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If you are looking for a deep cleaning checklist with lots of details to guide you through the process of cleaning your home really well, you’ve come to the right place. There is a pdf download at the end of the checklist so be sure to snag it up and print it out so you can have a reference point when deep cleaning your home.

I do have many cleaning articles that go into specific deep cleaning strategies, so you can follow the links I’ve listed for those in the sections as I go through the deep cleaning house checklist.

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Why You Should Deep Clean Your Home

You need to deep clean your home on a regular basis to get rid of dust, dirt and bacteria which could cause health issues. In order to keep a healthy and happy home, it is really important to clean items in your home daily, weekly, monthly and yearly!

I have a daily cleaning routine which I follow in order to keep things tidy and generally clean as well. With a busy home with my family of 5, sometimes I get behind on my cleaning. The nice thing about cleaning is that you can clean anytime you want to if you fall behind.

Deep cleaning your home helps you create a pleasant and healthy environment for your family, so you should do it, even if you don’t have much energy. It’s important.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Home

You don’t need to deep clean your home everyday. In fact, there are some light duties you should be doing daily, but none of them are hard and none of them involve a lot of scrubbing and tiring work.

It’s also much easier to deep clean your home weekly, monthly and yearly if you can keep up your daily cleaning.

It’s also ok to skip a day off your daily cleaning list. You’re not a robot after all. Your life is busy. I totally get it.

Things you should deep clean every week

Things you should deep clean every month

  • Wash curtains and dust blinds
  • Clean out dishwasher and washing machines
  • Dust all the light fixtures
  • Vacuum woodwork and vents

Things you should deep clean every year

  • Deep clean carpets
  • Deep clean window sills
  • Clear out gutters
  • Power wash the outside of the house
  • Clear out the fireplace

Deep Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Clean Your Home Room By Room

It’s just not possible to tackle dirty a dirty home all at once. If you try to clean the whole house at the same time, you’re going to get exhausted. Focus on cleaning one room at a time.

Have Your Cleaning Supplies Ready

In order to efficiently deep clean your home, you’ll want your cleaning supplies ready to go at all times. Have a cleaning caddy and lots of microfiber cloths ready to go as you clean.

Set The Tone

Put on some clothes which you are comfortable cleaning in and turn up the tunes. Getting pumped up and energized will help you clean more effectively and efficiently.

Cleaning Products You’ll Need

You can make your own cleaning products or purchase some.

If you are into Zero Waste – here is a good article on zero waste cleaning products.

If you are into eco-friendly cleaners – here is a good article on eco-friendly floor cleaners.

If you are into DIY cleaners – here is an article on DIY cleaners to clean your whole home.

Here is some helpful information on what you can clean with vinegar.

Here is some helpful information on what you should not clean with vinegar.

Here are my favorite house cleaning products that I have in my cleaning caddy:

Deep Cleaning House Checklist

I like to start at the back of the house, or the top floor. It’s best to do the worst jobs first, so for me, that’s the bathroom!

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • Clear countertops and wash counters well
  • Wipe mirrors
  • Clean sink and faucet well – making sure to dry them completely
  • Check toiletries for expirations and chuck anything you don’t use and that is expired
  • Clean the bathtub and shower floor
  • Wash any rugs on the toilet, on the floor etc.)
  • Clean the grout
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Wash out the toothbrush holder
  • Wash and sanitize toilet well
  • Clean the door
  • Sanitize the handles

After you finish the bathrooms, it’s time to hit the bedrooms…and not for a snooze!

Bedroom Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • Clear out all rubbish under the bed
  • Throw dirty clothes into the hamper
  • Change bedding and rotate/flip the mattress
  • Hang and fold any clothing
  • Dust everything- end tables, dressers, tv, tablet, chargers, lamps, etc.
  • Wash the curtains
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Clean the door
  • Sanitize the handles

Hallways Deep Cleaning Checklist

If you’re thinking I’m a little crazy about the hallways needing a deep clean… maybe you’re right. But.

The hallways get dusty and dirty too!

  • Wipe the baseboards
  • Dust any furniture and photos
  • Wash marks off walls (if you have kids, you’ll probably have marks)
  • Sanitize any light switches

Office Deep Cleaning Checklist

If you have an office, basically clean as you would clean a bedroom except for clothing and bedding.

  • Tidy up space and organize paperwork
  • Dust the trays, computer, keyboard and all other items on the desk
  • Dust the desk itself
  • Wipe the desk down with a disinfectant wipe
  • Dust the office chair – don’t forget the chair legs
  • Sanitize drawer handles
  • Clean the baseboards
  • Sweep and mop
  • Wash the door
  • Sanitize the handles

Living Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning the living room is probably the easiest, since it’s your main living space and you like to have it pretty tidy most of the time. Maybe that’s just me? Well Here is my checklist for cleaning the living room.

  • Dust everything
  • Wipe down coffee table and end tables
  • sanitize remote control
  • Wash throw blankets and pillows
  • Vacuum rugs and carpets
  • Vacuum the couch
  • Steam clean rugs and carpets

Laundry Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

My laundry room is in the basement which is not really livable space, so my washer and dryer get really dirty and gross.

  • Wipe down the washer and dryer on the outside
  • Clean the inside of the washer
  • Clean the inside of the dryer
  • Vacuum the vent in the dryer
  • Vacuum around the dryer
  • Change the garbage bin with lint

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist

I clean my kitchen everyday and it still needs a deep clean on a regular basis. Things just get greasy and dirty in no time at all. Here is my kitchen cleaning checklist.

  • Clean out fridge
  • Deep clean the oven
  • Wash walls (backsplash, behind the garbage bin etc)
  • Wipe out the utensil holder
  • Wash cupboards down
  • Clean the range hood and oven filter
  • Deep clean the sink
  • Clean the microwave
  • Descale coffee maker
  • Clean pantry and organize – wipe down pantry shelving
  • Clean the baseboards
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Wash pantry door and handle

Dining Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

I have a separate room for the dining table in my home, I understand some may be in the kitchen.

  • Dust furniture
  • Wash the table top
  • Wipe down table legs
  • Wash chairs properly and thoroughly (tops, legs, seat etc)
  • Deep clean the high chair

Outdoor Deep Cleaning Checklist

Now in the spring time, I like to clean the outside of the house. It’s just too cold and snowy to clean it during the winter… -30C here…brr!!

  • Clean the gutters
  • Wipe down outdoor furniture
  • Wash the doors
  • Sanitize handles
  • Organize and sweep the garage
  • Pressure wash the outside of the house

Around The House

Other parts of the house that may not be in specific rooms that you should deep clean.

  • Ceiling fans
  • Windows and sills
  • Replace air filters
  • Replace furnace filters
  • Dust door frames
  • Clean out garbage bins
  • Defrost deep freezer
  • Sweep and mop
  • Clean baseboards
  • Wash doors and sanitize handles

Deep Cleaning House Checklist Printable

Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Cleaning Your Home

  • what is the difference between decluttering and deep cleaning?
  • what if my house is really dirty
  • I’m overwhelmed by my dirty house
  • How to set the tone for cleaning the house

Places Most People Forget To Deep Clean

Wrapping Up: Deep Cleaning House Checklist

It is very important to give your house a deep clean to keep your home and family healthy. Don’t forget to clean the items I listed which are the most often forgotten such as keys, toilet brushes and front doors. Yuck!

To make cleaning easier you should have a clutter-free home as well. It’s very difficult to cut down on clutter, but keep in mind that the more stuff you have, the more work it is to clean. Here are 60 Cleaning And Organisation Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale (By Cleaning Experts).

Hopefully, I was able to give you lots of tools, ideas and inspiration to help you get jiggy with it and deep clean your home.

Deep cleaning house checklist

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