Simple Tips To Minimize Dust In Your Home

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It is VERY difficult to have a completely dust-free home. No matter how much you clean, once those sun rays shine into your living room, you will see dust particles flying around. However, there are some things you can do to greatly minimize the amount of dust in your home.

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Put Down Some Doormats

Coming in and out of the home tracks dirt into the home and these dirt particles are a huge component to the dust and dirt in your house. You can use both exterior and interior doormats to trap the dirt and keep it from traveling into your house. Remember to vacuum and wash the mats regularly too.

Washing And Mopping

Wiping your surfaces with a wet rag and running a damp mop on your floors will grab dirt and dust. You don’t even need a cleaner, just water and mop, a good old steam mop will do!

Minimize Static Electricity

Dry homes attract dust and make it easy to cling to stubborn surfaces around your home. Grab a humidifier or get a whole-home model installed. Aim for a humidity level of 40 to 50 percent throughout your home to get rid of the static and get those dust levels down.

Replace Filters In Furnace

Replacing your furnace filters is important for the efficiency of your furnace as well as the health of your home. It is recommended to replace your furnace filters monthly to limit the amount of dust and dirt being blown through your vents and out into your home.

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Vacuum and Wash Your Fabrics Often

It’s a good idea to vacuum your couch, curtains and any other items that are fabric but do not fit into your washing machine.

That being said, anything that DOES fit into the washing machine should be washed regularly.

Fabric traps dust very easily and fabrics are a leading cause of excess dust in homes.

Vacuum Carpets Regularly

A vacuum cleaner is a superhero to a homeowner! A good vacuum once a week (or daily if you’re a little nutty like me) will help keep the dust away. A lot of new bagless style vacuums come with built-in HEPA filters which help trap smaller pieces of dirt which helps freshen the air while you vacuum.

Dust The Displays

If you have a lot of bookshelves and loaded with books and sentimental items, be sure to keep those items dusted on a weekly basis. Items that sit without being touched on a daily basis collect dust faster than items that move around.

Not only does dusting your shelving keep the dust at bay, but it also helps keep your home beautiful! So don’t forget to do it.

Dust Often To Keep Dust Free

The best tip I have for you is to be consistent with your dusting around the home. If you don’t give the dust a chance to settle in and build up, you will have a fresh and clean home. Don’t forget to grab walls, corners, baseboards, and ceiling fans when you are dusting around your home. Dust is everywhere, even when you cannot see it.

Remember to also work your way from top to bottom while you dust. When you knock down the dust from higher surfaces, you will pick up that dirt and dust later with the vacuum cleaner and mop so this is the best way!

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