finding the best scrub brush for dishes

When looking for a scrub brush that cleans your dishes well and doesn’t scratch them when you’re doing your daily cleaning, you don’t want just any scrub brush, you want the best scrub brush for dishes.

There are always new gadgets popping up that seem to make the chore of doing dishes more simple and even appealing.

I despise doing the dishes myself, but with running behind kids and managing the household, dishes is not a chore that can be avoided.

Doing the dishes isn’t a complicated chore, it’s just one that takes some time and if you don’t have a dishwasher it can be one of those annoying parts of your day. But even so, doing the dishes shouldn’t be a complicated thing. All you need is good dish soap, a dishcloth, and a scrub brush, but the question remains, what is the best scrub brush for dishes?

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Choosing Best Scrub Brush For Dishes

OXO Good Grips Dish Brush

My favorite scrub brush is the OXO Good Grips Dish Brush because it is a basic, yet very effecting brush for any kitchen.

Featuring a built in scraper and a comfortable rubber grip on the handle, this brush is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The brush head is made from durable bristles made from nylon material and this brush is designed for safe use on non stick beware and cookware.

Safe for non-stick cookwareCustomers reported it doesn’t last too long with regular hard use
Built-in scrubber
Dishwasher safe
Comfortable handle
Customers gave this 4.6/5 star reviews on Amazon

JEHONN Dish Brush with Soap Dispenser

best scrub brush for dishes

Another great option for your kitchen is the JEHONN Dish Brush with Soap Dispenser. This brush features an ergonomic handle design that is easy to grip and hold comfortably.

The brush is made from nylon wire bristles and there is a scraper on the back of the unit that is safe for non-stick cookware.

This scrub brush comes with 2 sponge refills which helps the everyday dish washing Momma if a sponge decides to kick the bucket or gets too grimy to use.

The handle has a soap dispenser which makes this a complete kit for your dishwashing needs, and on budget too.

Strong ergonomic handleCannot use in dishwasher
Two refill sponges
Comfortable grip
Nylon wire bristles
Customers gave this 4.1/5 star reviews on Amazon

OXO Good Grips Dish Brush Storage Set

best scrub brush for dishes oxo good grips sponge brush

I like the OXO Good Grips Dish Brush Storage Set because it is a whole system for the kitchen.

The brush comes with a holder which catches water drips and keeps handle dry.

This scrub brush also has a non skid base that helps keep the holder in place which is helpful because it’s not always going to slip into the sink by accident when you’re cleaning your dishes.

this scrub brush also has a built in soap dispenser so you don’t have to touch the soap to clean your dishes making life a little more easy. And there is a removable drop tray and a built in pour spout.

They really though of everything when they made this system.

Soft non-slip handleSome customers report it leaking dish soap
Removable drip tray
Non-skid base
Customers gave this 4.4/5 star reviews on Amazon

Casabella Loop 3-Piece Dish Brush Set

The Casabella Loop 3-Piece Dish Brush Set is a durable unit that is designed to help you in your kitchen for years to come.

The handle is made from a rigid polypropylene material which is built to last. The pack comes with 3 brushes in different sized to help you with all your kitchen needs.

There is a 12 inch and a 14-inch brush as well as a 4.5-inch scrubber, which covers all the basic features of a kitchen scrub brush.

The hanging loop handles make these brushes easy to store and they come in fun colors which add a little brightness to your kitchen.

The bristles are made from durable nylon and are also built to last.

Ergonomic handleSome customers report the brushes bent too easily and didn’t hold shape
Nylon bristles
3 different brushes in one pack
Customers gave this 4.4/5 star reviews on Amazon

MR.SIGA Round Dish Brush

best scrub brush for dishes mr siga

The MR.SIGA Round Dish Brush is a versatile brush that cab ve used on dishes, tiles and sinks. The comfortable, soft long handle makes cleaning simple and easy.

there are suction cups at the end of the handle so the brush can stand on its own while suctioned to the sink or countertop.

This is an affordable brush because you get 3 brushes in one package for a reasonable price and all the brushes come in differnt colors.

These are highly durable brushes and can last you a long time.

Long soft handle
Suction cup
Customers gave this 4.6/5 star reviews on Amazon

Joseph Joseph Edge Dish Brush

best scrub brush for dishes joseph joseph

The Joseph Joseph Edge Dish Brush is a brush that has an innovative design.

While it doesn’t stand up to dry with a suction cup or a holder, it can actually rest neatly on your kitchen sink, dripping all excess water and air drying properly and keeping away germs.

This is a nice scrub brush for smaller kitchens as it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Easy to rest on the sink for dryingBristles can go flat quickly if used vigorously
Non-slip rubber features make it easy to hold
Customers gave this 4.3/5 star reviews on Amazon

Hovo Premier Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

Soap Dispensing Dish Brush With Scrub Sponge Head Included

Another great option for you is the Hovo Premier Soap Dispensing Dish Brush.

The biggest pro of this kitchen scrub brush is the soap dispenser. It holds a lot of soap which means you refill it a lot less.

The brush handle has a non slip grip and the head is made from nylon bristles that won’t scratch your cookware.

The scrub sponge that comes with the scrub brush is suitable for additional cleaning and the scraper is great for cleaning on stuck-on foods.

Hang this brush to dry with the hanging loop on the handle.

The soap dispenser can hold a lot of soapVery few customers complained that the scrub head does not stay on when being used
Includes a sponge scrub head
Built-in scraper
Customers gave this 3.6/5 star reviews on Amazon

MR. SIGA Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

mr siga soap dispensing brush best scrub brush for dishes

The MR. SIGA Soap Dispensing Dish Brush is a great selection for a new kitchen scrub brush due to it’s versatility.

The set comes with 2 brush sets that you can use for cleaning appliances and dishes. They are designed with nylon bristles that are made to not scratch surfaces and are durable and safe.

The head has built in scrapers and you can store this brush on a hanging loop to dry it properly.

The handles are easy to hold and are made to be non-slip for convenience.

Has soap dispenser in the handleSome customers found the soap leaked out of the handle
Ergonomic handle
Nylon gentle bristles
Customers gave this 4.1/5 star reviews on Amazon

MR. SIGA Dish Brush Built-in Scraper

MR.SIGA Dish Brush with Long Handle Built-in Scraper, Scrubbing Brush for Pans, Pots, Kitchen Sink Cleaning, Pack of 3

The MR. SIGA Dish Brush Built-in Scraper is another excellent option for your kitchen scrub brush for the dishes.

This brush has a side scraper which is great for cleaning even the most stubborn stains and another scraper on the top helps that too.

This brush also has nylon bristles, and you know I love nylon bristles!

This brush will work for years, as long as you can clean it properly and take good care of it.

The pack comes with 3 brushes so you can use one for dishes, one for appliances and one for utensils.

Enjoy the hanging loop on the ergonomuc non slip handle for easy drying and storing.

2 scrapers for easy cleaningBristles can be stiff
Nylon bristles
Non slip handle
Customers gave this 4.2/5 star reviews on Amazon

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Scrub Brush For Your Dishes

When choosing a kitchen brush for your dishes there are some things to look for that will suit your needs the best:

  • Scarper: Some brushes have an extra scraper attached, and some don’t. Consider your kitchen needs and decide if you need a brush with a scraper or not.
  • Colour: If you have a nice kitchen set up and care about the colour of the items that sit on your counters, then you might want to consider colour being an important part of the kitchen scrub brush selection process.
  • Cost: Some kitchen scrub brushes cost more than others, so if you’re on a budget, you’ll have to consider this as well when choosing your brush.
  • Versatility: Think about where you will use your kitchen scrub brush. Will it need to be used in the bathroom occasionally? On the walls or baseboards? Figure out how you will be using your brush so you can choose the best one for your needs.
  • Handle: The handle design will determine how comfortable the brush is to hold. For easier holding, while you clean, pick a scrub brush that has a soft-grip handle so that the brush will not be slippery when wet. The handle also should be long enough for the deep cleaning of pots and pans.
  • Construction: The best scrub brush for dishes should have a sturdy and rigid build designed for longer-term use. The bristles should be stiff, but not scratch your non-stick cookware.

Wrapping Up The Best Scrub Brush For Dishes

Cleaning the kitchen doesn’t have to be this big thing, especially when you have the best scrub brush at your fingertips.

The brushes that were picked for this review are all made with quality materials that are durable, versatile and trustworthy.

Nylon bristles are a great option for most kitchens as they do not damage non stick bakeware and cookware and they don’t gather smell like other grimy kitchen sponges.

Now that you have all the information you need on kitchen sponges, you can go ahead and pick a brush, or a brush set in the color yous you need!

Enjoy keeping a clean home.

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