Ways You Can Cut Your Cleaning Time Down

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Tips to help you stop wasting time cleaning and cut your cleaning time so you can get on with life and other things.

Whether you love speed cleaning, or you simply don’t have a lot of time to keep up with all the messes that living in a house brings on, you can probably benefit from these tips to cut your cleaning time down.

I’m a firm believer that life hacks and tricks can really work when it comes to cleaning, and because it is so important for everyone to live their best life, and not spend the day in and day out cleaning, I want to shave your tips with you on how to cut cleaning time in half.

The good news is, you don’t have to change the way you live, just make a few tasks here and there and create good habits that will help you keep a cleaner home in half the time.

If you’re one to leave all of your cleaning for the weekend then you need these tips to cut your cleaning time down asap.

While you’re at it, check out your laundry routine so you can get a hold of your laundry tower too.

If you are interested in creating a daily cleaning routine as a busy mom, check out this post “The Busy Mom Cleaning Routine”.

In addition to those routines, you can check out your very efficient evening cleaning routine that doesn’t take a lot of time at all.

So let’s get to it, find out how you can cut your cleaning time down significantly.

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Ways You Can Cut Your Cleaning Time Down

How To Cut Your Cleaning Time In The Kitchen


Put your dishes into the dishwasher or wash them up and put them into the drying rack right away so you have less to clean up later. If you like, you can run your dishwasher in the evening, and empty it out for the morning so that it is empty and ready to accept any dirty dishes throughout the day. If you don’t have a dishwasher you can simply try your best to keep your kitchen sink clean by washing the dishes as they come in.

Clean As You Cook

When you’re cooking dinner, it’s a good idea to wash your pots and pans and other cooking tools as soon as you have used them. There is always a moment when the water is boiling, or the sauce is simmering when you can take a few minutes and wash the dishes. This makes the after-dinner cleanup a breeze.

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SIep Floors Daily

Keep your kitchen floors clean by giving them a 2-minute step every single day, This will help the floor stay clean, even if you have kids and pets. If you notice your child spilled cereal all over the floor, step it up right away so it doesn’t get spread around the house. You can also use the vacuum for this job.

Keep Cloths At The Ready

The kitchen is a space in the house that gets messy quickly, and it’s a good idea to have cleaning cloths that are easy to reach and ready to grab for any sort of spill or mess. You should also keep a small bin in the kitchen for any cloths that need to be laundered.

Use Hacks and Cut Corners

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, there are so many cleaning hacks that make the job easier. For example; how to clean with lemons, how to clean with vinegar, how to scrub the kitchen sink daily, and which microfiber cloths are best for cleaning the kitchen are all tips and tricks that can help you cut your cleaning time.


Keep your countertops clutter-free. Organize your bread in a basket or a breadbox, and place other appliances into cabinets to keep things clutter-free.

How To Cut Your Cleaning Time In The  Living Room

How To Cut Your Cleaning Time In The Living Room

You can cut your cleaning time in the living room as well with these tips and tricks.


When you bring the mail home, place the junk mail into the recycling bin and sort out the mail you need immediately. You’ll never have junk mail laying around your coffee table again.


If you enjoy a cup of coffee at the coffee table or had lunch in front of the TV, simply clear your dishes and give the area a quick wipe so you don’t have to worry about it later. The same thing goes for couch blankets and pillows. Straighten up the pillow when you’re done on the couch and place your blankets back into their designated spot.

Rug and Carpet

If you have one, use a dust buster like this one to clean up any crumbs and mess that you notice right away. Any crumbs that stay on the carpet for a while tend to have a harder time getting sucked up by the vacuum cleaner later.

Random Clothes

If you have kids and other people in your home, you might see random clothes in the living room, like socks, so many socks… Have a small laundry bin in the living room so you can keep all the random clothes in one space and then they are easy to gather into your laundry routine.

cut down cleaning Time In The Bedrooms

How To Cut Your Cleaning Time In The Bedrooms

To keep your bedrooms tidy, even if you have kids here are some things you can do to cut your cleaning time.


Make the beds every morning to make the room look fresh and clean.

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Let light into the room and open up the windows in the morning, this will give you a feeling of freshness, even if the room is slightly messy.


Keep all of your laundry in the laundry basket and keep your clean clothes in your drawers or closet, instead of the chair that has all those possibly clean but not dirty enough clothes that you have in the room.


If you have any dishes in your room, remove them right away when you are finished with them. If you like to snack at night time, no judgement, simply grab your dishes in the morning when you’re on your way to make a cup of coffee and get off to work.


For your kids rooms, ask your children to clean up their toys or help them tidy up daily.

How To Cut Your Cleaning Time In The  Bathrooms

How To Cut Your Cleaning Time In The Bathrooms

Here are some tricks to help cut your cleaning time in the bathroom.


wipe up your counters every morning when you have finished your morning getting ready routine, or at night time when you are getting ready for bed. It won’t get to be an overwhelming task if it is generally kept tidy.


If you have multiple kids, you might want to consider wiping up the toilet daily. Down the sides, under the lid and on the handle. You can use hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or good old Lysol.


Use a daily shower spray to keep your shower fresh.

How To Cut Your Cleaning Time  General Tips

How To Cut Your Cleaning Time General Tips

Clean As You Go

To keep your home clean and cut your cleaning time in half, simply clean as you go.

Laundry Daily

If you have a big family, do your laundry every single day to cut your cleaning time in the laundry department big time.

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For more laundry tips visit the laundry category!

Clean Top To Bottom

When cleaning and dirting, clean from the top to the bottom so that the dirt and dirt you clean up will fall to the floor which will be the last pace you clean.

Use Fewer Cleaners

You don’t need a lot of fancy cleaners to keep your house clean. Make your own, or pick up from the shop an all-purpose cleaner and some high-quality cloths and you can keep most of your house clean with just that.

Cut Your Cleaning Time Down

Cut Your Cleaning Time Down

You are not armed with many tips on how to cut your cleaning time down and now it is time to take action. If you are looking around your home and notice things that I talked about which will only take a few seconds to clean, then just get up and get it done, you’ll feel better after!

My goal here at The Cleaning Moyourour is to provide motivation to other busy parents and busy people in general so everyone can get their homes in order and live their best life. A clean home can help swing someone out of depression and help children learn the value of doing hard work through chores.


Cut your cleaning time

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