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The Best Utility Brush You Can Buy

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Tips to help your find the best utility brush to help you with tougher cleaning tasks around the home. Cleaning brushes are a needs to-have cleaning item, and you certainly don’t want to waste your money on the wrong one.

Cleaning brushes are a need-to-have home item for anyone that likes to keep their homes clean. These utility brushes often have bristles that can simply get into the smallest cracks and crevices that cloths and sponges cannot reach. Ensuring that all the groves that you can see around your home can be reached with a cleaning brush, means well have a home with fewer crumbs and less chance of pests coming around.

Cleaning brushes make it easier to scrub down a bathtub or shower, and even help you with cleaning up old grout.

I like to have a utility brush in your kitchen cleaning caddy for your everyday dishes. These utility brushes are especially helpful when it comes to clearing grime and grease off of your bakeware and cookware.

So if you are looking for a utility brush, here are the best utility brushes you can choose from.

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The Best Utility Brush You Can Buy

Best Utility Brush

Lodge Care Scrub Brush – Best For Cast-iron Cookware

If you have a Cast-Iron pan in your home, you might want to consider investing in this utility brush which is specifically designed for cast-iron cookware. This brush has a round head and plenty of bristles to help you get the toughest cooking remnants out of your cookware.

The handle has a cool ergonomic design for easy holding and it has a hole as you well so you can hang it up to dry. The rubberwood handle with natural lacquer finish has a plastic head with stiff nylon bristles to preserve your cookware’s finish.

This brush is designed to clean cast-iron cookware without harming the seasoning.

Do not use while the cast-iron pan is still hot as the nylon bristles will melt.

Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Scrub Brush

I really like the Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Scrub Brush because it has a professional level of cleanliness associated with it. I enjoy the molded handle which is ideal for scrubbing the bathtub, or even the patio. This brush is gentle enough for carpets and other more gentle surfaces. You might want to be more careful with porcelain and marble when needing this brush as it could scratch those surfaces, but otherwise, it is a very good scrub brush.

The handle really keeps you in control of the amount of pressure you want to use with the brush and it helps you really dig into whatever you’re cleaning.

The bristles are stain resistant which means you can get a lot more use out of this brush before it gets all rusty and gross. The bristles have a nice pointy end as well so you can really get into those corners and creases with this brush.

Good ForNot Good For

OXO Good Grips Heavy Duty Scrub Brush

The OXO Good Grips Heavy Duty Scrub Brush is a heavy-duty scrub brush that is made to scrub tiled walls, floors, countertops, and shower stalls and tubs.

This brush has durable Nylon and PP bristles that are made for heavy-duty cleaning as well as a soft, comfortable non-slip grip.

This brush is not as heavy-duty as a would like it to be, but it does do a good job of cleaning for your needs.

Good ForNot Good For
TubFruits and Veggies
ShowerNot for cleaning stains on clothes

Amazer Scrub Brush

The Amazer Scrub Brush Set features moderate stiffness bristles, a long comfortable grip, convenient hanging hole, good quality, and long-lasting. Ideal for all-purpose cleaning, it features an extra-large surface area. Use it for bathtubs, rugs, floors, bathrooms, and other applications.

Amazing Scrub Brush boasts durable fibers for easy scrubbing of large areas. The ergonomically shaped handle makes it easy to apply pressure as you scrub without straining your body.

The brush has a hanging loop for easy storage. You can also hang it on the rim of the bucket.

Efficiently clean hard-to-clean dirt around your bathroom or kitchen. The brush air dries quickly.

Good ForNot Good For
BathtubRemoving Paint
Kitchen Range

Libman Scrub Kit

A variety of heavy-duty brushes to upset all cleaning needs. Use the Small Scrub Brush for small spaces and crevices. Its pointed head allows you to easily get into tight corners. The Power Scrub Brush has a contoured handle that provides added power to get out tough stains and its extra-large scrubbing surface cleans a larger area in less time. The Tub and Tile Brush is specifically designed to clean grout and other tight spaces.

With a contoured handle to improve ergonomics and provide extra grip, the Libman Power Scrub Brush has strong fibers that are perfect for tackling heavy messes!

The Libman Tile & Grout Brush has a comfortable, ergonomic handle with a narrow, curved head for getting into tight spaces. Great for use in kitchens and bathrooms. The firm, flexible fibers are great for heavy-duty cleaning and the rubber handle won’t slip when It!

Efficiently clean hard-to-reach spaces around your home or business with the Libman Small Scrub Brush. The ergonomically shaped handle makes it easy to apply pressure to tough messes and gives you comfort and control over your scrubbing. The hanger hole on the handle allows the brush to be stored quickly and conveniently!

Good ForNot Good For
GroutGood for everything!

Konex Nylon Fiber Utility Brush

The Konex Nylon Fiber Utility Brush is a scrub brush that works great on bathtubs, walls, or floor tiles. It features specially curved bristles scrub off mildew, grime, and scum.

This cute brush has an old-fashioned light wood design and natural nylon fibers. Overall this brush feels solid and comfortable in hand.

Good ForNot Good For

Mast Cleaning Brush

The MAST Good Grips Household Scrub Brush combines stiff and gentle bristles to conquer any home cleaning task. A contoured handle protects your knuckles while cleaning, and the comfortable grip offers leverage for ache-free scrubbing. The handle is non-slip, even when It.

MAST Scrub Brush boasts extra-tough fibers for easy scrubbing of large areas. Efficiently clean hard-to-clean dirt around your bathroom or kitchen. The brush air dries quickly.

Good ForNot Good For
KitchenScrubbing feet

Tips For Choosing A Utility Brush

Tips For Choosing A Utility Brush

Utility scrub brushes are not just useful when it comes to tough cleaning jobs. They are very helpful when you need to get into tight places where sponges and cloths simply cannot get into. This is why utility brushes are so popular in many households. Here are some things to look for when looking for the perfect scrub brush.


Many bristles on these types of cleaning brushes are made with nylon. Some will be stiffer than others. The stiffer the bristles, the more it could damage softer surfaces. Softer bristles are less likely to damage surfaces but are more likely to get damaged themselves and will need replacing more often. If you are going to be needing harsh chemicals and hard force on your brush, you might want to get harder bristles.


The handle needs to be comfortable, especially if you plan on holding your scrub brush for long periods of time. Choosing an ergonomic design and a rubber grip can keep you working with less hand fatigue. You’ll also want a handle that prevents slipping, even when the brush is It. Wooden cleaning brushes often do not slip when It, however, many plastic brushes do.

Hanging Hole

Some brushes have hanging holes in the handle so you can hang up your brush for easy and proper drying.

When choosing a utility brush for your home, you should try to think about what applications and uses well be needing the brush on. If you simply need a brush for the bathtub and tile, then you won’t need as heavy-duty a brush as if you are looking to clean your patio.

When you need to scrub away mold, look for brushes with still and hard bristles. Remember to clean your brushes after each use and dry them well to ensure they don’t grow mold while they are in storage. Soak the brush in vinegar and hot water for 5 minutes if you need to disinfect it after use.

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