How To Remove Bumper Stickers

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If you try to remove an old decal in the wrong manner, you may end up damaging the finish of your car. So put down the razor blade and try these safe, easy methods for removing sticky glue from your vehicle.

Bumper stickers, whether they represent a sports team, your alma institution, or your favorite political candidate, allow you to stand out on the road. But when your hobbies change or you want to sell the automobile, you’re typically left in a bind. Because the colorful decals are made to last, peeling one from your bumper or trunk needs more than just elbow grease. Sharp tools, like razors, may gouge chrome and scrape off body paint, so avoid needing them at all costs. Fortunately, you most likely already have the best cleaning chemicals for the task, so keep reading to learn how to remove bumper stickers with them and give your car a fresh start.

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How To Remove Bumper Stickers


That handy container of WD-40 (or a comparable low-cost lubricant) is fantastic for removing unsightly bumper stickers. After donning safety goggles, spray the superhero solution over all four sides of the bumper sticker and let it sit for five minutes. Then, pull up a corner with your fingers, a credit card, or a rubber spatula and carefully peel off the bumper sticker, keeping it as flat as possible to minimize residue. If any places become stuck throughout the procedure, spray a little quantity of WD-40 on the stuck spot to loosen it up. What little residue is left after removing the bumper sticker may be wiped away with a delicate cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. To restore gloss, apply a fresh coat of wax to the bumper with a car-safe buffer pad (such as Chemical Guys Buffing Pads).


Set a blow dryer to low heat and position the nozzle six inches away from the bumper sticker. (Shorter-distance heat may damage the paint and even melt plastic bumpers!) Then, for approximately a minute, blast away, applying heat as evenly as possible to every inch of the bumper sticker. This should loosen the bumper sticker enough to allow you to lift a corner with a credit card or a rubber spatula.

Once you’ve got your tool under the corner, slowly work your way beneath the paper to remove the bumper sticker. If sections of the bumper sticker do not come off throughout the process, use one hand to apply extra heat to the front of the bumper sticker while the other hand peels off the stubborn part. Wipe away sticker residue with a soft cloth wet with rubbing alcohol, then buff in new car wax with a vehicle-safe buffer pad.


White vinegar, well-known for its cleaning abilities around the house, also possesses strong adhesive-removal capabilities. Soak a clean paper towel in a small dish of white vinegar for three to five minutes, then put the towel over the bumper (the It towel should adhere on its own, though you can hold it in place with your hand if it slips). The vinegar will begin to loosen and lift the bumper sticker as it soaks into it. Then, needing your fingers, a credit card, or a rubber spatula, carefully lift one corner and peel it off completely. Remove sticker residue with a clean cloth dampened with white vinegar or rubbing alcohol, then apply a fresh layer of wax with a buffer.

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