An Efficient Laundry Routine That Could Help You Keep Up With It All

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Laundry is one of the most annoying household chores in my opinion and without a laundry routine, I feel I would be swimming in clothing day in and day out.

If you have a large family and children you might be feeling like the laundry is never ending and it’s overwhelming.

Sorry to tell you that it is truly never ending. I do laundry every single day for my family of 5.

But, I have managed to create a laundry routine to make the chore more manageable, which in turn doesn’t make the whole thing suck so much.

You can have a laundry schedule where you clean whites on one day, colors on one day and so on, but that could be so difficult to stick to as a busy parent with carpool, meal planning, and kids activities to keep track of.

So how do you get the laundry under control without a laundry schedule?

Simple, you make it into a routine instead of a schedule.

The difference lies in the fact that you just do a little bit of what you can on a daily basis, and you’re not restricted to a schedule that tells you what to do and when.

So if you have laundry that haunts your home, read all about my simple daily laundry routine that simplifies the whole chore and doesn’t make me dread an overwhelming amount of dirty clothing to wash.

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The Basics

Before you can create an awesome laundry routine, you should have a few of these basic things implemented in your home. Don’t worry, you might already have these in place, I just want to go over them.


Place a laundry hamper into each bedroom and each bathroom that you have. Make sure the laundry basket can hold around one load of laundry, you simply do not need a giant basket for each room. This will ensure that everything is always in a basket, and if it is not in a basket, you can grab the dirty clothing and easily throw it into the basket right away. This is really a huge time saver for me, so I don’t have to go gather clothing from all over the house every day, I just check the baskets.

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Teach the family how to use the laundry hampers as well so you’re not doing extra work picking up clothes and towels off the floor.

Don’t Forget The Sheets

The sheets in bedrooms should be done weekly. If you cannot do them weekly, then bi weekly is ok, but weekly is simply better. Instead of doing all the bedsheets for all the bedrooms in one day, do one set of bedsheets a day until they are all clean.

For me, that means 3 bedrooms, and 3 days of washing sheets and blankets.

The Laundry Routine

This really cannot get any easier, are you ready?

Every morning, when the hustle of the day begins, grab one laundry basket and go through all the rooms to gather any dirty clothes and towels and throw it into the washing machine immidiately.

If there is anything that needs to be separated and can wait a day (such as baby clothing, white stuff etc) you can place it into a separate laundry basket by the washing machine and wash it another day. If you have lots of darks and whites to wash in one day, simply do another load of laundry.

If you have an hour in the morning before you leave for work, that is great because you can transfer the morning washing into the dryer before you leave!

If you’re a stay at home momma like myself, you can simply transfer the clothing from the washer to the dryer once you have a break in the morning routine.

The trick is to get it into the dryer as fast as possible. If you have bedding to wash as well, then throw it into the washing machine as soon as you empty the washer from the morning load.

Once the clothes have been through the dryer, It is important to take them out and fold them the very same day.

If you do not fold the clothing and put it away in the same day, your whole routine will fall apart and laundry will once more become a disaster.

Since you are only folding one load of laundry, it really does not take more than 5 minutes. Truly. You can do this while dinner is cooking, while the children take a bath ( in the bathroom with them), while the baby takes a nap, instead of taking 5 minutes for Instagram after dinner…Just find 5 minutes, and fold. I know you have it.

Then you must put away all the clothing. Here is how you do this so it isn’t a huge chore.

Recruit the family!

YES, even if you have kids, they can put away their clothing as young as age 2.

Here is how I do it. I place all my folded laundry on the coffee table and I hand a pile to each child, and my husband and tell them where that pile goes. It takes all of 5 minutes and the kids are happy to help. If the children are not happy to help, I have some information on setting children up for chore success here.

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Now this laundry routine might sound a little bit crazy if you are a working parent, but it really can be modified to fit a working schedule.

Finish a load of laundry in the morning before you go off to work, (washer and dryer cycles complete) and then follow up with the folding when you get home, before you start on dinner. It takes five minutes, and it’s not a huge headache at this point. I used to be a full time working mom, and this is how I used to tackle the laundry.

For the bedding, I would wash all the bedding on the weekends when I was a full-time working mom. If you can, squeeze the bedding into your evening routine to make your weekend less busy with laundry, but don’t sweat it too much if you have to wash the bedding on the weekend. It really doesn’t take that long, and there is no folding required as it goes straight back onto the bed, at least in my house.

But I Like to Separate My Laundry By Fabric Type… Will This Laundry Routine Work?

Yes, it will if you have a laundry basket by the washing machine that allows you to separate your clothing. If you don’t have enough dark clothing for a load of laundry today, you can do it tomorrow instead, just ensure that you are gathering the laundry from the bedrooms on a daily basis so you know exactly what your washing needs are.

With this system, you might be doing a load of towels every 3 days, and that’s great! Towels only take seconds to fold so that makes the folding part really easy.

You might be doing a load of white laundry once a week, and that’s great too, because one small load of whites once a week isn’t a huge deal to fold up is it.

Laundry Routine Tips

Do Not Skip Laundry Days

Always do a load of laundry every single day if you have a large family. YES, it sounds like a lot, but it’s so much easier than folding for 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon.

Don’t Separate As Much

If you are ok to not separate your clothing into fabric types and colors, your laundry routine will be much easier. I for one do not have time to separate. I will wash all my white clothes with my dark clothes (gasp!). Yes that means they don’t stay sharp white over time, but that does not matter to me, clean clothes trump super white clothes. The only things I separate are baby clothes from my husbands and my older children’s clothes.

Clasp The Bras

When you throw a bra into the laundry basket, clasp it right away so you don’t have to deal with that later. If you forget to clasp the bra, it might get stuck onto clothing in the washing machine and it can be an ordeal to get it unstuck.

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Dry Clean

If you have items that require dry cleaning, place them into seperate laundry baskets and then take them to the dry cleaners when you can.

Hang – Dry

Hopefully, you don’t have a lot of items that require hang drying, but if you do, make sure you have a space or a rack in the laundry room for you to easily dry the clothes.

Teach Kids To Re-wear Clothing

This is a huge one for our family as my children can go through an entire dresser of clothing in one day. I always encourage them to place anything that is not dirty back into the dresser. My husband and I are both aware of this rule, and we often wear clothing until it needs washing but the kids are a little slower to learn this trick.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laundry Routine

How many times a week should you wash clothes?

If you have a large family and lots of clothing to care for, then you should do laundry daily so it does not pile up.

How do you start a load of laundry?

Every load will be different but you should select your laundry load size, the temperature you would like to use and the type of load you are washing on the washing machine when you start your load.

What Is The Best Laundry Detergent?

This will be a family preference, but we like to use Puracy Laundry Detergent on the baby clothing and Arm and Hammer for everything else.

Can you wash towels and blankets together?

Towels will leave lint on other fabrics. It is up to you if you can deal with lint on your blankets or if you would rather have lint free blankets and wash the towels separately.

How long do you put towels in the dryer?

Towels will need roughly 60 minutes of drying time to get fully dry.

How do you make towels soft and fluffy again?

Add one cup of vinegar to the load of laundry and wash and dry as usual to get soft and fluffy towels.

Should I use fabric softener on towels?

It is better to avoid fabric softener on towels to ensure that the coating on the towel does not get coated in oils that interrupt the absorbency of the towel.

Will you Create A Laundry Routine?

If you are a busy parent and have been overwhelmed by laundry piles day in and day out, I would love for you to try my laundry routine out and see if it helps. I have shared this routine with many friends and it has truly changed lives, so I can only hope it changes yours too.

Feel free to modify this laundry routine according to your needs as well, nothing is set in stone. The most important thing is to do laundry daily.

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