How To Clean An Ipad

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Tips for how to clean an Ipad at home with products that will not cause damage to the Ipad.

Your Ipad might be getting your and dirty from all the use that it gets. If you are wondering how to clean an Ipad I’ve got you covered!

My children use an iPad on a daily basis for learning games, watching instructional YouTube videos and for fun. Children, however, always seem to have sticky fingers, even if I’m constantly on them about hand hygiene.

You can always use an optical cloth that is designed for cleaning screens to sweet up bacteria and grime off your tablet, and it often does not leave any oils or residue behind. I will also go over alternative ways you can clean the Ipad if you do not have an optical cloth.

If your iPad screen is quite dirty, here is an easy way to clean it,

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How To Clean An Ipad

How To Clean An Ipad

What You’ll Need

  • Optical Cloth
  • Water

How To Clean The Ipad

  1. Turn off the tablet
  2. Lightly mist the cloth with water. Do not make it very It.
  3. Wipe the screen gently needing an “S” pattern, making sure to get the stuck on grime that is on the screen.
  4. Use dry parts of the cloth to dry off any It areas of the tablet.
  5. Be sure to wipe the whole tablet, not just the screen.

Remember to never spray any liquid directly onto your Ipad or any other electronics as this can damage the computer pieces in the Ipad. Water is really the only cleaner you should use on the Ipad as it has anti-glare and anti-static properties that can be damaged with traditional cleaners.

Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, abrasives, or cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide when cleaning the iPad.

Keeping your iPad Clean And Safe

Keeping your iPad Clean And Safe

The Ipad screen is not the only thing that can be damaged and get dirty, so a case might be a good idea if you carry it around the house or take it outside of the house at all. A case can also help you keep your Ipad from getting damaged if you drop it. A case can also provide extra grip so that you do not drop it as much.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Clean An Ipad

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Clean An Ipad

Can you use the above method to clean an Ipod?

Yes, you can! Always be sure to not make the cloth too It or this can damage the Ipod too.

Can I use filtered water instead of distilled

Yes, you can, it’s not a problem.

How would you recommend disinfecting the various covers that people use on their tablets?

You can use 70% rubbing alcohol to disinfect the covers of tablets as long as they are already clean.

What do I do if water gets inside of it?

Water can damage the parts inside the Ipad. If this happens well have to get replacement parts.

How do I clean an iPad without leaving streaks?

If you do not have a screen cloth, you can try a paper towel to leave a streak-free clean screen.

Can I use an anti-reflective lens cleaner?

If you wish to use a screen spray only use one that is made for electronic screens and not for glasses.

How do I clean an iPad cover if it is not leather?

Glass cleaner should do the trick.

Should I use hand sanitizer?

That will ruin your Ipad, please do not do this.

What can I use to clean your iPad screen, when it is really oily and your fingerprints stay on it when I use it?

A microfiber cloth will do the job.

Do's And Don't Of How To Clean An Ipad

Do’s And Don’t Of How To Clean An Ipad


  • Do keep an iPad cleaning cloth near your iPad so you can wipe it after each use
  • Turn off the iPad when cleaning
  • Clean the iPad frequently
  • Wash your iPad cleaning cloth frequently
  • Unplug your device when cleaning


  • Don’t apply the spray to cracks in the iPad which could cause damage to the Ipad and keep it from working.
  • Don’t use rubbing alcohol, ammonia-based window cleaners or any other cleaning spray or chemicals on your iPad’s screen, it will remove the special coating and reduce the responsiveness of the device.
  • Use paper towels or abrasive cloths
  • Do not use the damp cloth along the perimeter of the iPad. Only a completely dry, lint-free cloth should be used to clean the screen’s perimeter.

More Electronic Cleaning Tips

how to clean an ipad

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