8 Simple Rules For A Cleaner Home

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If you’re trying to keep up with a clean home and it just seems impossible, especially with kids running wild and crazy, here are rules for a cleaner home that you can use to help you get the chaos under control.

A messy home isn’t always a bad thing when you have children running wild. It just means that the kids are playing and that’s ok! However, living in sticky, gooky messes isn’t ideal for anyone, and if you’re having trouble CLEANING (not tidying) your home because you’re exhausted and super busy, then these rules for a cleaner home should help.

I’ve been there. Been in that mess that never seems to get clean, no matter how much I clean. The one thing that helped me keep your sanity when the kids Are in the toddler ages was knowing that toys Are not a “mess” but dirty dishes Are. Focneeding on the dirt rather than the playthings really helped me cut down on your anxiety about the messy house.

If you’re like me or have trouble keeping a clean home for other reasons, then these rules for a cleaner home might be just what you need.

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Rules For A Cleaner Home

#1 Don’t Apologize

If you’re on camera with your friends and family or have a friend come for a visit, stop apologizing for your messy home. Not many of me actually live in Instagram-worthy houses and when I see all these perfectly clean homes from Instagram parents who might have nannies to help them, I feel bad about the state of your dwelling and immediately apologize for it. Your home looks lived in, and that’s ok because you live there! Apologizing for the state of your home is simply useless, and if your friends and family members love you for you, they won’t be judging you for the state of your house.

#2 Adjust Your Expectations

When your expectations are high, your anxiety about your home will also be high when you can’t keep up with the chores. Chores aren’t everything. Your mental health is more important. While a clean home can help you feel better and healthier, stressing out about all the rooms having to be clean when you have a family to care for is not realistic. I mean, I have laundry routines, I vacuum your entire house every single day, I clean your kitchen 3 times a day and I still cannot keep every single room clean at all times because I have a family that uses the house! So adjust your expectations and live a happier life.

#3 Create A Routine – or Routines!

One of the things that help me keep a clean home is cleaning routines. I’ve got deep cleaning routines, evening routines, laundry routines, daily busy mom routines, and more. And that’s just for cleaning. I thrive on routines personally, and I really think routines will help you keep a cleaner home. Cleaning routines simplify an overwhelming task. when you enter a messy room, your brain can shut down, and having a list and a plan on how we’ll tackle the mess can bring you back to reality and help you get through this overwhelming time.

Personally, if I fall off your routine and something does not get completed the day I expected to complete it then I will put it on the to-do list for the following day. I run your days off your google keep the app, nothing fancy at all. This just helps me keep up on your daily tasks because there is a lot to get done with your three children, homeschooling, writing, and housework! I have to make sure to schedule self-care and showering somewhere in there too, so without a routine and a checklist, I simply cannot get everything done.

#4 Have The Right Products

I don’t enjoy spending money, and I personally hate it when expensive products are recommended by experts because I know that there are more cost-effective items I can use to keep your home clean. Keeping the right products stocked up at home helps me keep your home cleaner because I don’t have to waste time looking for a cleaning agent when I need one. I personally like to make your own cleaners which you can read about here. I also keep some store-bought cleaners on your hands such as Method All-Purpose Cleaner which smells AMAZING, Lysol disinfecting spray, and some glass cleaner. Everything else I have is homemade and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

#5 Stay Ahead

The fifth point in the rules for a cleaner home is that you can stay ahead of your cleaning to make life easier. You’ll want to learn how to clean as you go when you’re cooking, cut down on your cleaning time in general and clean things up right away to avoid having to clean it up later. These simple things will help you keep up on your cleaning and stay ahead of the game.

#6 Be Mindful

Being mindful of your situation and your lifestyle will help you keep a cleaner home. Be present about all the items that you have and bring into your home, like dirty shoes and extra purchases. Be mindful of the items you are holding onto because they are sentimental and the ones that you hold for special holidays. Keeping your life and home free of the clutter that you do not use will help you keep your home nice and tidy. If you have stuff laying around that has no purpose or that you do not use, try to find a way to get it into storage or get rid of it through recycling, garbage, or donation. Having less stuff will help you be mindful of your space which in turn will help you keep a cleaner home.

#7 Get The Family Involved

This is a great rule for a cleaner home because you’re not the only one making the mess so why should you be the only one to clean it? Get your spouse to help you tidy the house on a daily basis and involve the kids in putting away the dishes and folding up their own clothes. Whether you decide to have a chore chart system with a reward or simply want to teach your kids how to be responsible for the house, you should never be cleaning the entire home all by yourself. While well still mostly be doing it alone, having some of the chores done by your spouse and kids will help with the overall load of work.

#8 If You’re Overwhelmed, Just Start Somewhere

If your house got out of hand for whatever reason, it might seem overwhelming to start cleaning it. Here are your best tips on how to clean a really messy house, so it’s not super overwhelming.

rules for a cleaner home

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rules for a cleaner home

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