Cleaning Hacks For Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are sheepskin boots made in Australia. They’re soft and comfy, and they’re quite popular. However, like anything I put on your feet, they may get stinky, filthy, and soiled. I’ll show you how to clean Ugg boots, but first, check sure they’re genuine.

Our advice is intended for sheepskin boots, not synthetic knock-offs. Check to see whether the inside can be removed from the outside of the boots to determine if you have a fake pair of Ugg boots. If that’s the case, the uggs are, sadly, a forgery. The inner and outside of genuine ugg boots are linked.

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Why do your Uggs stink so much?

Ugg boots are made to keep your feet toasty. They do so needing sheepskin. It’s no surprise that your feet would sweat in these heated sneakers. When perspiration and water from the elements combine in dark, damp shoes, it creates an excellent habitat for germs and fungi to grow.

Cleaning Hacks For Ugg Boots

You don’t have to send your Ugg boots to a professional shoe cleaning simply because they’re stinky or have some persistent stains. You can clean your Ugg boots at home without a problem.

How to Clean the Outside of Your Ugg Boots

Using the shoe brush, brush the whole exterior of the shoe. Begin from the top of the shoe and work your way to the front. This softens and loosens dirt on the shoe, preparing it for cleaning.

It is the whole outside of the shoe with a towel or sponge dipped in cool, clean water.

Then, dilute the suede cleaner according to package directions.

Dip a cloth or sponge into the solution and rub it all over the outside of the shoes.

Rinse the cleaning solution from the boots with a clean towel dampened in clean water.

The boots should be clean now! However, they need to dry. Stuff the shoes with newspaper to preserve their form as they dry.

Allow for a 24-hour drying period. Keep them away from heat sources and the sun. Heat might cause your Ugg boots to distort.

When the boots are completely dry, lightly brush them with your shoe brush to smooth up the material.

Don’t anticipate flawless results, especially if the boots have been used a lot. Preventative maintenance is the greatest way to maintain your Uggs in top shape. I’ll get to that as quickly as possible.

How to Clean the Inside of Your Ugg Boots

Make a cleaning solution with your disinfectant of choice and water.

Wipe the inside of the boots with a towel dipped in the solution.

If you have fungi in your boots, use an antifungal spray on a cloth. Gently rub it within the boot’s inside.

Allow for a 24-hour drying period.

If the stink persists, add 12 cups of baking soda into each boot and let it overnight.

Empty the baking soda and suck up any leftovers.

How To Remove Water Stains From Uggs

Rain and snow may quickly stain your Ugg boots, making them appear filthy. If you have a water stain on one section of your boot, you’ll have to clean the entire shoe. But don’t worry, it’s pretty simple!

Soak a clean, cold towel in water.

Saturated the whole boot, making sure it’s uniformly It but not soaked.

Stuff newspaper inside the boot to protect it from wilting while it dries. If you don’t have any newspapers, a clean light-colored cloth would suffice.

Allow for 24 hours of air drying away from a heat source and out of direct sunshine.

How to Protect Your Ugg Boots

Protecting your Ugg boots is the best method to maintain them in pristine condition. When purchasing pricey items, preventative care is essential, so you’ll surely receive your money’s worth. Here are some of your best advice:

Invest: Purchase an Ugg care kit. It comes with a protective spray to keep your shoes safe from the elements including rain, sleet, and snow.

Repel: You may also buy a water and stain repellent spray to protect your shoes from stains caused by water, salt, and dirt. Every couple of likes, spray this on your shoes. It’s better to do it at night so it can dry completely.

Don’t soak: Never allow your Ugg boots to become totally saturated. Wear a different pair of shoes if there is a chance of severe rain.

Don’t heat: Avoid exposing your Ugg boots to direct heat sources such as radiators or being too close to a campfire. In fact, leaving them in the sun can be hazardous as well, causing them to distort.

Store properly: Before storing your Ugg boots for the summer, give them a thorough cleaning. However, before storing them, ensure sure they are completely dry. To keep their form, put a clean white towel into each shoe and lay them on their side in a shoebox.

Make an informed decision: Choose when you’ll wear your Ugg boots sensibly. Although they are warm and ideal for chilly winter days, they are not suitable for long treks or snowshoeing.

Always Wear socks: SIaty feet are typical when laying Uggs; they’re really warm shoes. That is why it is critical to Wear socks. Socks keep the fur lining of the boots from becoming too It and stinky.

Refresh: After each Wear, clean your shoes. You may use the Ugg cleaning kit for this, or you can sprinkle baking soda inside the lining every few Wears. This will help to keep smells at bay.

Employ a cleaning service: If you’re still having trouble keeping your Uggs clean, consider hiring a cleaning service to refresh the shoes. However, be certain that they have prior expertise cleaning sheepskin shoes.

FAQs on Cleaning Uggs

Cleaning Hacks For Ugg Boots Bottom Line

That is something no one wants, so learn how to clean Ugg boots. Ugg boots are a premium item that should be handled with care. Always treat stains as soon as possible to prevent them from setting.

But with your advice, you’ll be able to remove dirt, salt, water, oil, and grime stains with ease!

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