refer to.

Ensure that you set the washer to program an extra rinse cycle to ensure that all of the detergents get washed away and there is no residue leftover.

After you have completed a wash cycle, load it into the dryer.

Use a loIr temperature setting and an auto-dry function, add in some dryer balls or aluminum foil to prevent the filling from clumping up into a ball. Turn on the dryer and check on the comforter every thirty minutes to ensure it isn’t clumping. Keep drying the comforter until is fully dry.

If your comforter is slightly, very slightly It, then you might need to hang it to dry before placing it back onto the bed.

Washing The Comforter By Hand

If you do not have a larger capacity washing machine, you might need to wash your comforter by hand.To do this you should use your bathtub for a deep clean of the comforter.

Fill the tub with cold water and add in your detergent before you place your comforter inside the water.

Mix the detergent into the waster by swirling it around with your hand.

Place the entire comforter into the water and submerge it fully in the bathtub.

Do not wring out any water as this could damage the filling.

To wash the comforter in the bathtub, you’ll want to press the comforter gently with your hands and let the water and detergent penetrate the comforter.

Let it soak for 10-15 minutes.

Let the water and detergent out of the tub and press down on the comforter to drain excess water, without wringing it out.

Fill the tub with cold water once more to get any excess detergent out of the comforter.

You can also use a handheld showerhead to wash off any reaming soap from the comforter.

Keep washing the detergent out until you see the water run clear of suds.

Drain the bathtub and hang the comforter to dry in the sunshine or in the bathroom.

If you have a dryer that can accommodate your comforter, place your comforter into the dryer and use the air dry or delicate cycle to dry it out.

Before you place the clean comforter back onto the bed, ensure that it is fully dry.

Dry Clean Only Comforters

If your comforter states that it is dry clean only, please follow that advice and head to your dry cleaner to get your comforter cleaned. Washing your dry clean only bedding in your own washing machine can damage the comforter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Comforters

Where Can I Take The Comforter To Be Washed

If your comforter is simply too large for your washing machine, you can find a laundromat with large machines for washing and drying. Cleaning the comforter at the laundromat is much simpler than washing the comforter by hand in the bathtub. If you choose this option, ensure that you are needing the delicate cycle in the washer and the dryer.

How Often Should I Wash The Comforter?

You should be washing your comforter once every 4 months, or every quarter of the year at the very least. If you do not use a top sheet and your comforter comes into direct contact with your skin, then you should be washing it likely with your other pillowcases and bedsheets.

Why Does My Comforter Smell

Dust mites and bacteria build up in the comforter over time and this can cause it to start smelling. The comforter can absorb excess moisture from your body, which is more common if you do not use a top sheet while you sleep. If your comforter is starting to smell, this is a sign that it needs to be washed.

Can I Dry Clean The Comforter

If your label says “dry clean only” then you should dry clean your comforter instead of attempting to wash it in the washing machine. This is common among down-filled comforters which can lose their fluff in regular washing machines due to the natural oils in the detergent.

How To Spot Clean A Comforter Bottom Line

In order to keep your comforter luxurious and clean, you should be washing it every few months or when the seasons change each quarter. If you have allergies or you do not use a top sheet, you should be washing it more often.

If you do not wash your comforter well notice that it starts to have a smell. Your comforter can also start losing some of the fluff and make the entire thing less luxurious.

Keep your comforter clean and get a better night’s sleep because of it too.

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