How to Wash Pillows

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A decent pillow may make a huge difference in how well you sleep. However, if your pillows are not thoroughly cleaned, they may lose their support.

They also collect dirt, oil, spit, perspiration, mold, and germs, which isn’t appealing. So they’ll require a thorough cleaning every now and then!

Whether your pillows are memory foam, feather, down, buckwheat, or have a beautiful covering, we’ll teach you how to wash them.

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Can You Wash Pillows?

Can You Wash Pillows?

Certainly! Most pillows may also be washed in the machine. However, carefully read the care label because some items will need to be hand-washed.

How to Wash Pillows in the Washing Machine

Remove the case from your pillow if it has one. It’s possible to wash it separately.

Check the label to check if it can be machine washed or if it has to be hand-washed. Our suggestions are for washing machines.

Give the pillows a thorough puff to eliminate dust before placing them in the washing machine.

Using water from the bathtub or shower, soak the pillows. They should be moist before applying the detergent to ensure that it absorbs completely.

It’s now time to put the pillows into the washing machine. It’s best to put two in at a time. This keeps the pillows from being thrown around excessively. It also guarantees that they have an adequate area to be properly cleaned.

Pour in the detergent in the specified amount. Before adding powder detergent to the dispenser, we recommend dissolving it in warm water. In comparison to a heavy liquid detergent, this will leave less residue on your pillows. If you have a polyester pillow, however, one tablespoon of a light liquid detergent is recommended. It’s also OK if you only have powder detergent. Simply dissolve it ahead of time.

Choose a warm delicate cycle for down, feather, and polyester pillows. Start the wash by adding an extra rinse cycle. Use a cold delicate cycle with an extra rinse if you have a wool cushion. Always check the care label first if your cushion contains ornamental decorations like sequins. However, it should be machine washable. To avoid damage, place it in a mesh washing bag first. It should be washed on the gentlest cycle possible with cold water and a light detergent.

Check that all of the detergent residues has been rinsed away once the cycle has ended. If not, use a cold rinse and spin cycle on the pillows.

 Washing Pillows in the Machine Safe?

Is Washing Pillows in the Machine Safe?

According to the care label directions, down, feather, cotton, and polyester pillows can be washed.

Memory foam, latex, and buckwheat pillows, on the other hand, cannot be machine or hand cleaned.

How to Wash Buckwheat Pillows

  • Take the hulls out of the cushion. Separately wash the cover.
  • Fill a small dish halfway with lukewarm water and set aside.
  • Swish the hulls in the mixture.
  • Using a strainer, drain the hulls.
  • Place a towel in the sun to dry.
  • The moist hulls should be placed on the towel. Spread them out to allow them to dry faster.
  • Allow time for them to dry. It might take up to 24 hours for this to happen.

How to Wash Memory Foam and Latex Pillows

  • Remove the pillow cover from the pillow. Separately wash this according to the care label’s directions. When using a memory foam or latex pillow, we always recommend wearing a pillow cover — as well as a pillowcase — for maximum hygiene.
  • To remove dust and other debris, vacuum both sides of the cushion.
  • Spot clean spots with water and a mild detergent. Dip a cloth into the solution and wring it out to prevent it from becoming soggy. Blot spots lightly. If the cushion becomes too damp, the foam may tear.
  • Before placing the pillow back on your bed, let it air dry fully.

Can You Wash Pillows in a Top Loading Machine?

The center agitator might cause harm, therefore we don’t suggest it. It’s alright if it doesn’t have a central agitator. If the machine has a central agitator, arrange the pillows vertically to avoid wrapping around the agitator. However, we recommend using a front-loading machine at a laundromat.

How to Dry Pillows

How to Dry Pillows

  • Check the care label to see if it can be dried in the machine. Most pillows are capable of doing so.
  • Place the cushions and a couple of dry towels in the washing machine. These towels will absorb moisture, allowing the procedure to go more quickly.
  • To keep the pillows from clumping, stuff them with two tennis balls or dryer balls.
  • For one hour, set the cycle to moderate heat. Use a no-heat air-dry setting if it’s a down or feather cushion.
  • Check on the pillows after an hour. Rep the cycle if they’re still wet. Make sure the pillows are fluffed in between cycles.

Hang the pillows on a laundry line in a sunny area with excellent circulation if you need to air dry them naturally. Fluff them up and rotate them every hour so the other side receives the light. This might take some time. Make sure your pillows are totally dry before putting them back on your bed since this might lead to mold and mildew.

FAQs on How to Wash Pillows

FAQs on How to Wash Pillows

Bottom Line On Washing your Pillow

Cleaning your pillows might help you get back into a good sleeping habit. Your pillows will be free of filth, germs, and bumps in exchange for this simple cleaning procedure. You’ll be able to sleep like a baby once more.

Always read the care label to see if your pillows can be washed in the machine. If your pillows are made of memory foam, latex, or buckwheat, they must be washed separately.

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