Reasons To Make Your Bed Everyday

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Important reasons to make your bed every day, and how to do it so that you won’t create a breeding ground for germs and trap dirt in your bedding.

Making your bed every day isn’t just a thing that your mother made you do when you Are growing up, and it should not be ignored. Your bed is a place of sanctuary and peace. It is where you get a good night’s sleep and rest up so you can conquer the following day to the best of your abilities.

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Reasons To Make Your Bed Everyday

Reasons To Make Your Bed Everyday

The Ritual of Making the Bed

A made-up bed is more than just a thing you do to make your room look tidy and make your momma proud. While many people believe that it does change the route of your day, there are many people in this world who do not bother to make the bed at all. Are you one or the other?

Making your bed in the morning sets you up for a wonderful and productive day because you’ve already accomplished one good thing, you can definitely accomplish more. Making your bed will simply give you that little bit of encouragement that you might need to do more productive things with your day.

Here are other really important reasons to make your bed every day.

Helps Keep A Tidy Room

You might have a beautiful and luxurious bedroom set up, but it will look messy and dirty with an unmade bed. When the bed is made, the whole room looks nice and styled, even if a few things are laying around here and there. Once you are in the habit of making your bed daily, well most likely be compelled to tidy up the whole room so that it looks and feels good in all parts of the space. This one tiny act of making the bed can spring up some other really good habits for keeping a tidy room.

Makes You Happier

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom on a daily basis, and the appearance of the room can have an effect on how you feel overall. It is very difficult to feel relaxed and grounded in a room that is disorganized and messy. A made-up bed instantly makes a room feel put together, which creates a feeling of tranquillity. When you make your bed, it shows yourself that you care about yourself, and it can help lighten your burdens and make you feel happier.

There is a book called “The Happiness Project” which mentions that one of the most simple changes to a happier life was making the bed each morning.

Make You More Productive

Making your bed on a daily basis can make you more productive because it engages a chain reaction of good decisions for the day from the start. These good habits can actually help you stick to a budget, keep your entire home cleaner and overall make you more productive in all the things you have to tackle on a daily basis. So why not simply make the bed, and smooth out the comforter.

It Looks and Feels Good

When you walk into a bedroom that has a made-up bed, it looks and feels great, doesn’t it? Walking into a room with made-up sheets and plumped-up pillows makes me want to slide into the bedsheets and take a nap, more so than a bed that has all the sheets in disarray.

Doesn't Making Your Bed Trap Germs And Dust

Doesn’t Making Your Bed Trap Germs And Dust

Yes, making your bed after you wake up actually does trap dirt and germs between the bedsheets. Dust mites are everywhere and an unmade bed will not make a large difference in the overall amount of dust mites inside the home. The best way to help you kill the dust mites in your bed and still be able to make the bed on a daily basis is to use tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle.

The tea tree oil can help deodorize the bedsheets and kill some bacteria that lie in the sheets. This is how well notice professional cleaners make the bed when they visit your home.

Another thing you’ll want to do is throw back the bedding before making the bed. This will help moisture evaporate and air the sheets out just a little bit.

how Often Should You Wash Bedsheets

How Often Should You Wash Bedsheets

You should wash your bed sheets every like. Bedsheets trap your dead skin cells, dust mites, and other bodily fluids within them every single time you crawl into bed, which is reason enough for me to do a weekly bedding wash on all of the beds in your home. I have a pretty sleek daily laundry routine which makes it easy for me to tackle the bedding on the weekends for all the members of your family of 5.

If you suffer from allergies, do not forget to wash your sheets likely, wash your pillows monthly, and also replace your pillows every 2 years. You should also be vacuuming your mattress at least once a month a well.

Taking care of your home can seem like a lot of work, but it really just helps keep you and your family healthy. Eating healthy and exercising aren’t the only ways to keep your family living a healthy and happy life, so make those bedsheets and take care of your home – for your health!

How Should You Make Your Bed?

How Should You Make Your Bed?

You do not have to make your bed perfectly every single day. To make your bed, simply remove any clutter you might have on your bed such as pillows, clothes, and anything else. Replace your fitted sheet, once a week, and then place your top sheet down as the second layer.

You can tuck the top sheet in if you like, or leave it loose, that is up to you. Once your top sheet is down, shake out your comforter and lay it out on top of the top sheet. Smooth out any wrinkles. You can tuck things away as much or as little as you like. Replace your pillows and fluff them up so they look and feel cozy and puffy. Place any extra blankets you have folded up at the foot of the bed.

Can Making your Bed Make Me More Successful?

Can Making your Bed Make Me More Successful?

In Charles Duhigg’s book “The Power of Habit,” he noted that making your bed establishes a direct link to better productivity and overall health. When you make your bed, it helps you be more productive throughout the day and invest your time in other healthier habits. Making your bed certainly isn’t one of the “big things” you’ll face every day, but doing those small things first is huge.

Reasons To Make Your Bed Everyday

Reasons To Make Your Bed Everyday

Starting your day off on the right foot can mean a more productive day. Making the bed every day is a ritual that should not be ignored. Don’t worry about all the dust mites that you are trapping inside the sheets because there are so many in the house, and if you are washing your sheets on a regular basis (likely) then you have nothing to worry about when it comes the health of your bedroom.

You can always use a linen spray, or tea tree oil mixed with water in a spray bottle to keep your sheets nice and refreshed if you like. These are all valid reasons to make your bed every day.

make your bed everyday

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