Secrets of Professional Cleaners

Secrets of professional cleaners so that you can clean your home like one too and not have to hire one!

I’ve worked for a cleaning company in the past, and I wanted to pass along some secrets of professional cleaners to make your cleaning life more manageable. The cleaning business is thriving, even during a pandemic and if you have ever wanted to start a cleaning company, these professional tips will definitely help you out.

I absolutely love these professional cleaning tips, and once every few weeks, when I have the time, I’ll go through my home and clean it as if I was part of my cleaning crew. I absolutely love how clean my home gets when I get around to cleaning it this way.

Here are secrets of professional cleaners so that you can be more effective and efficient with your cleaning.

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Secrets of Professional Cleaners

  1. Use Basic Cleaners
  2. Use The Right Supplies
  3. Keep Your Supplies Close
  4. Have A Plan
  5. Pre Treat Surface
  6. Be A Dust Detective
  7. Let Light In
  8. Clean Around Clutter To Cut down On Time
  9. Clean The Worst First
  10. Make It Shine

Use Basic Cleaners

You do not need to use complicated cleaners to clean your home. You can DIY some cleaners, or purchase them but you do not need a whole shwack of products in order to clean your home. I normally have a handful of cleaners on me when I clean my own home, and when I used to clean other people’s homes as well.

  1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  2. All-Purpose Cleaner
  3. Glass Cleaner
  4. Disinfectant
  5. De Scaler
  6. Shiner

Obviously, the toilet bowl cleaner is to be used in the toilet bowl, but it can also be used to clean stubborn hard water stains on faucets and get tough stains out of grout as well. You can make your own toilet bowl cleaner, or purchase this from your favourite shop. When I was professionally cleaning, I used to like to use heavy-duty Lysol, but in my own home, I prefer to use a more natural toilet bowl cleaner. Most homes have a toilet brush, but if you are cleaning another home, you can bring your own if you suspect they might not have one for you to use.

An all purpose cleaner can be as simple as Method All Purpose, or Lysol All Purpose, just make sure that it can cover a lot of surfaces without damaging them. You can make your own all purpose cleaner with vinegar and water if you prefer.

Glass cleaner is important for cleaning bathroom mirrors as well as windows around the home. It can also be used to clean glass coffee tables. Here are the best eco-friendly glass cleaners that I have used and researched for you. You can also make your own glass cleaner with rubbing alcohol, vinegar and water. You might also be interested in using lemons to clean your glass and mirror surfaces.

A disinfectant is important to use in your home after you have finished cleaning a surface. I have an excellent resource titled “What you need to clean after you’ve been sick” that goes over all the surfaces you should be sanitizing around your house. Remember that disinfectants require some time to sit and do the job of disinfecting in order to be fully effective.

Descaler can be very useful to have in your cleaning caddy, especially if you are going to be cleaning a stand-up glass shower. If you, or your client, are not using a daily shower cleaner, then the hard water build-up could be very hard to clean off. You might be able to use aluminum foil or toilet bowl cleaner to get off hard water from glass, or keep things simple and use a descaler cleaner such as CLR.

If you want to clean like a professional cleaner, you will want to have a shiner cleaning solution on hand. This is great for leaving your faucets and stainless steel appliances shiny and sparkling. While you can purchase a shiner product, you could also use olive oil to do the same job.

Use The Right Supplies

When cleaning your home like a professional cleaner, make sure you are using the right supplies for the job. Make sure that you all purpose cleaner will not damage stone surfaces or granite if you have some. Some products are simply not made to clean everything and anything.

If you are going to use Vinegar to clean, follow these rules of what NOT to clean with vinegar to keep your home protected.

Another thing you may want to consider is using proper microfiber cloths that will not leave behind threads and debris when you use them. It might also be a good idea to have some glass cleaning cloths to clean your glass surfaces too.

Know the products you have and what you can use them on. Not using the right supplies could result in damage of items, or lack of a proper clean.

Keep Your Supplies Close

I like to keep all my cleaning supplies close by using a cleaning caddy like this one. Stock this up with all the cleaners that you need as well as some microfiber cloths and glass cleaning cloths before you do your cleaning job. If you are going to clean a home that is not yours, bring your mop heads in your cleaning caddy as well. If you do not keep your cleaning supplies close, you might spend more time running around trying to track down your cleaning supplies than actual cleaning.

Have A Plan

When doing a whole house deep clean, always, always have a plan.

I like to work from top to bottom, and from back to front. This means that I like to start at the back of a room and work my way forward, while at the same time starting at the top of a room and making my way downward. This ensures that any dust and dirt that falls of my cloths lands on the lower surfaces which are yet to be cleaner, or to the floor which will get a proper vacuum at the end of the cleaning day.

Never clean willy nilly. Cleaning however you like wherever you like will guarantee you to miss spots.

Remember to always clean the important areas while you work. This means high touch areas, areas that look very dirty and dusty right away and items that get used often. You can also skip some areas if you have done them the week before and they simply aren’t that dirty again. A great example of this could be baseboards. If you use fabric softener sheets to clean your baseboards, you can usually go 2 months or longer before needing to clean them again.

Have a plan, and stick to it.

Pre Treat Surface

When you clean your home, you will need to spray your surfaces and leave the cleaning solution for 30 seconds or longer before you wipe it off. The product will need some time to do it’s job, and to make your job a lot easier. So while you spray down one surface, go ahead and clean something else while the cleaner does it’s job. Pre treating surfaces can look like this: spraying down toilet with cleaner while proceeding to clean the bathroom counters and mirror. If the stain seems extra stubborn, spray it as soon as you walk into the room and if it needs 10 minutes to do the work, then you can clean the entire room first and then attend to that area. Pre treating surfaces is very important if you want to not spend the entire day cleaning.

Be A Dust Detective

When cleaning your home, a professional cleaner will always be a dust detective. This simply means getting all the dust you can find in any given room. This is always the very first thing that I do when I enter a room to clean. Find the dust and clean the room from back to front, top to bottom. Simple spray your microfiber cloth with your all-purpose cleaner and find that dust.

Let Light In

Letting in natural light is a great way to see that dust that might be floating around the home. It will also help you gain some energy so you can be a little bit happier when doing your cleaning. Natural light is the best thing to use when you’re being a dust detective.

Clean Around Clutter To Cut down On Time

When you’re cleaning a home, you’re not decluttering it. You can always make a magazine pile neater, or place toys into a basket, but organizing and decluttering is not the focus, so don’t “waste” your cleaning time on these tasks. Keep things very simple and simply CLEAN the dirt, not the clutter.

Clean The Worst First

When entering a room to clean, always clean the worst thing first. This makes the rest of the cleaning job much more manageable. For me, this means starting with the bathrooms because I simply despise cleaning toilets. I like to spray down my toilet first, then clean the counters, mirrors and then go ahead and clean the toilet. I also really do not enjoy cleaning the kitchen, and if I clean the entire house but have dirty dishes to do, I’m not likely to get them finished at the end of the cleaning routine due to tiredness, lack of time, or simply lack of will. If I have dishes to do, I always do them first.

Make It Shine

The last in the secrets of professional cleaners is that we like to make things shine after we have cleaned. This means taking either stainless steel shiner, or olive oil and wiping down stainless steel appliances to make them sparkle. This does include shining up garbage bins, fridges, microwaves, faucets, sinks and more! If it’s not quite shiny, it won’t look as clean to your client, or to your family.

Super Fun Super Clean

I really enjoy cleaning! I mean, dishes and toilets aren’t my favorite, but I do enjoy a good dusting session. With the hustle and bustle of busy mom life, cleaning up the home is kind of therapeutic. While I am not cleaning professionally right now, I have cleaned professionally in the past, and I use these secrets of professional cleaners in my day to day cleaning and especially in my weekly and monthly cleans. If you want to know more about my specific cleaning routines, here are some resources for you:

secrets of professional cleaners

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