How To Clean A Bowling Ball With Dawn

How To Clean A Bowling Ball With Dawn

All about how to clean a bowling ball with dawn dish soap so you can have a shiny clean
ball for your big game or night out with your friends and family.

You don’t need fancy commercial bowling ball cleaners to get the surface of your bowling ball
clean and free of oil. With proper maintenance and homemade bowling ball cleaner using dawn
dish soap, you can have a clean ball for every day you return to the alley.

In order for used equipment in any activity to survive as long as possible and deliver uninterrupted games, proper care and maintenance are required. This is true in bowling as well. I’m referring to bowling balls in particular because they come into touch with dirt, dust, and other particles frequently throughout each bowling session.

However, how can you clean bowling balls properly? They can be cleaned in a variety of ways at
home. Cleaning treatments specifically designed for bowling balls are available on the market.
Wipe off your bowling ball on a regular basis to eliminate lane oil buildup and prevent dirt and
debris from being forced into the surface.

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Bowling Balls Get Dirty Quickly

When bowling, you hurl a bowling ball down a 60-foot oil-coated bowling lane. Because bowling
balls have a spongy surface, different friction is created. As a result, so much oil and grime will
eventually get trapped in the microscopic openings of the entire ball.

Your bowling ball will react to the bowling ball surface differently than previously if the holes have more oil and dirt embedded in them. It may become slower, wrongly grasp the hook, or have a wider margin of error. Whatever the case may be, accumulating dirt can have a detrimental impact on your game

How To Clean A Bowling Ball With Dawn Dish Soap

One of the most effective ways to clean your bowling ball is with dawn dish soap so you can get
back to those oily lanes quickly. Castile soap can also work but Dawn is the best bowling ball cleaner.

Only a few common household items are required when using dish soap or the hot water bath
technique. A large bucket large enough to thoroughly soak the entire bowling ball, dish soap, a clean microfiber towel, and waterproof tape are all you need.

I strongly advise you to clean your bowling ball using Dawn dish soap when deep cleaning. It’s the perfect soap for hot baths because of its soft recipe, which effectively removes oil saturation. Other dish soap products may work, but many people, including me, feel that Dawn is the best.

  1. Begin by filling your bucket halfway with hot water that is around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, use waterproof tape to seal the finger holes in your ball so that water doesn’t get in and ruin the material. Add a few drops of dish soap to the water once you’ve filled your bucket. Last but not least, toss your ball into the solution.
  2. Allow it to soak for 20 minutes in the soap solution. Because you’ll be exposing your ball to
    warping if you go longer than 20 minutes, keep that in mind. During the soaking phase, you
    should also rotate the ball occasionally.
  3. Remove the ball from the water after 20 minutes and carefully dry it with a microfiber towel.
    Then dispose of the used hot water and refill it. You can repeat the entire cleaning procedure
    as many times as necessary. When you see oil rising to the top of the water’s surface, you know you’re done

Alternative Methods To Cleaning Your Bowling Ball

Rubbing Alcohol

Another great option for cleaning your bowling ball’s surface is to use rubbing alcohol in your ball cleaner recipe.

When using rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) on your bowling ball, keep in mind that you
should never saturate it to avoid alcohol damage. The best way to use rubbing alcohol is to get a
microfiber cloth or an alcohol-soaked towel to wipe off the surface of your ball, since this may
assist eliminate oil and debris. You can use a spray bottle and spray your bowling ball directly, as
long as you wipe it down right away.

To avoid harming the surface, an easy way is to wipe it dry with a clean towel after cleaning it with a towel or cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. When using this procedure, you may need to scrape hard in order to thoroughly clean the surface. Nonetheless, this aids in preventing more oil absorption in the ball. You can use warm water to wipe off the rubbing alcohol after cleaning, but it is not a must-do for a clean bowling ball.


When using Windex cleaning solution, all you have to do is lightly spritz it on the surface of your
ball and wipe it upwards with a microfiber cloth. Windex, like the other cleaning products listed,
should not be left soaking on the surface for an extended amount of time. You can use room
temperature water (never hot tap water) to wipe off the Windex cleaner, just make sure you dry
the ball properly.

When To Clean Your Bowling Ball

When you pick up your ball, you may notice an oil ring around it. This is referred to as an oil track, and you must address it as quickly as possible. It should ideally be done after each turn of the ball to prevent the oil from absorbing into the ball’s surface. It is preferable to deal with the oil as soon as possible.

Sometimes it will take many weeks to clean them, while other times they will just require cleaning after one game.

You should also bear in mind that your ball’s surface requires regular upkeep. You must maintain your ball even if it rolls smoothly on a 500 grit surface.

Bowling Ball Care Tips

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

While a little elbow grease may go a long way, you should avoid using aggressive cleaners like
acetone and other commercial cleaners, which might harm your bowling ball’s hooking abilities.

If you’re going to use professional cleaners, make sure you read the directions beforehand. People have a tendency to clean excessively in the belief that it is for the better. Also, look for the united states bowling congress stamp of approval on the devices you use.

Dry It Well

Simply wipe any extra moisture from your bowling ball with a microfiber towel to dry it. Because its fibers can absorb liquid up to seven times their weight, this type of cleaning cloth is popular. Furthermore, you may rest confident that your coverstock will not be scratched.

Remove the tape with the finger holes pointing downwards and set your bowling ball in a dry spot after wiping away excess moisture from washing. It’s best if you leave it there for up to 24 hours to dry completely.

It’s best not to dry it out in the open with the sun beaming on it. Your ball may be warped, if not damaged, as a result of this.

Cleaning Your Bowling Ball Bottom Line

All you have to remember is to exercise caution when attempting any of these techniques.
Cleaning your bowling ball incorrectly and failing to follow the procedures may result in further
harm to your bowling ball. However, if you utilize the appropriate ways, you can keep your ball in
good shape and optimize its use to obtain the best strokes and scores

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