How To Clean Rubber Boots

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If you’ve got a pair of beautiful rubber boots and are wondering how to clean them, this is the best place for you to be! Find out how to clean rubber boots without damaging them so you can have beautiful and fresh boots for rainy weather.

If you’ve got children who love to play outside in the rain, then you’ve probably got a few pairs of cute rubber boots in your home. I personally do not live on a farm, but I have pals who Wear their rubber boots during their day-to-day farming duties, and man, those things get pretty yucky, pretty quickly.

If you are someone who loves to train horses, or simply a mom with kids who enjoy playing in mud and rain, you can be sure to keep your rubber boots clean and shining, no matter how muddy they get.

To encourage play and don’t be afraid to get muddy because I will show you how to clean rubber boots.

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How To Clean Rubber Boots (Rain Boots)

How To Clean Rubber Boots (Rain Boots)

Just because rain boots are worn in rainy weather doesn’t mean that the rain is going to clean those boots. Rubber boots do require special attention and care.

Caring For Blooming On Rubber Boots

Blooming is a white powder that lives on rubber boots and it’s quite common for more expensive rubber boots such as Hunters brand to bloom once in a while. Because rubber is a natural product, insoluble particles can rise to the surface of your rubber boots. The blooming powder helps keep your rubber boots in good condition and gets rid of those insoluble particles that may rise to the surface of your boot.

While you can purchase a boot buffer, or instant boot shine to get rid of the blooming powder, there are some natural ways to kick the powder with products you already own at home. Blooming ly happens in hot and humid weather, so if you notice some blooming on your rubber boots, here is what you can do.

To clean blooming powder off of your rubber boots with products you have at home, well need simple ingredients such as dish soap and lukewarm water. While some more expensive boot companies urge you to clean your rubber boots after each time you wear them, that’s not really realistic, so just do it when you notice they are dirty or once a week if you wear them daily.

Gather your supplies:

To make your cleaning solution, add water to your spray bottle and then add 1 tablespoon of dish soap to the bottle. Shake it up to mix the solution well. Spray the rubber part of the boots and let the solution sit and soak on the boot for 5 minutes. You’ll want the soap to break down the dirt so that it is easy to remove. Grab your cloth and wipe off the dirt. Always start at the top and work your way down to the bottom of the boot.

Don’t forget to clean the bottom of the boots as well. Use a scrub brush if you need to get rid of stubborn dirt.

To clean zippers on your rubber boots, use a toothbrush or your scrub brush and gently scrub the zipper from top to bottom to remove dirt and grime.

Dry the rubber boots with a clean and dry cloth, and let them finish drying needing the air. Do not place them in the sun, and do not place them in the dryer to dry. The heat can ruin the rubber and your boots will not last as long as you need them to, and cracks and deformation can occur.

An alternative method you can use when learning how to clean rubber boots is one with oil and a microfiber cloth.

To use this method, dab your microfiber cloth into some olive oil and wipe the blooming powder off in a circular motion. Make sure to use a smaller amount of olive oil so that you do not make the boots too oily. Use a dry cloth to get any remaining oil residue off the boot.

Caring For Scuffs

If you’ve got scuffs on your rubber boots, you might want to get those unsightly marks away. To get rid of scuffs simply use a clean pencil eraser to rub them away. Do this gently and then wipe away the eraser shavings with a clean cloth. Keep erasing until the scuff is gone.

if the pencil eraser method is not working, use white toothpaste on a cloth and buff the scuff out. Wipe the area clean with a dry cloth and watch the scuff disappear.

If your scuff still will not budge, it might just be that the boot has gone through some Wear and tear and the rubber is not marked but is damaged. This is not something you can clean.

Caring For The Inside Of The Rubber Boots

The inside of your rubber boots can get pretty yucky also! If your rubber boots get soaked on the inside, they will need to be air-dried in a cool and dry place for 24-48 hours. If you do not dry them properly, mold and mildew can grow inside the boot.

To help absorb moisture quicker, you can add newspaper to the inside of the boot. The newspaper can also help remove bad odors at the same time.

If you need to clean mold and mildew from the inside of the boot, spray a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar to clean the lining. Mist the solution on the lining and wipe it with a cloth. Focus on the heel and toe areas since they seem to be the biggest problem areas. Once you have cleaned the inside, allow the boots to air dry in a cool dry place for 48 hours.

w To Shine Rubber Boots

How To Shine Rubber Boots

If you want to shine your rubber boots after you clean them, you can use a boot buffer to do the job.

storing Rubber Boots

Storing Rubber Boots

When your rubber boots are not being used, store them in a cool dry area that is away from extreme cold, hot heat, and direct sunlight. Store the boots in an upright position and avoid folding them and creasing them. You can roll up magazines, or use paper towel rolls to help the boots stand upright. Taking these steps will ensure that your rubber boots stay dry and clean, and will not allow mildew and mold to grow on them. If you like to go the extra mile to keep your rubber boots clean when they are not in use, toss some cedar chips, rice, or silica packets into the boots to help absorb any possible moisture that the boots might face.

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