Amazing Natural Goo Gone Instructions You Need To Follow (Frugal and Non-Toxic)

A Cheap DIY for a sticky situation, homemade goo gone instructions – made with natural ingredients you probably already have at home.

If you’ve ever scrubbed and scrubbed to get a sticker off of glass, wood, or plastic then you know the frustration of needing a solution to make this sticky situation easier to deal with.

Making your own goo gone at home is not as hard as it may sound. Whether you prefer to skip the shops or want a natural solution (goo gone contains gasoline) to your sticky problems, this is a great alternative for you.

I personally try to keep toxic stuff out of my kitchen cabinets because i don’t want it near my kids and pets.

Which is where this natural and easy to make alternative comes into play.

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If you’re becoming more conscious about the products you use to clean your home? There are so many advantages of using natural cleaners including saving money and creating a healthier, non-toxic home. Natural cleaners are effective and do a proper job in cleaning just as some of the more toxic chemical cleaners do. Isn’t it amazing to know that you can make salad dressings and clean your home with some of the same ingredients? I think that’s awesome.

Many store-bought cleaners are made with water, chemicals and fragrance. Some fragrances can irritate allergies, and create skin sensitivities. They can even be poisonous to pets and small children. Some of these store-bought cleaners have instructions to be in a ventilated room when using or to wear a mask. To me, this is very concerning. Organic and natural cleaners are an option if you do not want to aggravate your allergies and you can rest easy knowing exactly what’s in your cleaning agent.

This homemade adhesive remover isn’t really goo gone because it’s not using the same ingredients as the brand name goo gone but it does cut through sticky messes that are usually difficult to clean up.

With just a few natural ingredients you already have in your home, this homemade adhesive remover is just what you need for your sticky home messes.


You only need 3 ingredients for this homemade cleaning solution and you probably have them all at home already.

How To Make Homemade Goo Gone (Instructions)

You can make however much adhesive removed that you need for your home. I like to make enough for the sticky mess that I’m working on and then have enough left over to store in my cleaning cubby. I usually use 1/3 cup baking soda. 1/3 cup coconut oil and 1rop of lemon oil.

You’re going to want to mix equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil in a bowl and stir well.

Add a few drop of lemon essential oil and stir again.

And that is it! All done.

How To Use Your Homemade Goo Gone Instructions

if you’re working on a sticky mess such as a label that is stuck to a bottle, smear the mixture on the surface which you are trying to clean.

Don’t be afraid to use a lot if you need it.

Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes and then use a scrubby to remove the residue.

Rinse it off and bingo bango and you’re done.

Where Else Can I Use This Homemade Adhesive Remover?

  • Wallpaper residue
  • Tree Sap
  • Dirty hands
  • Crayons on the wall
  • Lipstick Smudge
  • Scissor blades
  • Mascara smears
  • Bird poop
  • Wax Drips
  • Sticker adhesive
  • Tape residue
  • Sticky messes on floors, walls and other household surfaces
  • Remove gunk from your pet’s fur
  • Car messes

Things To Remember about these goo gone instructions

You don’t have to use expensive coconut oil for your cleaning solutions if you don’t want to use your extra virgin high-quality oils in your pantry.

Be sure to test a hidden spot if you are worried about this mixture damaging or staining items in your home.

How To Use Homemade Goo Gone On Car

You can use homemade adhesive remover right on your exterior paint of your car.

If you’ve got a decal, oil, grease or chewing gum that just won’t come off, homemade goo gone to the rescue.

Just add the mixture onto your sticky mess and wipe away with a cloth. For a stubborn sticky mess, leave it for a few minutes before wiping.

You may want to wipe the area with soap and water before you call it a day on your stain just to be sure all the residue left by the homemade goo gone is wiped away.

What To Do If Goo Gone Left A Stain

If your goo gone has left a stain on any fabirc materials, apply baby powder or cornstarch to it right away and let it sit for a few minutes.

You can also dab the area with rubbing alcohol or soak the stain in laundry soap for 30 minutes before putting it into the washing machine.

Using Goo Gone On Windshield

You can remove stickers and other pesky sticky messes from your windshield by applying your goo gone right on top of your stickers and simply remove them without issue.

Be sure to wipe off any excess solution with soapy water before you take your ride back out for a spin.

What Ingredients Are In Store Bought Goo Gone

According to EWG these are the ingredients in store bought goo gone.

  • Kerosene
  • PPG-3 Methyl Ether
  • Citrus Species Leaf Extract
  • Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Fruit Water

Some of these ingredients show concern for cancer, skin irritation, and damage to vision. Make your own decision when using store-bought vs. homemade adhesive remover.

Where to avoid using goo gone

To avoid damaging your hard earned household products, avoid using goo gone on these materials.

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