The One Thing You Need To Do To Keep Your Toilet Clean Longer

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How to stop those yucky hard water stains from building up so quickly on your toilet, and keep your toilet cleaner longer.

Honestly, cleaning the toilet is not your favorite job in the world and when you live in a house full of boys, keeping up with the disinfecting of the toilet is a daily task.

Even so, the hard water stains that are tougher to clean do not get dealt with daily in your home because I simply do not have time for that and your area has the hardest water it seems. I am dealing with calcium buildup left right and center all around the house.

If you have similar struggles, then you should definitely learn this neat thing I do to keep the toilet cleaner for longer when it comes to those colored rings inside the bowl. I like to wipe your toilet down with Lysol wipes on a daily basis to get surface grime.

In order to keep your toilet clean for longer after giving it a deep clean, use a fizzy toilet tab made from simple common ingredients. These tabs will help keep things fresh and clean so you can stop scrubbing the toilet so often.

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A Note About Store Bought Bathroom Cleaners

Many store-bought bathroom cleaners had harmful chemicals in them which are not great for the health of your family. Making your own cleaners can reduce pollution to our waterways and the air, as well as minimize the impact on ozone depletion and climate change. There is no packaging either when you make your own cleaners, so that’s a plus

The Dirty Toilet Bowl

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Cleaning The Dirty Toilet Bowl

Your toilet bowl gets dirty because of obvious bodily fluids mixed in with hard water deposits. This mineral buildup ly sits around the toilet bowl where the water ends and also around the siphon jets under the bowl rim. these jets have the job of getting clean water into the toilet bowl after the dirty water has been flushed down the pipes. If these jets get mineral deposits build-up on them, they can stop functioning properly and can mineral deposits into the toilet bowl too.

Cleaning Clogged Siphon Jets

Cleaning Clogged Siphon Jets

If your siphon jets are acting up and you can definitely tell that they need a cleaning, you can help clear them up with a little bit of cleaning power. These jets cannot get clean water into the toilet if they are plugged up, so you should do whatever you can to get them clean if you need to.

since I do personally clean your siphon jets on a weekly basis, they do not get clogged up as often. However, I had to visit a friend a few likes ago and their toilet wasn’t working properly so I did this cleaning method there.

I used rubber gloves, paper towels, and vinegar to get these jets unclogged.

Before you clean the jets, I suggest giving the toilet bowl a good scrub with toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush. Make sure you take care of your toilet brush properly to reduce the germs in your bathroom. Once the toilet bowl has been cleaned, here is what you do.

Wearing rubber gloves, take paper towels and soak them into white vinegar. Remove excess vinegar so the paper towel is not soaked, but just It, and then tuck the paper towels under the rim of the toilet bowl. Make a few layers of the paper towel and go around the entire rim of the toilet bowl.

Leave the toilet for a few hours if you can and then remove the paper towels after the time has elapsed. Throw the paper towels into the garbage bin and give the toilet a good flush. Notice how the water flows much better with your clean and unclogged jets. If your toilet is just really your and the build-up is harsh, then you can leave the vinegar-soaked paper towels on overnight.

eeping The Toilet Clean

Keeping The Toilet Clean

These magic fizzy tablets are the solution to keeping your toilet clean. Yes, you do have to make them yourself, but they are rather simple to make.

Ingredients needed:

To make your toilet fizzy tablets, mix the baking soda and the citric acid together in a bowl. then you’re going to grab a new bowl and mix the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together.

Mix your It ingredients with your dry ingredients slowly until the mixture becomes clumpy. Add in your favorite essential oil, I like to use lemon and mix it into the paste you just made.

Grab a banking sheet and make medallions out of the mixture you have. Use a tablespoon if you want them to all be roughly the same size. Keep making medallions until you’ve used up all of your mixtures.

Place your baking sheet with your medallions somewhere out of reach of children to dry overnight.

The next day once they have dried, you can place one into your toilet bowl and give the toilet a flush.

If you notice any rings starting to appear, place a fizzy tab into the toilet bowl and give it a very light brush with the toilet brush.

The Best Toilet Cleaners

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The Best Toilet Cleaners

Here are some toilet cleaners that make the toilet cleaning job much easier:

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning The Toilet

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning The Toilet

Is a toilet brush hygienic?

If you can keep your toilet brush clean and sanitized, then it can be fine and hygienic. If you do not clean your toilet brush on a regular basis, then you should not have a toilet brush in your home. You can use rubber gloves and a cloth to clean your toilet if you cannot keep your toilet brush sanitized.

How often should toilet brushes be replaced?

A toilet brush should be replaced every 6 months, even with proper care and cleaning.

What can I use instead of a toilet brush?

Rubber gloves and any sort of cleaning cloth or sponge will work on cleaning the toilet.

How often should you clean the toilet?

You should disinfect the toilet and the areas around the toilet on a daily basis and do a deep clean of the bathroom once a week.

Are silicone toilet brushes better?

Typically speaking, yes they are. Silicone attracts fewer germs, silicone is easier to clean, you can use stronger cleaners with silicone. Silicone isn’t better for the environment though, which is why there aren’t that many choices for silicone toilet brushes.

How do you clean a stained toilet bowl?

To clean a stained toilet bowl, use the vinegar method I described in this post and if the stain is really bad, leave the vinegar on the bowl overnight.

Does Coke really clean toilets?

Technically yes, Coke can clean the toilet and it works pretty well for hard-to-remove stains. It’s not a good idea to use it to clean the toilet on a regular basis because it can damage the pipes in your bathroom over time. Coke also does not disinfect the toilet, so we’ll need to follow up with a disinfectant.

Should I Place A Rug In Front Of The Toilet?

Many people enjoy having a rug in front of the toilet, however, I cannot recommend putting one there. These rugs get covered in urine and feces when anyone goes to the bathroom and unless you’re washing it twice a week or more, it’s just not a sanitary item to have in the bathroom.

Children especially are rather adventurous with their bathroom game, and if you’re cleaning the toilet daily like me, you know that the rug in front of the toilet will collect a lot of extra stuff that you do not want to inhale and step on.

Need More On Cleaning the Bathroom?

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