3 Alternative Cloths To Replace Paper Towel

Washing windows has never been one of my favorite tasks, and honestly, it has always been one of those things that gets left behind. Usually, the thought of using a paper towel to clean all the windows made me think of all the waste I would create, but I have since found a better solution!

I’ve been able to find 3 NEW ways to clean windows and mirrors, without the use of paper towels. Yay!

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Why It Is important To Wash Windows

Your windows are a very important part of your home, and not just because it looks nicer!

Improved Air Quality

Your air quality can become diminished when your windows have a build-up of dust and dirt particles. One of those particles can be mold, which can be a severe threat to health over time. Mold can affect the well-being of your family and long-term exposure can cause respiratory issues too. If your home is seeming stagnant, a window cleaning can help clear the air.

Improve Heating Efficiency

If you live in an area that gets pretty cold (Like me! I’m in CANADA, brrrr), you may not know that your windows help keep the heat in your house. Dirt, grime and particle buildup can block out parts of a window and can even be absorbed into the window pores. This causes the UV rays to affect the window and doesn’t allow the sun to naturally let heat into the home.

The View!

Of course, I had to throw this in, dirty windows = worse view for you.

Having dirty windows can block out the light and colour from outside, which can be a little bit drab and depressing. You can have a nice view or not, but having a transparent window is much more enjoyable than looking into a grimy window.

Prevents Degrading Of Glass

Did you know that glass can degrade over time?

Dirt and grime, especially moist grime, can really damage your windows over time. The dirt particles can enter the pores of the glass and contaminate and corrode the windows. You may notice some scratches or cracks at first, but when the window stays unmaintained, the entire structure of the window can fail and could lead to a required replacement. Cleaning your windows can prevent this, so you can enjoy your windows for a long time.

How Often To Wash Inside And Outside Windows

It is very common for most homeowners to wash their outside windows once a year, typically in the spring when the weather starts to get nice and the windows are open more often. No one likes looking through dirty windows.

Once a year is ok, however, CNN( photo 8) recommends a twice-yearly cleaning to keep your windows fresh and clean year-round. window screens, however, can be washed just once a year.

For my home, my husband typically just hoses down the outside of the house, windows and all and then I’ll grab a giant squeegee like this to clear up the water from the windows. #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

As far as inside windows go, washing them monthly is recommended. Any longer than that, all of those damaging dirt and dust particles can start damaging your window, health and energy bills.

3 ways to Clean Inside Windows without Using Paper Towel

#1: Using 2 Cloths

After the winter season, our windows get super streaky and just plain yucky looking. I usually tend to shut them and not look at them again until springtime. So when spring comes around, I like to do a nice deep clean of the windows and let all that sunshine in!

The best way to give the window a really good clean is by filling up a bucket with water and adding a few drops of dish soap. Then you can use a cloth – any cloth works, but the microfiber cloths work best – and dip one into the bucket until it is soaked. Proceed to wipe the window with the wet cloth, making sure to cover all the window surface area.

Use the second cloth to dry the window. Make sure to dry well to ensure no streaks are left behind. You can use a squeegee like this one which is only $3, and wipe the window with it before you use the dry cloth to wipe up the excess water.

#2: One Magic Cloth

If you really love to save the planet and stop using those dreaded paper towels, try a “just add water” Microfiber Magic cloth!

These cloths are amazing, and huge time savers. All you need to clean the window is the cloth and some water. Super eco-friendly.

When I first tried these, I was skeptical that the cloth would leave some sort of lint and residue on the window, but I was very wrong. The very best thing is, I can clean almost all of my windows with one cloth – depending on how dirty they are to start off with. Basically this means I’m washing all the windows and mirrors in my home for super cheap. Score.

#3: The Zap Cloth

I found this on Amazon and thought I would give it a try based on all the rave reviews it had. The zap cloth is a revolutionary cloth made from microfiber that provides a streak-free clean on all mirrors and windows.

Just like the Microfiber Magic Cloth, all you need is to add water and clean. It does wonders for my glass top stove and my bathroom mirror too. The versatility is awesome and I love that I can just wash it, and reuse it as much as I need to.

I use ALL of these methods to clean my home because I love to keep a clean and tidy home. Some days I’m in the mood to use a bucket to wash down the windows because that gives me an excuse to touch up the walls as I go through my home. Other days ill use the Microfiber Magic cloth because it’s easier than the bucket, or if I’m feeling like cleaning each and every glass surface in my home I’ll whip out the Zap cloth.

I honestly love these products so much, but the thing that I love the most is that they are easy to use and are environmentally friendly too. No need for chemicals and paper towels to keep your windows clean because you can use plain soapy water and some cloths, Magic Microfiber cloths and the Zap cloth too. All of these are GREAT solutions for dirty mirrors and windows in your home.

I hope these tips will help you love to clean your windows as much as I do!

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