Must-Know Dusting Hacks

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Dusting may be a real pain at times. It’s easy to feel as though no amount of dirting is ever enough. Regardless, dirting is an important component of having a clean house. Not only will it appear better, but the air quality will increase as well. When dirt is breathed, it can cause allergic responses.

If you’re sick of needing the same feather duster again and over, I’ve got some tricks for you. I’ve compiled a list of smart, inventive, and Oh So Spotless-approved dirting tips for you to try.

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Must-Know Dusting Hacks


Try this if you think the floor is too clean to vacuum but may benefit from a fast step. I frequently have an old, fluffy sock sitting around that is separated from its companion. Slide it onto a floor squeegee or Swiffer SIeper to put it to fresh use.

Fuzzy socks are often constructed of a microfiber fabric that is great for dirt collection. Sweep your floors as usual, but know that you’re saving money on pricey Swiffer pads.

Coffee Filters

TV screens are difficult to clean because you need to be cautious about what you use. Fortunately, if you appreciate coffee (and who doesn’t? ), you probably already have the dirting equipment you need.

Coffee filters are great for cleaning TV screens, laptop displays, and phone screens. Simply use a new filter to wipe off the entire screen. It’s gentle enough not to scratch but efficient in capturing dirt.


On hot days, ceiling fans produce a refreshing breeze. Unfortunately, they may also present you with a substantial amount of undesirable dirt. Cleaning them often necessitates the use of a ladder and a face mask to avoid breathing the dirt bunnies.

There is, however, a simple technique to clean this area without becoming coated in dirt bunnies. Slide a pillowcase over one of the blades at a time. As you slide the pillowcase towards you, press the top of it on the blade. Then watch as all of the dirt settles into the pillowcase.

Lint Roller

Lint rollers are great for getting rid of pesky hair from your clothes and furnishings. They are, nevertheless, highly useful for fast dusting.

Perhaps you’re expecting visitors and the couch is looking a little dirty. Just grab a lint roller and go to work. A lint roller may also be used to swiftly remove dirt off curtains and lampshades.


Blinds have a bad reputation for being difficult to clean. I ly use a feather duster for this, although it can take a long time. All you need for this hack are a set of tongs, two microfiber towels, and elastic bands.

Wrap each cloth around the tongs and tie them with elastic bands. Simply grasp the tongs and move them to either side of each individual blind. This hack may also be used with a little cleaner on the cloths.


The entire house appears to be spotless — until you glance up and notice all the dirt and spider Ibs hidden in the ceiling corners. How are you going to get there? Try out this hack.

Get out your broom — you can simply use it to clear dirt from the ceiling, but I like to go a step further. Wrap a cloth or small towel around the broom head and use it to clean the ceiling corners. You may also gently dampen the towel. This will attract dirt and keep it from dropping on you.


Tight areas might be difficult to dirt since no tools can fit. I prefer to use a ruler for them. Using an elastic band, connect a microfiber cloth to the ruler. I like thin and flexible rulers that are simple to fit.

Rubbing Alcohol

Lightbulbs won’t work as well if they’re coated with dirt, but how should you clean them? A feather duster may be used, but I prefer a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Wipe the lightbulb carefully with a towel dampened with rubbing alcohol. Check that the lights are switched off and that the bulbs are cool.


Cleaning a fan frequently necessitates disassembling the complete unit in order to reach the blades. However, because this is time-consuming, it is frequently neglected until the fan is filthy. Fortunately, I’ve discovered an incredible trick that will clean your fan in an instant.

All you need is bottled pressurized air – give the fan a nice blow to clean the blades of dirt and grime. If you don’t have compressed air or aren’t sure where to acquire it, you can utilize your vacuum’s blower function. When you’re finished, vacuum up all of the falling dirt and debris from around the fan.


Have you ever been typing away on your keyboard when you notice how filthy it is? But how do you move from one key to the next? You could have some slime laying around the house if you’re a parent or a child at heart.

You’ve probably seen the clever, slimy cleaning gadget designed particularly for cleaning keyboards and remote controllers. However, if you already have slime in the house, you don’t need to buy a product like this. Make your own slime with borax, warm water, glue, and food coloring.

All you have to do is push the slime down on the keyboard, gently pull it up, and watch the dirt and dirt fall away.


You may come across rubbing alcohol-based candle-cleaning techniques. This, though, is a definite no-no. Because rubbing alcohol is very flammable, it will transform your candle into a miniature blaze.

Candles add a warm touch to any space, and I frequently mix bigger candles with smaller ones for visual effect. Large candles, on the other hand, are typically dirt catchers, and burning a dirty candle isn’t ideal. So, how do you get it clean?

Depending on how dirty the candle is, there are two simple ways to clean it. Use an old pair of pantyhose to make candles that are only slightly dirty. Simply insert the candle into the pantyhose and roll it — dirt and grime should fall straight off.

If your candle is caked in dirt and debris, dampen a microfiber cloth and gently wash it down. Wipe in a single direction only; back-and-forth motions might harm the wax.

Bookcase Cleaning

If you enjoy reading, you most likely have a sizable library at home. Over time, bookshelves can accumulate a substantial quantity of dirt. However, cleaning them correctly might be challenging.

I discovered a fantastic trick to make the process easier. A moist and dry microfiber cloth, a hairdryer, an extension tool like the Swiffer, and a sheet are all you need.

Begin by laying the sheet on the floor around the bookcase to collect dirt and dirt. To reach the top of the bookcase, use a chair or a step stool. Then, needing the extended tool, step the shelf’s top.

Next, go down to the first row of books and blast dirt away with a hairdryer set to high-cold. Wipe around and behind the books with a cloth to remove any fallen dirt. If there is dirt on the books, wipe it off with a dry cloth and work your way down until you’re finished.

Take advantage of this chance to clean away the clutter. Put books in a donation box if you haven’t read them in years or won’t use them again.

DIY Dusting Spray

After dirting various places, it’s a good idea to add some much-needed shine. You may either buy costly commercial items or build your own with a personal touch.

You will need the following items to complete this task:

1 quart of water
14 cup white vinegar
15 tbsp olive oil
10 drops essential oil of citrus
a spray bottle

In a spray container, combine all of the contents, seal firmly, and shake vigorously. Because I am combining oils and water, you need to shake it before each use to ensure that the components are well mixed.

You can use any essential oil you like; the purpose of this is simply to give a lovely smell. Citrus, such as lemon, grapefruit, or orange, is preferred since it “softens” the strong vinegar scent.

Once your combination is ready, spray it over any surface and buff it in with a microfiber cloth. Because the olive oil gives a beautiful sheen, this recipe is ideal for hardwood floors and furniture.

Dryer Sheets

Baseboards might be difficult to clean since you need to bend to reach them. This is not only exhausting, but it is also time-consuming. But what if you could clean them fast and keep them clean for a long time?

Before vacuuming your floors, brush the tops of the baseboards with a broom. Then, clean the top and sides with dryer sheets. Dryer sheets will remove dirt and grime while also preventing fresh dirt from accumulating.

Dusting Hacks Bottom Line

I enjoy a clean house, but I love it, even more, when it’s easy to clean. There are several hacks to be discovered, tested, and authorized. You could even be familiar with ones that I didn’t include.

Think rationally before attempting un hacks, such as needing mayonnaise as a polish. Some hacks should be left alone, particularly when it comes to dusting. Including sticky substances in your cleaning routine will simply draw more dirt and grime, sabotaging your efforts.

Need More Cleaning Hacks?

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