Toilet brushes are a staple cleaning product in all households, but did you know you have to clean toilet brushes too?

I had no idea you had to clean the toilet brush up until I started really researching about cleaning the house, which is why I now know so much about germs and house cleaning!

Toilet brushes are super gross, they are the worst thing in the home in my opinion. Whether you have an eco friendly toilet brush or a plastic one from dollarama, you need to be cleaning it often.

Toilet brushes often sit on the floor beside your toilet, and if you have kids, they can start playing with these disgusting things when you turn your back for just one second. So give your toilet brush a clean as soon as you can.

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A Note About Store Bought Bathroom Cleaners

Many store-bought bathroom cleaners had harmful chemicals in them which are not great for the health of your family. Making your own cleaners can reduce pollution to our waterways and the air, as well as minimize the impact on ozone depletion and climate change. There is no packaging either when you make your own cleaners, so that’s a plus

The best toilet brush is the OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush because it is compact and it stays open when the brush is in use. The brush can be replaced and it is small and easy to store in a bathroom.

How To Clean A Toilet Brush

When using your toilet brush, you’ll be cleaning the toilet. Here is how you clean the toilet with your toilet brush:

  • Add toilet cleaner to the toilet bowl
  • Let it sit for a minute
  • Scrub the toilet cleaner into the toilet using your toilet brush.
  • Flush the toilet
  • Once the toilet water settles, flush it again and rinse off the toilet brush.
  • Place the toilet brush under the toilet seat with the brush side in the toilet so it can drip dry.
  • Spray the toilet brush with hydrogen peroxide, Lysol, or anther disinfectant before replacing it into the brush holder.

Gross Yellowing and Bristle Stains

Over time, your toilet brush bristles can go from white to yellow. You can restore your bristles by placing the brush in a bucket of hot water, adding some baking soda and letting the mixture sit for a few minutes to an entire night. The baking soda will whiten the bristles and remove any lingering odours your toilet brush is holding onto.

How Often To Clean The Toilet Brush

You can clean your toilet brush every time you clean the toilet. I like to really clean the toilet once a week and I like to wipe the toilet down with a Lysol wipe on a daily basis.

You should also wash out your toilet brush holder, and even spray it down with disinfectant once a week. It has a habit of collecting disgusting dirty water and can even start to smell if not taken care of regularly.

Additionally, you should soak your toilet brush in bleach or hydrogen peroxide for a few hours once every month. Make sure you are washing the entire toilet brush, and not just the head. The handle needs to be disinfected and washed regularly also.

The Best Toilet Cleaners

Here are some toilet cleaners that make the toilet cleaning job much easier:

The Best Toilet Brushes

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

BOOMJOY Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

ASOBEAGE Toilet Brush

TreeLen Toilet Brush and Holder

Frequently Asked Questions About Toilet Brushes

Is a toilet brush hygienic?

If you can keep your toilet brush clean and sanitized, then it can be fine and hygienic. If you do not clean your toilet brush on a regular basis, then you should not have a toilet brush in your home. You can use rubber gloves and a cloth to clean your toilet if you cannot keep your toilet brush sanitized.

How often should toilet brushes be replaced?

A toilet brush should be replaced every 6 months, even with proper care and cleaning.

What can I use instead of a toilet brush?

Rubber gloves and any sort of cleaning cloth or sponge will work on cleaning the toilet.

How often should you clean the toilet?

You should disinfect the toilet and the areas around the toilet on a daily basis and do a deep clean of the bathroom once a week.

Are silicone toilet brushes better?

Typically speaking, yes they are. Silicone attracts fewer germs, silicone is easier to clean, you can use stronger cleaners with silicone. Silicone isn’t better for the environment though, which is why there aren’t that many choices for silicone toilet brushes.

how to clean a toilet brush

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