This is a highly overlooked item in your home that probably doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should. I didn’t really give my range hood filter much thought before I started cleaning my home on a regular basis. Most of you will probably never look under your range hood unless the light bulb goes …

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Cleaning Mistakes

Don’t you hate it when you’re cleaning and stains are stubborn, food is stuck on, and your furniture gets ruined because you didn’t clean something the right way, or right away? I know I do, and since becoming an adult, having children and buying nice furniture, the struggles of keeping nice things nice, is super …

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Tips for cleaning house while sick so you can get back to normal faster. It is very common for families to fall ill, all at once, especially if kids are in school or daycare daily. That’s why you should have a great routine of things to clean after being sick. Having all of those germs …

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