How to Wash Polyester Clothes

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Clean clothing is your first priority, therefore I am here today to show you how to properly wash polyester.

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is widely used in apparel and textiles. This fabric is popular in the fashion industry since it is long-lasting, dyeable, and robust while remaining lightweight.

Many individuals are unsure what to do while washing polyester, but don’t worry since I’ll give your best recommendations!

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What Is the Main Purpose of Polyester?

Polyester serves a variety of functions. It’s used for a number of things, including:

Paper and tape.
Laundry bags.
And more!

What Types of Clothes Are Made of Polyester?

Aside from outerWear and underwear, polyester is used to make a variety of other garments. It is often something that requires a long lifetime and high durability. SportsWear and outerWear, for example, are often constructed of polyester since they need to be durable and flexible.

Polyester is also inherently waterproof, making it perfect for clothing that will be worn frequently outside.

Jerseys, raincoats, and winter jackets are also commonly constructed from polyester. Hiking pants, swimwear, fake satin, leggings, sports bras, and undergarments are all among the items on the list. Even hats, trousers, gowns, socks, and upholstery – in fact, everything.

How to Wash Polyester in the Machine

The most convenient method is to machine wash polyester clothes.

Separate Clothes

You want to wash your polyester garments with colors that are close in hue. I recommend categorizing them into three categories: dark clothing, whites, and colors.

Treat Stains

If you discover a stain on your polyester garment, treat it as soon as possible. Apply your heavy-duty washing detergent on the stain and rub it in with your fingertips. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes.

Wash Clothes

Select the permanent press or synthetics cycle in your washing machine. Use either cold or warm water.

Fill the dispenser or the drum with a strong-strength detergent. It is preferable if the detergent has enzymes that can break down dirt and grime and thoroughly clean the garments. Of course, add the appropriate quantity for the size of your load.

Dry Clothes

Remove the items from the washing machine and either air dry them or use the permanent press drying option. If you don’t have a permanent press, you can utilize the synthetics dry option. Remember to double-check that all stains have been removed before putting them in the dryer!

Fold or Hang

Items made of loosely knit polyester can be folded and stored in drawers. Woven and tightly knit goods, such as shirts, skirts, and slacks, can be hung. Polyester does not wrinkle easily, so don’t be concerned if you fold away a dress. Any creases may be simply smoothed out with a fast iron on medium heat.

Washing Polyester Filling

It is advisable to hand-wash your pillow if it contains polyester stuffing.

Fill a sink or bathtub halfway with cold water: Fill the tub halfway with cold water. Stir in a cup of mild detergent needing your hands or a long-handled utensil.

Soak the object: Fill the tub with the items. Immerse your hands completely in water, then massage and compress them. This will aid in the removal of dirt.

Rinse by draining the tub or sink and filling it with cold water. Soak your things until all of the soap and grime have been removed. Repeat this process until the objects are no longer soapy.

Squeeze: When you’re finished, squeeze out all the extra water. Squeeze the pillows lightly rather than twisting or wringing them. For optimum results, push it against the side of your tub.

Drying: A hot, sunny day can rapidly dry your polyester-filled clothes. Hang them on a clothesline and make sure to turn them a few times to dry both sides completely. You can generate air pockets and help them dry faster if you knead them on a regular basis.

Removing Stains With Dish Soap

Dish soap works well for removing stains from a polyester shirt.

  • To break up the discoloration, dampen it with warm water.
  • Dish soap should be used. Use your fingers or a brush to massage it in.
  • Start a wash cycle right away.
  • Allow to air dry.
  • If necessary, repeat.

Polyester Hand Washing Instructions

Hand washing is sometimes recommended on the care label of a polyester garment. This is just to safeguard the item’s quality.

Fill Basin

Fill a basin or sink halfway with warm water and a little amount of mild detergent. Follow the detergent label directions to determine how much to use for the number of garments you’re washing.

Swirl Clothes Around

Float the garments in the water and swish them around. Be gentle, but do it for a long enough period of time that the dirt begins to lift.


Cold water should be used to rinse the clothing. You have two options: run them under the faucet or replenish the basin with cold water.


Excess water should be drained from the polyester clothing. To squeeze the water out, fold them and push them against the wall of the basin or sink.


If you’re hand-washing anything, it’s most likely because it’s too delicate for the dryer. As a result, I recommend that you air dry your polyester goods. You may dry them by hanging them in the sun, over a heater, or on a drying rack.

Can I Use Chlorine Bleach on Polyester Clothes?

Chlorine bleach should never be used on polyester. Instead, I suggested needing oxygen bleach, which is safe for polyester. However, chlorine bleach is not.

Polyester is a synthetic material. Bleach will cause them to lose their color, even white clothing, and it can destroy the color coating on the polyester item’s exterior layer.

Washing Instructions for Polyester

You’re not sure you’ll be able to adequately wash your polyester? Here are some more pointers to help you clean and care for your polyester clothing.

Never use a high heat setting in the washing, dryer, or iron. High temperatures can cause polyester to yellow or change form.

Clean after workouts: If your workout gear is made of polyester, make sure to wash it right away to prevent sweat stains from setting in.

Oil stains: If you acquire an oil stain on polyester clothing, take it to the dry cleaners right away. Polyester products tend to absorb oils and cannot be removed in a standard wash.

Turn them inside out: To avoid snagging, wash polyester garments inside out.

Take particular care with whites: To improve whiteness, soak your polyester whites overnight. In a gallon of warm water, combine 12 cups of automatic dishwashing detergent. This will get rid of dirt and stains before you wash as usual. Furthermore, the dishwashing detergent will aid in the brightening of the whites.

Always read the care label before needing a product: Always check the care label or washing symbols on the item to determine how to wash it properly. Instructions for polyester mixes will differ from those for 100 percent polyester goods. You’ll also find out whether the item is dry clean only before you destroy it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Washing Polyester

How to Wash Polyester Clothes Bottom Line

You won’t have to second-guess yourself after you’ve mastered the art of washing polyester. It will become second nature to wash this clothing. Always check the care label to determine if it should be hand-washed, dry-cleaned only, or washed in the washing machine.

Always use the correct detergent and never wash in hot water. After all, polyester is a form of plastic that may melt when exposed to extreme heat.

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