This is sometimes the final section of the house to receive attention. Here’s how to maintain your porch as clean as the rest of your home.

Spring has long passed, and front porches are now covered with caked-on pollen, dirt, and a dead insect graveyard. With little time and work, you can give your porch some love this weekend and make it ready for summer gatherings. I’ve got a few techniques up my sleeve to help this process run as quickly and easily as possible.

The porch is an essential element of your home since it reveals the personality of the homeowner and how he or she runs their family. It does make an initial impression. If the porch is a complete mess, it may indicate that the owner is not organized both inside and out and may be viewed as messy.

Here are a few things you may consider doing to maintain your porch as tidy and nice as your house.

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Cleaning A Porch Floor

Porches require more than just routine upkeep. If you ignore them, trash and grime will rapidly collect and detract from their attractiveness. Make it a weekly ritual to sweep your porch using a well-made and long-lasting outdoor broom. Dust the frames of your windows and doors as well. Take off your light fixture covers and wash them once or twice a month to remove any dust or dead insects that have accumulated over time.

Clear Everything Off

Isn’t it obvious? Remove everything off the porch. Seating, plants, bird feeders, doormats, that bag of potting soil you’ve been meaning to move for the past three months… I even removed the ceiling light fixture since it was covered in fried bugs. Put everything you intend to remain in the driveway and anything you intend to throw away in the trash. The less you have to clean up twice, the less time you’ll spend outside in the summer heat. 

Walls and Ceilings

If your front porch hasn’t been cleaned in a while, spiders and other insects are likely to have made their webbed nests in the corners of the roof over the porch. So, before you begin cleaning the floor or lower-levelled surfaces, you must first clear cobwebs and dust from the ceiling (underside of the roof). Use a long-handled broom for this, and wear a scarf over your mouth and nose, as well as protective eyewear, to keep dust and debris out of your eyes.

Then, using a dust cloth, clean the walls from top to bottom. We recommend cleaning around light fixtures and other fixed or connected wall items such as a mailbox, plant pot holder, and so on during this period. Wiping down balustrades, stair rails, and surrounding walls should also be included in this stage (if any). Finish by sweeping the floor and steps thoroughly with an outside broom; push the debris down each step and collect it in a dustpan at the bottom.

Clean Window Exteriors

Although the exterior of a window is generally the only item homeowners clean while the rest of the porch is ignored, now is a good opportunity to do it again for a thorough front porch clean. To do this, use a dust cloth to thoroughly wash the window glass and a gentle scrub brush to remove dust from corners and other tight places.

After that, spray the glass cleaner on and wipe in circular movements. For a complete cleaning of your window exteriors, be sure to clean the frames and tracks as well.

Washing the Floors

After sweeping the floor, use a deck brush to clean up any dirt, dust, grime, or debris on your porch. Using hot water, use an all-purpose cleaner (like this one). When mildew is prevalent, make a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide to three parts water.

You can also use a pressure washer and some pressure washer chemicals to get the porch cleaned if it’s really grimy.

When cleaning, be careful to protect your hands and eyes. It would be more appealing to paint your porch floorboards if you had wood ones. Porch paints are often oil-based and don’t require a priming coat. These paints are specially designed to last long on wood and to endure the elements.

However, your porch will need to be repainted in the future. Sand them to roughen them up before repainting, then sweep away any debris or dirt.

Cleaning A Screened Porch

If you have a screened-in porch, you may need to clean the screens every season with warm water and an all-purpose cleaner that does not include ammonia. Scrub the frame and mesh with a utility brush, but proceed slowly and gently. Using a yard hose, clean the screens and allow them to air dry. When deep cleaning, use a hand-held vacuum or a soft brush to remove debris and dust.


Painted wood porch floors and stairs look better and stay longer. Paints designed particularly for porches and floors are latex or oil-based, self-priming, and long-lasting. Painting a porch floor is similar to painting any other surface in that you must first clean and sand it. However, because porch flooring is often constructed of inexpensive wood, it is usually not worth investing too much time in thorough preparation; priming, for example, is not required. Sand the current paint to roughen it up. Sweep away any dirt, thoroughly clean the floor and steps with water and an all-purpose cleaner, rinse, and allow surfaces to dry completely before applying.

Make A Statement With A Sparkling Porch

Your porch is a reflection of you, and what better way to show it off to your friends and acquaintances than to keep it looking nice? If you just do not have time to clean the porch, it is advisable to contact professional cleaners, who are well-trained and talented in cleaning porches. Not only that, but they can complete the task more faster and with greater precision. While there is a cost involved, it does not appear to be prohibitively expensive since by the time you acquire suitable cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals, you will have already spent a significant amount of money and will still have to find the time to do the task.

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