Incredible Uses For Cotton Swabs Around The Home

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You can use cotton swabs all around the home, and here are my absolute favorite uses for cotton swabs.

Cotton swabs, or Q-tips if you prefer to call them, are very useful tools around the home. Did you know that in 1923 a homemaker applies cotton to the end of toothpicks to clean hard-to-reach places, which lead to the invention of q-tips? I’ve been using q-tips to clean hard-to-reach places before I even knew about that fact because it just makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Uses For Cotton Swabs

  1. Cleaning Electronics
  2. Cleaning Window sills
  3. Nooks And Crannies In The Car
  4. Hair Dryer Lint
  5. Touch Up Paint
  6. Fix Stuck Zipper
  7. Fix Up Nail Polish Mistakes
  8. Clean Toilet Crevices
  9. Fix Makeup Mistakes
  10. Remove Scuffs From Shoes
  11. Erase permanent marker

Cleaning Electronics

You can use cotton swabs to clean electronics around your home. This includes remote controls, keyboards, DVD/ VHS players if you still have them, and other electronics with hard to reach places. You can also clean your cell phone camera, webcam camera, and computer tower crevices with cotton swabs. Any hard to reach places, or tiny spots that your finger cannot reach, a cotton swab is the right tool for the job.

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Cleaning Window Sills

Window sills can get pretty yucky, pretty quickly, use a cotton swab to get inside the hard-to-reach places and get your window sills free of built-up dirt and grime. For a full explanation of how to clean window sills, visit this link.

Nooks And Crannies In The Car

Whether you need to clean your car cup holders or your air vents, cotton swabs can be very useful when cleaning your car. The inside console can get a little bit tricky to navigate with all those tight space, so recruit a cotton swab if you simply cannot reach something.

Hair Dryer Lint

The back of a hair dryer can get linty pretty quickly. Recruiting your cotton swabs to gather that lint and dust off the hair dryer so that it performs better is a great place to start.

Touch Up Paint

If you have made a mistake with paint and it’s a tiny area, then a cotton swab can be of help. It is not ideal if the paint mistake is large, but if nice and small, to avoid taking paint off areas that you need the paint on, a cotton swab is a wonderful tool.

Fix Stuck Zipper

If you have a zipper that is being difficult, rub some Vaseline on the cotton swab and rub that cotton swab along the zipper. This should fix your stuck zipper and make the zipper work smoother overall.

Fix Up Nail Polish Mistakes

If you’re doing a home manicure, simply add some nail polish remover onto your cotton swab and clean up the mistake. No one will be the wiser that there was an error on there in the first place.

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Clean Toilet Crevices

When cleaning the toilet, but sure to get all the crevices. The most trouble spots are where the toilet tank meets the toilet base, and around the screw caps that keep the toilet lid on. When I do a deep clean of my toilet, I like to spray my all-purpose cleaner and then go around all of the tiny crevices with my cotton swab before wiping the toilet with a microfiber cloth to make sure all of the crevices are taken care of.

Fix Makeup Mistakes

If you made a makeup mistake such as smeared eyeliner or smudged mascara, then you can use a cotton swab in some micellar water or make-up remover to wipe away your makeup mistake.

Remove Scuffs From Shoes

You can use cotton swabs to remove scuff marks from shoes. Soak a cotton swab in some nail polish remover and rub your patent leather shoe with it. Protect the material further by adding some petroleum jelly, which will also add some nice shine.

Erase permanent marker

If you have some permanent marker to erase, rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to the rescue. Gently rub a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol over the marker to erase this unsightly problem.

Wrapping Up: Uses For Cotton Swabs

There are a few different ways to use cotton swabs around the home. Basically, anything that is a tight and tiny space can use to clean with a cotton swab. Personally, I have cotton swabs in a plastic bag stashed in my cleaning caddy so that I can whip it out when I come across an issue that I cannot solve without one.

Uses For Cotton Swabs

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