Spots You Forget To Dust

Common Hidden Spots Dust Like To Settle – Spots You Forget To Dust

Dust likes to settle on all areas of the house, from walls to baseboards and on the floor. These are common areas you might be forgetting to dust around your home.

It is common for weekend cleaning to include a wipe down of high traffic areas, light switches and entertainment stands followed by a proper vacuum, but are you making sure to hit these hidden spots where dust likes to settle?

There are various nooks and crannies where dust seems to really like to be, and we often forget all about these areas of they are too far out of reach or sight that we ignore them.

If you hate dust, you might want to follow my very popular tips on how to keep your home as dust-free as possible. While it’s nearly impossible to keep the house completely free from dust, there are things you can do to minimize the amount of dust that you have floating around the home.

I personally hate the sight of dust, and the idea of my children crawling around on dirty floors is simply cringe-worthy, but as much as I try to keep the house clean with pets and children of active ages and baby stages, it’s a hard task.

If you would like to know the 18 hidden areas of the house which you might be forgetting to dust, then read on.

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Hidden Spots You Forget To Dust

Lights And Bulbs

Light bulbs and light fixtures are common areas which most people forget to dust on a regular basis. They collect a lot of dust and if enough dust accumulates, the light bulb become ineffective at providing light to your home. Wipe you light bulbs with a cloth to get rid of the dust. If the dust is really settled and a simple dry cloth does not get rid of the dust, you can use a wet cloth with a dollop of dish soap to wash the dust away. Be sure to not wet the light bulb too much, just a lightly damp cloth will do. The lamp shade, can be cleaned with a lint roller, a vacuum cleaner, or a lightly damp cloth as well.

 Bookshelves And Books

If you have bookshelves, then I’m sure you know just how much dust can settle on them. Clean your bookshelf with a duster or a microfiber cloth and be sure to wipe down the books as well. Be sure to dust from top to bottom and then vacuum up the floor when it’s all finished.


Houseplants should be cleaned regularly as well. Personally, I found them rather intimidating to clean until I found out that you can run them under the shower, or blast them with a hair dryer or a can of air spray. It doesn’t matter how you choose to dust the houseplants, just make sure you don’t forget about them.

Doors And Door Frames

The doorframes and doors are often used but also often forgotten when it comes to cleaning and dusting. Be sure to reach the top of the door frames of every room in your home a few times a month to get rid of all the dust that settles in these out of sight, out of mind spots. Don’t forget to dust the door as well, especially if it has indents and designs on it.

The Top Of The Fridge

I am very guilty of piling things on top of my fridge and then forgetting to clean that area simply because I don’t want to deal with it. Maybe you are like me, but if you don’t like dust, you really should dust off the top of your fridge.

Top Of High Kitchen Cabinets

Does your home have kitchen cabinets that don’t quite reach the ceiling but have enough space for dust to settle? Don’t forget to clean there. I wouldn’t focus on cleaning it once a week, however a few times a year would be good, maybe quarterly or more often, whatever you feel is best for those, just don’t forget them completely.

The Top Edge Of Shower Tiles

I don’t know about you, but my bathrooms gather dust daily and I need to wipe them down daily to maintain clean and well functioning bathroom for my family. When it comes to the top of those pesky shower tiles that don’t quite reach the ceiling, dust really likes tp settle there too. Don’t forget to clean that dust.

Ceiling Fans

Dust likes to settle on ceiling fans, and if you turn on your ceiling fan all of that dust is going to fall around your home. Avoid this, and clean your ceiling fans every two weeks. Follow this guide on how to clean a ceiling fan.

The Corners Of High Ceilings

Have you ever seen dust settle in corners of high ceilings? I have, and it kind of looks like spider webs which is very frightening to me personally. Get your vacuum out and get those dust strings asap.

Window Blinds

Blinds get pretty darn dusty, and you should be cleaning your window blinds 4 times a year or more.


Electronics gather dust daily, so you should be wiping down your remote control, keyboard, and all of the consoles and TV boxes you might have in your home every few days.


Your mattress gathers dust too, even though it might be covered with a bedsheet and a comforter while you sleep. Use this DIY mattress dust spray to get your mattress free from dust.

Behind Fridge and Stove

Just like the top of the fridge, the back of the fridge and stove needs attention too. Since it can be difficult to get these appliances out of their tight spaces, I would recommend dusting these areas a few times a year rather than on a weekly schedule.


Have a radiator to heat your home? If the dust on your radiator is rather thick, use a damp cloth to wipe it off. Make sure your cloth is not dripping wet as I don’t believe a radiator is meant to withstand a lot of water.

Under The Couch and Bed

If you’re dusting the bedrooms and living room, don’t forget to get the hidden dust under the beds and couch. I use my vacuum cleaner to reach those hard places and while it’s not always a perfect job, it helps keep the air in the house clean and fresh.

Baseboards And Walls

Walls and baseboards like to gather dust too! Did you know that you should be cleaning your walls regularly? Use a dryer sheet and run it along your baseboards to repel dust from settling, you’ll be truly amazed on how well this works.

Air Vents

Air vents gather dust, and they can be difficult to clean. If you can take your air vents off, then do so and wash them in the sink with warm water and dish soap. If you cannot take them off the wall or off the floors, then use your vacuum and suck up as much dust as you can.

Vacuum Cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner can accumulate a lot of dust too, so be sure to wipe it down regularly. I like to wipe down y vacuum cleaner after each use to keep it looking and feeling clean.

Inside Drawers

I don’t know how, but dust gets trapped inside closed drawers often, so you should try to vacuum out any drawers you have regularly such as once a month.

Don’t Forget To Dust!

When you’re being a dust detective, don’t forget to dust those 19 items that I mentioned above. Keeping your home as dust free as possible will ensure that your family is breathing in clean air.

You don’t have to tackle off of these areas in one day either, if this list is overwhelming, simply take a task and do it and tackle another if you have the will.

Cleaning your home can get easily overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of family members messing things up all day long. This is why I have an evening routine, a laundry routine, and a busy mom routine that I’ve shared to help you create a manageable schedule and keep your home clean too.

Spots You Forget To Dust

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