How To Clean Your Keyboard

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The most efficient way to clean your keyboard without damaging the keys.

Did you know that your computer keyboard gets pretty darn your, pretty darn fast? All of the germs and oils from your fingers get transferred to the keyboard each time you type. If you use your computer on a daily basis, you may want to consider cleaning your keyboard once a weekat the very least.

Because keyboards are in contact with your fingers, your fingers often make it back into your mouth in some way, which is reason enough for me to disinfect the keyboard every few days. If you are curious about how to clean your keyboard without damaging your keys and following up with disinfectant, let me show you the way.

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How To Clean Your Keyboard

How To Clean Your Keyboard

Materials Needed

How To Clean The Keyboard

Here is how to clean your keyboard without damaging it.

  • Turn off and unplug your keyboard.
  • Hold it upright and shake out any loose debris. Use an old cleaning toothbrush to get any debris that may be stuck between the keys.
  • Use compressed air to blow away and stuck dirt and dirt needing quick bursts. Do not shake the can and always hold it upright. It might get very cold while you use it. If this happens, take a break.
  • Dab your microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol. You can dilute the rubbing alcohol with water or use it as is. The rubbing alcohol will help rub off any oil on the keys.
  • Buff the keys with a dry part of the microfiber cloth, or a new cloth altogether.
  • If you need to clean some more, use a Q-Tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining debris between the keys.
  • Make sure the keyboard is dry before plugging it back in and turning it on.
Things To Keep In Mind When Learning To Clean Your Keyboard

Things To Keep In Mind When Learning To Clean Your Keyboard

This is a basic way to clean your keyboard. Once a year, if you need to you might want to pop the keys off the keyboard so that you can clean all of the buttons individually and the base of the keyboard as well. Do not pop the keys off the keyboard if they do not easily come off.

Some computers Are not designed to have the keys pop out at all. Do this with discretion. This does take some time, but it can be a very important task to keep your keyboard in proper operational order. Remember to avoid spraying your keyboard with any sort of cleaning solution. If you need to clean your keys with the solution, spray a cloth and then clean the surface that is dirty.

What If The Keyboard Is Attached To My Laptop?

What If The Keyboard Is Attached To My Laptop?

If your keyboard is attached to your laptop you might have to use a small vacuum like this or some cleaning slime like this to get a proper clean. You should still disinfect your keyboard with rubbing alcohol. If you do not have rubbing alcohol on hand, you can use screen wipes to clean, but they will not disinfect.

Do not put your keyboard into the dishwasher. This has been done, sometimes successfully but sometimes it simply kills the keyboard. Some people have power-washed their keyboards after removing the battery. This also has been known to kill a keyboard, however, some do survive the process. I would not recommend this, but you can try it if you like.

Steel wool, cleaning sponges, and hard lime and calcium cleaners will scratch your keys and possibly remove the lettering on them.

Remember to always turn off your computer and the keyboard before cleaning.

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How to clean your keyboard

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