how to clean car cup holders

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A quick guide on how to clean car cup holders that can get sticky from all sorts of spilled drinks and more.

Keeping your car clean is a tough task but an important one. Your car is a place where you spend a lot of your commute hours in, you should keep it clean and healthy.

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When travelling from point A to B, you’re likely to take a few sharp turns and spill your drink into your cup holders. If you’re a mom like me, you’re likely to have sticky juice and hot chocolate beside your beloved coffee cup in the car, and without any sort of sharp turns you still manage to get the cup holders messy.

Whatever happened to your cup holders, if they are sticky, here are some things you can do:

For Removable Cup Holders:

Tools: Dish soap, dishwasher, water

Some cup holders can be removed, which is great news as they are the easiest kind of cup holders to clean. If you have removable plastic and rubber liners you can simply wash them in hot soapy water or run them through the dishwasher.

Make sure they are fully dry before re inserting them.

Sometimes the mess can be extra sticky and the dishwasher won’t get rid of all the grime. In that case, you can try to run them through the dishwasher again, or give them a 15 minute soak in some hot water and dish soap in the kitchen sink.

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You can use a zero-waste cleaning scrub brush to get rid of any remaining grime on your cup holders.

For Non Removable Cup Holders:

Tools: Dish soap, rag or sock, all purpose cleaner, coffee mug

Here are 2 different ways you can clean non removable cup holders.

Find an old rag or a clean old sock and place it on the bottom of a coffee tumbler. Spray the cloth or sock with an all-purpose cleaner and twist the coffee mug in the cupholder. This should loosen all the grime and sticky messes. Finish the job by vacuuming the cup holder to get the rest of the dust and loose dirt.

Another thing you can use a microfiber cloth and use warm soapy water to wipe the inside of the cup holders. Scrub and wipe as well as you can and rinse off with a rag dipped in water. You can use a q-tip or a dinner knife to get into the fine edges of the cupholder. If you still have dark stains, then use a few drops of lemon juice and wipe it down with a cloth. Rinse your cup holders well and dry off completely.

Keeping The Cup Holders Clean

When you get a brand new shiny car, or after you’ve cleaned your cup holders properly, you’ll want to keep some things in mind to keep those cup holders clean. You can try to insert silicone or paper cup cake liners into the cup holder to make clean up of crumbs and loose dirt easy peasy. Make sure to always use closed lid mugs when travelling and avoid any and all open containers in the car. Always ask for a stopped if you are purchasing a drink from a coffee vendor such as starbucks.

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Frequently Asked Questions On How To Clean Car Cup Holders

How do you get gum out of a car cup holder?

Sticky substances such as gum can be removed with goo gone. You can make your own goo gone solution or purchase on from the store.

How do you get rid of sticky soda?

A rag with soap and warm water can get rid of sticky soda in your car cup holder. If you need something tougher then you can try goo gone to remove the sticky soda.

How do you get ink out of a cup holder?

Ink can be tough to get out of anything, but here is what you can try to get ink out of a cup holder.
1. Spray the ink spot with all purpose cleaner
2. Wipe the ink with a cloth
3. If stain is still there, dip a cloth into ammonia and wipe the stain away.
4. Wipe area with water to clear away any chemicals.

Does spilled soda cause mold?

Yes, soda can cause mold growth which is why it is so important to clean up any spilled messes as soon as you possibly can.

Will Lysol kill mold?

Lysol can kill mold spores, but you will need something much stronger like Bleach if you really want to kill mold.

How to get liquid out of cup holder

If you have liquid in your cup holder, use a clean rag and soak up as much liquid as you can. Clean the cup holder with an all purpose cleaner or hot water and dish soap to get rid of any remaining liquid.

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How To Clean Melted Oreos From Car Cup Holder

It’s kind of tough to explain, but I found this amazing video to guide you on cleaning yucky Oreos that melted in the cupholder.

Steamer Used In Video:

This chore shouldn’t take too long at all, and should be done a few times a year, or whenever the cup holder gets especially dirty.

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