Helping you keep your home fresh and clean by providing tips on how to tackle spring cleaning on a budget.

It’s that time of the year again when the air is fresh, the sun is shining and all the dirt from the winter needs to go away.

Most people love to spring clean. The sun provides the energy you need to get organizing and cleaning. Spring also signifies a new season so it’s the perfect time to turn over a new, clean leaf.

I absolutely love to spring clean. I love to get rid of all the garbage that has accumulated over the long winter and get deep into those crevices of the home that require some moving around (like behind the fridge and stove).

I hope these tips about spring cleaning on a budget are helpful to you. Happy cleaning!

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5 Tips For Spring Cleaning On A Budget

Rent A Steam Cleaner

If you don’t have a steam cleaner, rent one from a local shop. This goes for any other sort of gear that you may want to use but just don’t need to have stored in your home. See if a friend or family member has a steam cleaner that you could borrow for a few days, or ask your neighbors.

You’ll definitely want to deep clean any rugs or carpets that you have, even if you have been regularly vacuuming them throughout the winter. This is an especially important task if you have pets and babies / small kids.

Recycle And Repurpose

You don’t need to buy new tools like mops and rags, repurpose items you already have in your home. Ripped pj’s make awesome rags for cleaning up and you can make a dustpan out of cardboard or out of an old plastic container instead of going to purchase a new one. Get creative and re use and recycle anything you can in your home. Don’t throw away old spray bottles! They come in super handy when making your own cleaning products.

You can also wash windows and mirrors without paper towels to keep things reusable and environmentally friendly. Plastic shower curtains can be washed instead of thrown away if yours are looking especially dirty. Dryer sheets are wonderful tools for cleaning screens and gathering dust off of baseboards.

Air It Out

Open up the windows and let the sunshine in. Let the wind carry away any smells that you have in the house as well as all the dust that you haven’t picked up yet. You can pick up a few plants to help purify your air if you have any sort of green thumb, or purchase an air purifier system to help distribute fresh air into the home and filter out the stale winter air. An air purifier can also help you get rid of any allergens in your home which will help you breathe better and easier if you have any allergies to air pollutants.

Make Your Own Cleaners

There is no need to purchase expensive cleaners to clean your home. Water, vinegar and dish soap are amazing tools that can help keep your home dust and dirt free. A great thing about DIY cleaners is that they are non-toxic and are better for you and the environment. If you are looking for eco-friendly cleaners to purchase, here is a great resource for you.

Here are some resources for you on DIY cleaners:

Visit the Dollar Store

You don’t need to purchase expensive cleaning supplies. Your local dollar store should have everything you need to clean your homes such as microfiber cloths, broom and dustpan, dryer sheets, baking soda, vinegar, baby oil (for shining appliances) and more. You can also purchase cheap organizing bins to get your home organized too! I absolutely love the dollar store for all things cleaning, and if I cannot make it to the dollar store, my go-to is

More Spring Cleaning Tips For You

If you want to do a deep clean spring clean on your home, you’ll want to make sure you clean every inch of the house and get everything nice and organized too!

The most commonly forgotten areas of the home are curtains, pillows, appliances, furniture, fridge, cabinets, rugs, windows and window sills and keyboards and computer parts.

If you want to know how to deep clean your home, visit this link here.

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