Shopping For A New Spin Mop? The Best Spin Mops 2021

Helping you find the best spin mop to help you keep your home spic and span without struggling with faulty products that don’t get the job done.

A mop is a mop is a mop…right?

Wrong! Finding the best spin mop for your home is a hot topic among mommy’s in Facebook groups and personal friends too. We all could use a good spin mop, but moms especially need efficient products to help keep our homes clean. Scrubbing dirty floors on hands and knees is just exhausting. If you can avoid hurting your knees and your back and have the cash for a spin mop, then I highly suggest you get one!

The right spin mop can help you accomplish your household chores quickly and efficiently. Your home size, family size, and floor washing needs should all be taken into consideration when looking for the perfect mop for you. While it’s true, there is not true best cleaning product that will work for everyone, there are many products which can help you with your specific needs.

Let’s go through some features and some not-so-good things about some of the best spin mops out there so you can narrow your search and order one for your home.

I say order because I order everything on Amazon. With Covid 19, I try to do less shopping outside of the home, otherwise, I would hit up the local Canadian Tire or Walmart for new cleaning products. If I lived in the states, I sure would enjoy Target, but we are not so lucky here in Canada, anymore.

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Top Picks For The Best Spin Mops

Hurricane Spin Mop – Best Overall Spin Mop

Hands down, the best spin mop is the Hurricane Spin Mop. It is a machine washable, pet hair remover master. If you don’t have pets, it picks up long strands of human hair too (ahem, postpartum hair loss is a b****)

I like this mop and bucket system because it eliminates the need to vacuum the floors before mopping.

It does such a good job at picking up loose dirt and dust, that it cuts the whole floor cleaning task in half.

The microfiber mop head is super absorbent and grabs sticky messes and spills without much effort. The strands actually pick up 10x their weight in liquid, which means the entire mop head can pick up a large spill.

I also really like that the spin mop lays flat, which means you can easily reach under tables, sofas, and low-lying furniture without having to bend down and getting onto your knees to wash those hard-to-reach places.

You can wash your baseboards and maneuver this mop around the toilet with ease. You can use hard surfaces like tile, travertine, wood, laminate, and more to clean and sanitize your floors.

This spin mop uses Patented Centrifugal Spinning technology which helps spin away from the dirty water and leaving a clean mop head so you’re not spreading dirty water around as you mop your home. How it works: dunk the mop into the bucket and place it into the basket. Place your foot on the pedal and watch the basket spin. The spinning action removes dirt from the mop head.

With the Hurricane Spin Mop, you’re mopping smarter, not harder.

***Try not to be aggressive while pushing the pedal on the bucket, a slight push is all you need. Aggressive pushing will lead to a broken pedal.

Microfiber Mop HeadSome people reported that the pedal breaks within a year – note that the customer service department is happy to help you replace your bucket if this happens
360-Degree Pivoting Mop HeadMop handle not very long
Patented Centrifugal Spinning Technology
Great for pet hair
Easy to use
Reaches hard to reach places with its flat head

How The Hurricane Spin Mop Works

Venetio Spin Mop

The Venitio Spin mop is a high-quality rotary mop and is one of the best spin mops for your home or office.

Made with 3mm plastic, this mop won’t be rusting anytime soon.

The oar is lightweight and sturdy and is easy to fill up and dump the water out of. The handle is made with stainless steel and can extend to 48″.

This mop has a microfiber mop head and is removed and absorbs tough dirt grime and pet hair better than cotton pads. It dries the floor instantly, leaving behind no streaks.

The spin design cleans and dries the mop head without getting your hands dirty. The splash guard keeps you from getting soaked during the spinning process.

There is no foot pedal with this spin mop system, but rather you push down and make the unit spin with pressure.

This is an easy to put together system which leaves many homes streak-free and clean.

Self-cleaning mopDoes not have wheels
Has a wringer and bucket assembly

Venetio Householding 360 Spin Mop Bucket System

Tsmine Spin Mop – Best Luxury Spin Mop

If you are willing to spend a little more money, the Tsmine Spin Mop is an excellent choice for the best spin mops contender list.

There are some features that the Tsmine has that the Hurricane lacks, and those are wheels on the bucket for easy traveling, a drainage plug for easy draining, extendable handle for different purposes. It has a soap dispenser built in too.

It has a few more desirable features, but they do come with an extra $20 price tag, which is why this mop wasn’t in the #1 spot on this list.

I do really like it though, and here is why!

The bucket is made from a PP plastic which makes the unit lighter than the traditional mop and bucket system. While you aren’t exactly carrying the bucket around because it has wheels, you may need to lift it up to drain the water. Water is pretty heavy, so a lighter bucket can help in this case.

This mop head does clean by spinning, but you don’t have to step on a pedal like the Hurricane. The stainless steel wet spin driver can wash itself just like a washing machine, can easily wash the mop head by just straightly pushing down and pulling up the pole for several times. With the dry spin driver, it helps drain the excess water without putting your hands into dirty water.

You can use the Tsmine both for dry and wet use because it works on all types of floors and even windows, cars, boats, RVs, shower stalls and more.

This specific set that I linked you to actually comes with 6 microfiber mop heads, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing any mop heads for about a year. That’s not too bad for a $50 investment.

This mop is suitable for all kinds of flooring and is one of the best spin mops 2021 has to offer.

Telescopic handleSome customers said it’s difficult to assemble, although the instructions are fairly easy to follow.
2 Year warranty
6 extra mop heads
Drainage plug
soap dispenser
Wheels on bucket
No foot pedal for spinning motion
Stainless steel handle
Quick-dry mop head
Can use on dry and wet surfaces
Can use on any type of flooring

More information about Tsmine Mop Bucket system

Mopnado Spin Mop – Most Durable Spin Mop

The Mopnado Spin Mop is a very good spin mop for the house.

My only concern with this spin mop is the fact that the handle, where it meets the spin mop is made with plastic while the entire handle is made with durable stainless steel. This means that it can be easily snapped, especially when warm/hot water makes the plastic less sturdy when washing.

this mop system however is still a very good system which is why it made the list.

My favorite part about this system is the fact that the mop head practically wrings itself out without much effort. A mop which is not too wet won’t leave streaks around the house which is a huge plus in my books.

Mopnad uses patented mop plates which make rinsing the mop head easier than any other mop on the market. 

The deluxe model features large wheels and 2 handles for easy mobility while cleaning. The bucket is made with stainless steep construction and the handle is as well.

Mop heads can be washed in the washing machine and are durable. Some customers complained that the mop heads started to shed after a few uses, which is a good thing this system comes with 2 mop heads!

Overall this mop is perfect for cleaning your hardwood floor, laminate, tile or even concrete floor. 

Cleans all floor typesCustomers report the unit breaks easily where the handle meets the mop head
patented mop platesThe mop head can start shedding after a few uses
2 large wheelsLarge and hard to store
2 handlesVery heavy once filled – which is why it has 2 wheels!
2 mop heads
Extendable handle
Machine washable mop heads
Durable stainless steel consturction
Good customer service
Includes  14″ scrub brush
Has soap dispenser 

More information on the Mopnado Spin Mop

 O-Cedar EasyWring

The O-Cedar EasyWring is another farily nice spin mop system which helps keep floors clean in your home or office.

It is not a very expensive system which is great, but it has great reviews. I used this mop when I cleaned homes as a side job on the weekends a few years back and it’s a good system.

This is a flexible and convenient product that does the job it’s meant to do.

This bucket system does have a foot pedal to wring out the mop head, just be careful not to step on it too hard to avoid breaking the pedal.

The handle is extendable and collapsible, which is why I liked using it for my cleaning gig. Super easy to throw into the back of a small car. If you’re low on storage space, the collapsible aspect is also appealing.

You can use this mop for heavy-duty cleaning, or light spills and cleanups. It’s very easy to use the system.

This spin mop has a stainless steel handle and an aluminum frame which makes this a durable system.

The mop head also has a 360-degree swivel which makes it easy to reach all those hard to reach spaces in your home, even behind your toilet and under your furniture.

This is overall a good system whether you are a house cleaner or a homeowner.

Note that the mop head is smaller, which some people do not enjoy.

Stainless steel designSmaller mop head
Machine-washable mop headBroom top spins
Absorbent microfiber mop headMop head is fluffy
Foot pedal spin design
Splash guard
Easy to spin
Easy to clean corners
Use wet or dry
Telescopic handle

How To Use The EasyWring™ Spin Mop & Bucket System

Twist and Shout Spin Mop

The Twist and Shout Spin Mop is a good spin mop system.

The bucket is lightweight, weighing in at 4lbs without water. I wish the bucket had wheels.

This lightweight floor cleaner system is easy to use and doesn’t require the use of a foot pedal for the spinning action.

The self-wring design makes this a homeowner favorite. Simply push the handle into the spinning mechnism inside the bucket and watch it spin.

The handle on this mop adjusts from 44-55″ which makes it an ideal mop for short and tall people.

The mop head is machine washable, although I do recommend washing it on low and drying it on low as well to ensure the fabric doesn’t get ruined while washing. Washing too often on high cycle settings can result in this mop head becoming damaged sooner than intended.

You can use this mop on wet or dry surfaces and it collects all sorts of small hairs from pets and humans too. Overall it is a great system which helps you complete your chores quickly and without fuss.

This convenient system does come with a lifetime warranty.

Absorbent mop headNo drainage plug
Includes splash guard
Lightweight design
Telescopic handle
Flexible swivel head
Industrial grade PP plastic

Twist and Shout Mop™ – #1 Top Rated Mop on – Award-Winning Newest Spin Mop

Letton Spin Mop

The Letton Spin Mop is a great contender in the list of best spin mops.

Featuring a sturdy bucket that doesn’t buckle under pressure and a stainless steel spin basket with resistance reducing features.

This bucket has a handy soap dispenser, drainage plug and a pull handle with wheels. Basically, all the fun things that a mop bucket can come with.

There are 2 microfiber heads that come with this mp and they attach to the large mop plate.

They also absorb 2 times more liquid than other mop heads.

The pull handle has space at the top which allows you to hand up the handle which means you can store it in the garage or inside your home on the wall with a hook.

The pull handle and wheels make this system easy to move around the house too so you don’t have to worry about hurting your back.

The retractable grip length ranges from 2.9ft to 5ft, making this a great option for shorter and taller people.

Hanging hookThe mop handle is in 3 parts
Retractable pull handle
Stainless steel design
Machine washable mop heads
ABS engineering plastic
soap bottle dispenser
Wheels on bucket
Drain plug

GPCT1883 – 360° Stainless Steel Spin Mop Wringer Bucket Set w/ Easy Press Handle & 2 Mop Heads

Simpli-Magic Spin mop

The Simpli-Magic Spin mop is a great system for cleaning the home or office and works well with all types of floors including laminate, hardwood, tile, vinyl, stone & concrete.

This Cleaning Kit includes 3 Microfiber Mop Heads that are reusable and washable along with an extendable pole!

This spin mop and bucket system is like a washing machine for your mop. The built in spinner at the bottom of the bucket ensures a clean mop head each time. The wringer basket is made from durable stainless steel and is easy to use. simply push down on the handle with the mop head in the basket and watch it remove all the water from the mop.

The bucket has wheels and an easy sliding handle to allow from easy moving from room to room.

This is a good affordable spin mop system and should not be overlooked when shopping for the best spin mop.

Stainless steel mop handleSome customers found he bucket to be too shallow
Built-in and removable easy to fill soap dispenser
3 multi-colour microfiber mop heads included
Durable stainless steel wringer basket

Simpli-Magic 79154 Spin Cleaning System

SoftSpin Spin Mop and Bucket 

Wash your floors with clean water each time with the softspin spin mop and bucket system. This system is designed to pick up dust, dirt and pet fur too. All of that debris from your floors gets spun out with the drum drop bucket to make sure you are only using clean water to mop your floors with.

This system uses a soft microfiber mop head which absorbs twice as much liquid as generic mop heads. It also picks up more dirt and grime.

This product is backed with a lifetime guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Many customers have no complaints about this bucket spin mop system.

Included is a pair of soft-bristle silicone scrub gloves Cheaper priced materials used
Includes 3 mop heads
Telescopic handle
Built-in detergent dispenser
Drain plug

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Spin Mop

When you are looking for a spin mop for your home you are probably wanting the same things as me – a mop system that is easy to use, durable and can leave the floors clean and streak free.

Those are the mop objectives but there are a few other things you can look at when choosing a spin mop, let’s go over them now.

Storage: Do you have a lot of room to store a bulky mop system? No? Then consider something on the smaller side like the Hurricane Spin Mop instead of the Mopnado Spin Mop. Consider the space you have in your home before making a purchasing decision.

Design: Spin mops generally look the same, but they are all built a little bit differently. If you want something really durable, you may want to spend a little extra on a stainless steel design rather than plastic. If you believe you can be gentle enough on your new spin mop and store it well, perhaps a plastic handle system will be just fine for you.

Materials: If your new spin mop doesn’t have microfiber mop heads, run away! In all seriousness though, microfiber lasts longer than cotton and other materials, and it honestly cleans the best. Take a look at the mop head material before making your purchase decisions.

Effort: It’s nest to choose a mop system which requires the least amount of effort. Will you need to spend 10 extra minutes cleaning the bucket out after you use it just so it will work properly next time you need it? The less effort, the better. You already have so much going on, no need to add complicated cleaning to your already busy routine.

Price: You will likely take the cost of the unit into consideration when making a decision on the best spin mops for your home. The products I listed are all reasonably priced, and they each have pros and cons, so you’ll have to make a decision based on those cons, pros and prices before making your decision.

Fun Features Some Mop Systems Have

After you’ve taken the above items into consideration, there are some additional “fun” aspects to spin mops which you can also enjoy. Here are some features to look for:

Adjustable handle: An adjustable handle will help eliminate back strain, so it may be something to look into if you are tall. Telescopic handles can go up to 70″, so keep a look out for those!

Drainage plug: It’s not needed, but certainly nice to have. A drainage plug can help drain the water from your bucket easily.

Soap dispenser: some spin mop systems have built in soap dispensers. This makes it easy to add detergent and cleaner to your water as you clean. It’s a nice to have, not so much a must-have.

Wheels: Wheels are a very helpful feature on heavy buckets. They eliminate the need to lift and carry the bucket around your home as you wash your floors.

Handles: If your bucket doesn’t have a handle, don’t buy it, please. All buckets should have handles for easy carrying.

Why Use A Spin Mop

A spin mop is a regular mop that has a spin compartment attached to the bucket. The spinning action is designed to help wring out the mop for a streak free mopping experience. Most spin mop bucket systems require you to put the mop head into the spinning basket and step on a pedal to activate the spinning motion.

The faster the spin, the dryer the mop. A mop that is not drenched will help you keep your floors clean.

Spin mops should be a staple product in all homes. Even if you use a steam mop or a vacuum mop in your home, you should also have a spin mop at the ready. It’s always nice to have something absorbent on hand for those messes that occur during the busiest times of our day.

If you’re not wanting to own a spin mop because it requires a bucket, I would suggest at least invest in a simple flat mop like the Swiffer Wet Jet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spin Mops

Are spin mops suitable for all kinds of flooring?

As long as your spin mop has a microfiber head, then you can use it all kinds of flooring without worrying about scratching or damaging your floors.

How often do I need to change the water as I mop?

This will be up to your discretion, but you should be changing the water once it starts to become very dirty looking. You want to clean your floors with fresh and clean water.

Are spin mops better than sponge mops and flat mops?

This depends on the user and their needs. If you like a mop and bucket system then it’s a good choice for you. If you’re more of a flat mop person, like a swiffer wet jet, then the mop and bucket system may be too complicated, although it cleans way better in my opinion.

Why are mop heads microfiber?

Microfiber is absorbent and a good tool for cleaning. It is also very easy to clean and maintain which is why many companies prefer to use microfiber mop heads on their product.

Can I machine wash my mop head?

Always check your manufacture instructions but there should be more reason to not be able to machine wash a mop head.

How often should I change my mop head?

when your mop head is looking worn out and isn’t cleaning a well anymore, it is time for a new one.

Wrapping Up

Spin mops can make your floor cleaning process easier than other types of mops. Simply place your damp mop head into the spinning basket and use the system to dry the mop before and after you finish cleaning the floor.

When choosing the best spin mop, look out for some key features such as wheels, handles and durability.

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Have you ever wondered if spin mops actually clean better than a traditional mop and bucket? Is there really a way to avoid wringing your mop by hand? Well, the answer to these questions is “yes.”

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