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Sharing my easy to follow tips on the best way to clean a mirror so you can keep your reflections dirt free!

Streaky and dirty mirrors are very off-putting and do not make great impression on guests and other household members. If you think you know how to clean a mirror, you’re going to be surprised by my method because it totally rocks.

Back in the day, people used to clean their mirrors and glass with newspaper. The thing is, the newspaper has changed so much over time that it no longer works. Ink on newspaper today can be made with petroleum-based ink and even soy which leaves behind streaks of residue which then become even harder to clean off your mirror.

If you’ve been using a paper towel to clean your mirrors, you might notice that it can leave behind white flakes of lint after wiping, which is a pain in the butt and does not leave the mirror looking clean after you have cleaned it.

The secret to a clean mirror is a microfiber cloth that is non-streaking and lint-free and a proper non-sudsing glass cleaner to achieve streak-free, clear mirrors. Using any old cloth and any old cleaner on your mirrors will result in foggy mirrors that appear to be quite dirty.

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The Best Way To Clean A Mirror

Supplies Needed

  1. Flat Weave Microfiber cloth like this one – different cloths can be used but they will not provide the same kind of clean results that you are looking for. These flatweave cloths save you lots of time and you will not get extra debris that hands and clings to your cloth which can then get stuck on the mirror.
  2. Rubbing Alcohol
  3. Cotton Pads
  4. Glass Cleaner – Here are the best eco-friendly glass cleaners or you can make your own with vinegar and water.

How To Clean A Mirror

  1. Before you use your glass cleaner on a mirror, remove any stuck on goop from toothpaste and hairspray from the mirror. To do this, take your rubbing alcohol and dab some onto a cotton pad. Rub off all the gunk you can see. This is simply spot treating your mirror before you give it a clean. This prevents the gunk from spreading all over the mirror as you wipe your glass cleaner around, which leaves nasty streaks behind.
  2. Once the gook is cleaned off your mirror, spray your glass cleaner onto the mirror. You do not need to soak the mirror, simply mist it so you don’t have to work as hard to wipe it off.
  3. wipe your mirror with your flat weave glass cleaning cloth, ensuring to wipe from top to bottom and getting all of the moisture off the mirror. Use a dry part of the cloth, or a new cloth to get all of the moisture off. Start at the top left and move the cloth to the top right corner and zig sag the cloth all the way to the bottom of the mirror for the best clean.
  4. Check the mirror for any streaks and scuffs by looking at it from a 45 degree angle. Looking at the mirror on an angle sheds light on the mirror so you can see if it has any more imperfections that you need to address.
  5. Buff out any remaining streaks that you notice with a dry glass cleaning cloth.
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That is the best way to clean a mirror.

The entire cleaning process should take under 2 minutes to complete and should be done on a weekly basis to ensure you have clean mirrors all around your home.

What Does Not Work For Cleaning Mirrors

Wiping your steamed up mirror with a towel after a bath or shower will not clean your mirrors properly.

Paper towels as they will leave behind small pieces of residue and will leave the mirror looking dusty.

Using all purpose cleaners that are not made for windows and glass will leave the mirror foggy and streaky,

Using newspaper – the ink used on newspapers today will leave streaks and residue.

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