Review Of Bissell Crosswave

Ready to have your cleaning dreams come true? The Bissell Crosswave turned my floor cleaning routine upside down, and in the best way. I am in LOVE with this vacuum mop. Call me crazy, but I love a clean home and this vacuum mop is very exciting.

I have owned the Bissell Crosswave for over 6 months now. Initially my husband wanted to get it for me for a Christmas gift and I refused to have him spend a ton of money on a product that cleans floors…which is something I have other mops to help me out with.

After being pregnant for a few months with baby #3, the floor cleaning chore was daunting and I started to complain of a sore back, no energy and very dirty floors.

So my husband took it upon himself to get me this miracle mop. I’m not kidding, it’s a game changer in the floor cleaning department.

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Why I Love The Bissell Crosswave Vacuum Mop

Let me first tell you that having multiple kids, a cat and 2 dogs…my floors are disgusting, pretty much all the time. I mean, I’m a busy mom, but I find time to clean my floors everyday because I cannot stand walking with my bare feet on a dirty floor.

We do not have any carpet in our home, so was is a lot of sweeping and mopping going on around here on a daily basis.

The beauty of the vacuum mop is that you don’t have to pre-sweep the floors before you use it.

The machine itself does the vacuuming and the mopping at the same time.

Mind blown?

Mine was.

The only thing I need to worry about before starting up the machine is to move the furniture around and pick up toys off the floor.

This makes my life as a busy mom so much easier.

The hardest part about owning the Bissell Crosswave is the cleanup process, but honestly, I love the machine so much that I don’t mind cleaning it at all.

How Is A Crosswave Better Than A Regular Vacuum?

Regular vacuum cleaners suck up dirt from all kinds of surfaces, and that is their main role.

The Crosswave Vacuum mop is a vacuum cleaner as well as a mop. It leaves floors clean from loose dirt and shiny too from the washing process.

The difference between the Crosswave and a regular vacuum would have to be the suction of the Crosswave is not as strong as some of the leading vacuum cleaners. There is not a extension wand which you can use on smaller surfaces, corners and couches that most vacuum cleaners offer.

The chamber on the Crosswave isn’t as large as most vacuum dirt bags, so it does need to be cleaned out more frequently. However I do love the fact that I don’t need to purchase bags, I can just wash the chamber out.

Otherwise, the Crosswave can be used on rugs, carpet and hard floors, just as most regular vacuum cleaners, but you can choose the setting right on the handle bar to make sure the unit cleans it’s best on the type of surface you are using it on.

Why Do You Need A Vacuum And A Mop In One Machine Like The Crosswave?

You certainly don’t need one of these machines.

There are some people who prefer to get on their hands and knees to clean their floors, and others have various mops to help get the job done.

A lot of homes have more carpet than mine does and the hard flooring space is minimal, which is when a person may think this machine is not needed.

Some people love to wash floors, and have time to do so, in which case a machine like this can be a waste of money.

For the busy people, like moms, where time is limited and cleaning is tough to get done on a regular basis, then this vacuum mop is a big deal. It’s a time saver, back saver, and it really does a great job at making the floors shiny and clean.

Combining two activities that are time consuming into one activity that is fairly easy on the back is really just an overall great idea.

Features Of The Crosswave


The Bissell Crosswave has a brush that you will see in most steam cleaning machines that is made out of microfiber and nylon. This brush can spin at 3500 revolutions per minute and can clean smooth and sensitive surfaces thoroughly.

Even small specs of losoe dirt and dust are picked up. The only traces of dirt that may be left behind is in far corners, which the Bissell simply cannot get to, as with most vacuum cleaners.

The Crosswave has two sprayers on either side of the brush which spray solution onto the floors when you press the button on the handle while you clean.

Clean And Dirty Solution Chambers

The Crosswave has a dual tank system which keeps the clean solution separate from the dirt that you pick up from the floor. The dirty solution does not recirculate through the machine, so there is no worry about spraying dirty water onto your clean floor.

Controls On The Handle

There is a very simple button system that lives on the handle of the Crosswave. There are two buttons on the top of the handle that allows you to switch between rugs and hard floors easily while you go through your home. The spray release button is located inside the handle which you can trigger easily as you clean.

Available Add-Ons

The Crosswave does come with things you can purchase for it as well such as the cleaning solution which works best when cleaning sealed hard surfaces, an area rug kit which includes a brush specifically designed for rugs, a wood floor kit which comes with special wood floor formula and a pet formula which is designed to help eliminate pet odors.

There is also a multi-surface kit which includes a special brush and multi-surface formula.

What Was The Crosswave Missing?

While this machine is pretty darn amazing for what it can do, there could be some minor improvements in it’s design.


While I personally do not have a streaking issue with my Bissell Crosswave, some people have reviewed that it can leave streaks on their floors as they clean.

Most users that have reported streaking were often using a cleaning solution other than the Bissell Formula, which is likely the culprit of the streaking.

I often use the Bissell Formula that is created for this machine, or I add some all purpose Method cleaner to the chamber if I’m out of the solution I need. I’ve never experienced white streaks personally.

So I suppose the flaw is that you can get streaks if you are using a solution that is not specially designed for the Crosswave machine, and the fact that you have to purchase that solution to keep your floors clean.

You also need to make sure you are applying slight pressure onto the machine while you are using it, to make sure that the solution sprays evenly, and can be sucked up well too leaving the floors more dry.

I really like that I can have the kids walk on the floor right after I’ve cleaned an area. I used to have to keep kids in one room, or outside until I was finished washing and waiting for the floors to dry, but not more!

Vacuum Suction

The suction on this vacuum mop isn’t amazing like some of the better vacuum cleaners that I’ve tried.

It’s not really anything to write home about…but it does the job!

While it doesn’t have super strong suction, it does pick up all the dirt off my floors, so I’m not too concerned about this “lacking” feature at all.

The thing I do wish it had: a removable wand. I would love to be able to vacuum mop my couch and get into the corners of my floors better.


This vacuum mop is built to last, but if something does go wrong, there is a great warranty to help you out.

There is a 2 year limited warranty which means that if there is a problem with the machine due to manufacturing or design flaw, Bissell will take care of you as long as you’re within the 2 year mark from the date of sale.

If you have mishandled the product, then the warranty will not be able to help you out.

The warranty does not cover commercial use of the product, simply personal use. The consumer is responsible for replacing filters on the machine.

Cleaning The Crosswave

Every time I clean my floors, I like to clean the machine out as well when I’m all finished.

The Bissell Crosswave is very easy to take apart. The clear bottom panel pops off easily to reveal the brush. I like to wash the brush after every use, and clear out any hair that may be wrapped around it. I also wash the clear panel.

Then I pop out the dirty water chamber and dump that into the toilet. With a good rinse, that chamber is good as new! The filter that sits on top of the chamber gets a quick rinse also.

Then I like to run a wash cloth over the machine and wipe it all down, so it looks good as new after each use.

It takes mere minutes to clean the machine out, and it’s a step you don’t want to miss after you finish washing your floors.

I have left it unwashed one time, for only 2 days, and it started to stink. I did not love that, so I do recommend washing it out each time.

Wrapping It Up – I Love The Bissell Crosswave

Bissell Crosswave Review

If you are looking for a great solution for clean floors and you’re short on time and energy like me, then the Bissell Crosswave is a great machine for you.

The technology allows you to vacuum and wash your floors at the same time, and easily switch from hard flooring to rugs without having to turn the machine off. It’s a jack of all trades machine which means it’s not amazing at just vacuuming or just washing floors, but it’s pretty darn good at doing both of those things at the very same time.

Vacuums and washes floor at the same timeDry vacuum suction lacks
Easy to use touch controls Must be cleaned after each use
Can purchase add ons to better suit your needsNo wand extension available
Need a special solution for streak-free cleaning

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