Those who enjoy ironing are an uncommon breed. I guess you could say that ironing clothing is contemplative in some ways. But ironing a basket of clothes takes a very long time (at least for me)! This is why, when faced with a pile of wrinkled garments, I rely heavily on a few time-saving ironing techniques.

See below for my favourite ironing hacks and ironing alternatives that can save you time while still keeping you looking put together!

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The Best Time Saving Iron Tips

Iron Damp Clothes

Deep creases in clothing will undoubtedly make ironing take longer than necessary. A easy ironing hack to fight this (without needing to soak your wrinkled clothing first) is to iron them as soon as they are hanging to dry after washing.

Clothes that are wet (but not dripping) are considerably simpler to press! Remove the clean garments from the washer and hang them up right away. Then pull out your ironing supplies and press them straight immediately. This method will help you achieve greater outcomes in less time.

Use vinegar

Who knew irons had a buddy? They do, in fact, and it’s vinegar.

When ironing, vinegar may be used in a variety of ways. Try out one of these ironing tips!

To get rid of wrinkles, combine equal amounts of distilled white vinegar and water. Fill a spray bottle with it. After spraying the clothing, use an iron to eliminate the wrinkles.
Remove gleaming regions: You know those gleaming spots that irons leave on your clothes? Vinegar can be beneficial. Dampen the clothing using your spray bottle before ironing as usual. Of course, first, make sure your iron is clean.
Prevent yellow marks: After ironing, spritz collars and underarm regions with your solution to prevent sweat stains.

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Use Starch

Speaking of persistent creases, using spray starch while you iron is another technique to ensure a crisp finish. You can buy commercial spray starch or create your own (all you need is vodka or cornstarch)!

Simply spritz directly on your garment before ironing.

Use Your Dryer

When you have a few wrinkled clothing items that may need a refresh, this is a wonderful ironing hack/alternative. Spray a little water on the garment – you want the items to be damp, not soaked!

Then, put the wet items into the dryer for a fast heat dry (10-15 minutes or so). Keep an eye on the timer because after the dryer stops, you’ll want to hang the items right away to avoid wrinkles!

Of course, if you use this approach, make a note of the cleaning labels on your garments. Some textiles are not dryer-friendly and must be handled with caution.

Wash Smaller Loads

Smaller washing loads allow your clothing to tumble more easily in the dryer. The steam and heat have more room to circulate evenly throughout your garments, reducing creases overall.

Hang Clothes Up 

When your items are dry, hang them up as quickly as possible (ideally right away!). This simple technique can significantly reduce the quantity of ironing required. The garments will still be warm enough that creases won’t have “set in,” and gravity will help with the rest!

Shake Clothes

Give each item a brief shake as you move it from the washing to the dryer. A thorough shake helps to untwist and straighten your clothing, allowing them to come out of the dryer wrinkle-free.

Iron In Order

Before ironing, arrange your clothes in descending order of delicate and less-wrinkled to sturdier and more-wrinkled. Check the laundry symbols on the tag before you begin ironing to ensure that the clothing item may be ironed. As you continue, your iron will heat up more, which means it will be at the right temperature for what you’re ironing at the time. No more waiting for the iron to cool down mid-ironing session! You’d be amazed how much time you’ll save in this manner!

Don’t Iron In Circles

I had no idea, but it turns out that ironing in circular motions is frowned upon! According to reports, it scrapes the fabric and might damage the fit of your garments. To avoid stretching the cloth, use lengthy parallel strokes in one direction.

Try A Steamer

If I only have one wrinkled article of clothing, I use my tiny steamer instead of my iron. My clothes steamer simply fits into my bathroom drawer (it also travels nicely! ), which is conveniently placed next to my wardrobe.

The steamer warms up quickly and can remove creases from nearly any piece of clothing. Because there is no preparation necessary for specific pieces of clothing, the steamer saves time. I don’t have to use a hefty iron or an ironing board, and I still get wonderful wrinkle-free results!

Try A Curling Iron

Your flat iron is another option to an iron and ironing board. Yes, like the flat iron used to straighten your hair (a la one of my favourite scenes from The Hills in 2008 when Lauren Conrad used her straightener to iron her pencil skirt).

This is useful if you are in a hurry and do not have access to an iron and ironing board. It also works if you don’t have time to set up your iron and ironing board and only have a little wrinkle to iron out. Just make sure you’re working with clean straightening plates, which you can clean in the same way you’d clean a curling iron.

Blow Drying

You don’t have a straightener? A blow dryer may also be used in place of a conventional iron. Sprinkle some water over the wrinkled region of your clothes (bonus points if you have a spray bottle handy).

Direct the hot air from your hairdryer to the wrinkled cloth while gently pulling the fabric taut with your other hand. Repeat as needed until wrinkles begin to release.

Steam From Shower

You’re in luck if you have the foresight to relax creases from your clothes before taking a shower. While taking a hot shower, find a hook or door handle to hang your garments from inside your bathroom.

The steam from your shower will assist in relaxing any creases in your clothing. Use your hands to pull the cloth straight and relax it after you exit the shower while the bathroom is still steamy for the greatest effects.

This is an ancient and well-known tactic — and it works!

Spray To Release Wrinkles

A bottle of wrinkle release spray is another option to a regular iron. Simply spritz straight on your clothing and use your hands to assist release any creases from the fabric.

You may buy a bottle of wrinkle release spray (a few popular alternatives are mentioned here) or create your own by combining 1 part distilled white vinegar and 1 part distilled (or filtered) water in a clean spray container.

Add Perfume

By putting perfume in your water tank, you can make your clothing smell nice. Just a smidgeonononononononononononon

You’ll notice the lovely scent as soon as you start ironing. All of your garments will now smell like your preferred scent all of the time.

Ironing tips

If you have the time to iron your clothing properly (as in with a conventional iron and ironing board), make sure to follow these general ironing recommendations.

Use A Good Ironing Board

If you want a clean, even end result, make sure you’re working on a clean, level surface. Tears in ironing board fabric coverings or uneven surfaces might produce creases in the garments you’re ironing!

In lieu of a conventional ironing board, invest in a good quality traditional ironing board, a space-saving tiny ironing board, or even an ironing mat that can be put out on a clean table or on top of your dryer.

Make Sure the Iron Is Clean

You want to make sure you’re using a clean iron, just like you want to make sure you’re working on a clean ironing board! You don’t want a rusty iron ruining your favourite work shirt or outfit.

Wipe off the ironing plate with a cleaning solution on a regular basis to keep it clean. In a spray bottle, combine 1 part distilled white vinegar and 1 part distilled water. Allow your iron to cool completely before unplugging it. Spray the cleaning solution on a cleaning cloth and use it to clean your ironing board.

Utilize A Spray Bottle

Consider using a separate spray bottle instead if you want to utilize the spray or mist setting on your iron while pressing your clothing. Fill a spray bottle halfway with distilled water and spritz it on your clothing before ironing.

This is a fantastic option for those who don’t iron regularly. If you fill your iron with water and then leave it for an extended length of time, the water can mould or even rust! Not to mention that using unfiltered water in iron might result in mineral accumulation on the surface of the ironing plate. My advice is to keep your iron dry and instead fill a spray bottle with water.

Ironing Tips And Hacks

These ironing tips and hacks will help to make ironing more fun, easier and effective. Some of these tips are great for stubborn creases while others help when you’re in a hurry. And some of these top tips are ideal for travellers. Let us know what works best for you!

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