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If you like long-distance road trips, you understand the need of stopping as seldom as possible in order to get to your destination on time. However, spending more time on the road than in parking lots necessitates carrying food and drink with you. And, while fluid consumption is most commonly linked with toilet stops, it also contributes to the accumulation of garbage that you need to dispose of in order to avoid your car from becoming a shambles before you even get halfway to your destination.

I’ve all tried putting everything in a plastic bag, but it always ends up beneath someone’s feet and causes complaints. And, for obvious reasons, throwing rubbish out the window is a no-no. If you’re searching for a solution to keep your car clean during your next long-distance journey, I’ve got some fantastic ideas in the shape of car trash cans. These exist in a variety of sizes and forms, ranging from tiny receptacles for the occasional gum or snack wrapper to bigger receptacles that can contain an entire day’s worth of fast-food wrappers.

Nothing beats a road trip with a handful of good munchies. However, it may soon wreak havoc on your vehicle. That is why having one of the best automotive trash cans available is essential!

I have compiled an exhaustive list of the finest of the best. I have you covered whether you want a fashionable one, one with compartments, or one that will fit in your little car.

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Why Buy a Car Trash Can? 

Maintain the cleanliness of your carpets and floor mats. Having stains on your carpets from spilled beverages or food waste may be quite inconvenient. An auto garbage bag keeps waste off the floor, which may quickly become a trash magnet.

Remove rubbish from sight. Nobody wants to go around with a load of trash in their car. A vehicle garbage organizer conceals and secures all of the waste you’ve gathered in one location.

Convenience during lengthy journeys. It’s unavoidable that you’ll have some leftover garbage if you eat a meal on the move or bring snacks with you on a journey. On your next stop, you may quickly empty the vehicle trash bag.

Keep everything in order. If you want clean surroundings, a vehicle wastebasket is a needs to have. They are handy and simple to use. They’re one of the greatest methods to keep your vehicle tidy and clutter-free.

Drive carefully. Tossing a piece of garbage into a trash bin instead of getting it trapped beneath your brake or gas pedals will prevent it from being stuck. The less junk you have in your car, the fewer distractions will have on the road.

Make an effort to be ecologically conscious. Rather than throwing your litter and waste out the car window, invest in a car trash can. It will help you feel better about your efforts to safeguard Mother Earth.

Types of Car Trash Cans


These can be hung down from the rear of a headrest. They can also be connected to the glove box and hung in front of the passenger seat. They are useful since they do not move around on the floor once installed, and you can always have them close at hand.

Cup Holder

Cup holder trash cans are compact and useful. They are roughly the size of a travel mug and fit into your car’s cup holder. They’re ideal for tiny scrapes and are simple to apply while driving. Why not purchase two, one for the front and one for the back of your car?


Finally, there are floor garbage cans. Typically, they have a gripping or sticky bottom to keep them from slipping about on the car floor. You should acquire a couple of them. Some for the front and rear of the vehicle, as not every passenger will be able to reach these.

How to Choose the Best Car Trash Can

Let’s take a look at some of the most crucial aspects to consider while selecting a vehicle trash can.

Car Size

Select a garbage can that is appropriate for the size of your vehicle. If you have a tiny automobile, I recommend getting a compact garbage can, such as a cup holder trash can.


Trash cans for cars are made of a variety of materials, including fabric, stainless steel, and plastic. Consider needing plastic, stainless steel, or a water-resistant fabric material if you need something waterproof.


Who will be riding in the car? If you have children, this may influence your decision. To reduce spillage, you’ll generally want something that shuts and is secure. If there are only adults in the car, most garbage cans will suffice.


Car trash cans aren’t the most interesting goods on the market, but some are unquestionably cooler than others. Garbage cans with extra compartments, cup holders, a drawstring, supplied trash bags, and a closing top is available. If you’re looking for an interesting feature, I have some great suggestions for you.


When it comes to buying, what you toss away is significant. If you’re going to toss out common automobile garbage (such as paper, wrappers, and tickets), everything goes! However, if you’re going to be throwing out food and drink, you might want something that seals tight to keep smells at bay.


Durability is critical since you don’t want something that will break or leak. Always consider customer evaluations as well as the garbage can’s material. The most durable materials will be plastic or stainless steel.


I offer a few alternatives for a sleek vehicle trash bin. The majority of your car trash cans are attractive, ensuring a seamless complement to the aesthetic of your vehicle. However, if you like something a bit more sophisticated, well undoubtedly find one that suits your taste.


Finally, think about your budget. Car garbage cans are very inexpensive, with hanging cans being the most cost-effective. However, if you want to save even more money, you may make your own!

The Best Car Trash Cans

Drive Auto Products Car Bin

The Drive Bin is a two-gallon waterproof garbage container that can hold thrown papers, fast food, cups, candy wrappers, and other items. It comes with a pack of 20 disposable plastic liners that may be placed in the mesh pouch on the side of the device. The bin includes an adjustable quick-clip strap that allows it to be hung wherever, including behind the seat or on the floor. It has a hook and loop to hang it on the side of the console. It also has a headrest attachment for the seat. If you run out of liners, you may use shopping bags instead. Built-in clips on the sides keep the bags tight and prevent them from falling into the garbage.

The trashcan may be too large for rear-seat occupants. It can easily tumble over if it is not strapped to the console or headrest. The straps may be too short for some center consoles and may break over time. When the bags are in position, the bin does not close.

OxGord Car Trash Can Bin

The garbage can on OxGord is constructed of leak-resistant nylon and is meant to hang from the rear seat. You may also hang it from the armrest, center console, gear shift, or glove box needing the adjustable strap. The garbage can stands on its own and folds flat for storage. It measures 11 by 9 by 7 inches and includes built-in snaps for closure. This trash can is multifunctional since it can also be used to hold food, beverages, CDs, tiny toys, and other items. The fabric is of high quality. The bin remains open, and because there is no top flap, it is simple to empty. You may also clean it by turning it inside out.

QUARKACE Car Trash Can

As a parent, you’re probably aware of the shambles that may build in your car. Also, the notion of having a garbage can in a moving car may be frightening. What if one of the kids spills it? Or do you want to start playing in the garbage? With the Quarkace garbage can, you can rest confident that this will not happen.

First, the lid velcros shut, eliminating the need for the youngsters to open it. It also hangs, so you may keep it beside you in the front seat if you like.

The opening hole at the top is the final item that assures cleanliness. Instead of opening the lid completely, you may squeeze rubbish through there. This also guarantees that garbage does not fall out if your child runs into the can or if you are driving around a tight curve.

The inner lining may be removed. You may remove it from the container and place it in the outside garbage can. Simply rinse it with water before needing it!

Finally, it is composed of waterproof Oxford fabric. So even if a drink drops inside, it won’t damage your vehicle.

EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can

Put this EPAuto product on your buying list if you need a car trash can for your next road trip. This trash can has a two-gallon capacity, so you won’t have to worry about it running out of space after your first food break. It also features a watertight inside to prevent sticky soda can remnants from spilling into the interior of your car. It also includes a lid with a drawstring aperture that allows for easy access while also preventing objects from slipping out as the container fills up.

Other beneficial design features include Velcro-type attachments on the bottom to connect the garbage can to the floor of your car, as well as reinforced sides to hold it upright. If you want to line the can with a plastic bag, use the can’s side handles to secure the bag. There are three outside pockets for storing tissue or hand wipe packets.

HauseSimple Spill-Proof Auto Trash Can

Plastic garbage cans are long-lasting and simple to clean, even if they are not the most cost-effective of your alternatives. The HauseSimple Spill-Proof Auto Trash Can, on the other hand, is worth the somewhat higher price.

It has a 1.4-gallon capacity, making it ideal for large families or lengthy road journeys. With this tool, you can declutter and clear up messes.

The weighted, twin velcro flaps keep the garbage can in place even while traveling quickly or going around tight curves. Even if it’s completely full, this garbage can is unlikely to flip over and spill.

This trash can includes 20 lemon-scented garbage bags to help keep your trash can clean and odor-free. You may, of course, use it without the garbage bags if you like. In either case, you may quickly clean out the trash can needing soapy warm water on a regular basis.

BMZX Car Trash Can

Cup holder trash cans are extremely small and functional. While they do not store as much trash, they are less costly and easier to use while driving. I recommend purchasing two sets: one for the front passengers and one for the back.

The BMZX cup holder garbage can features a one-of-a-kind design. This is simple to open with one hand. As a result, it is safe to use while driving. Furthermore, the lid tilts downward to prevent smells from spreading when the garbage can is opened.

Although the 15-ounce capacity is loIr than some of your other alternatives, it is an excellent size for a cup holder trash can. It’s quick and simple to empty it when you stop for gas or when you get home.

Because it is constructed of food-grade silicone, it may be cleaned in the dishwasher in between drives.

Finally, it is available in three different colors: black, grey, and pink.

Coli Alma Vehicle Garbage Can

The universal-fit garbage container is made of plastic and is 7.2 inches wide by 7 inches high. It has a 1-gallon capacity. It has anti-slip, 14-inch-long arms and spikes on the bottom to keep it from sliding around on the floor. It’s simple to clean: simply rinse it with water and let it dry. You can easily dispose of both It and dry trash in the bin. It is quite sturdy and works well on the floor in front of the passenger seat or in the rear seat. It’s neither too big nor too little, and it doesn’t take up much room. It’s simple to toss rubbish into it from either the driver’s or passenger’s side. It also holds a lot of rubbish and stays in place.

One issue is that this garbage can will not remain in position if it is not placed on a carpeted floor. In addition, the base may be folded for shipping purposes and may take several days to relax sufficiently to make contact with the floor. Some customers have also claimed that it is smaller than intended, so be sure to check the specifications before making a purchase.

High Road TrashStash

The polyester High Road StashAway has a StuffTop cap that keeps smells out of the cabin space and covers the 1.5-gallon waste can. The vinyl liner is long-lasting and prevents spills from escaping. It’s structured and sturdy thanks to a front panel and side bracing. The adjustable cable is designed to fit over a hinged center console, making it simple for front- or back-seat passengers to reach. Tissues, hand sanitizer, an ice scraper, and charging cords may all be stored in the three exterior pockets. Even with a passenger in the middle seat, it keeps its form and is tiny enough to be out of the way.

Because the inner bag is fairly heavy-duty, waterproof, and easy to clean, liner bags aren’t really essential. If you reach back from the driver’s seat for the slotted deposit hole, it may be a little uncomfortable. The clip on the cable may not be properly fastened and may loosen, causing the can to swing about even with the center console lid closed. The cinch used to secure the bag may interfere with shutting the lid on the center console. When the bin is not full of trash, it may collapse.

KMMOTORS Jopps Foldable Car Garbage Can

When it comes to parallel parking and reversing into a driveway, having a tiny car is a godsend! But it becomes a lot messier a lot faster. That is why I propose the KMMOTORS Jopps Foldable rubbish can for removing any messes and waste from your vehicle.

It has a large capacity while being compact enough to fit down the side of the passenger seat or over the back of your seat. The adjustable hanging straps allow you to place this rubbish can almost wherever in your car.

It’s made with Oxford cloth, which is a high quality, durable and leak-proof material. Because of its robustness and excellent design, it will last for a long period.

It is ideal for keeping garbage, but it may also be used to hold toys, beverages, or essential papers.

UTSAUTO Car Trash Can

On a tight budget? There’s no reason to skimp on a high-quality vehicle garbage can. The UTSAUTO vehicle trash can is reasonably priced, yet it is still an excellent pick.

First and foremost, it is leakproof. Don’t be concerned about spilled coffee, tea, or food in your automobile. You may use this trash can to dispose of wrappers, tissues, papers, and food and drink waste.

It may be attached to the back of your seat, the gearstick, the glove box, or the seat belt buckle. It’s small enough to fit in most automobiles and doesn’t take up much space.

It comes with a semi-removable inner liner. This means you won’t have to use plastic garbage bags, but it also means you won’t be able to completely remove the liner while cleaning.

MyTidyCar Car Trash Can

This garbage can features a three-gallon capacity and three mesh pockets on the outside. It has an adjustable hanging rope, a completely waterproof lining, and a cover to keep your rubbish hidden. It is constructed of 600 denier fabric and may be used as a storage bag, travel bag, or lunch box. It’s simple to put together: simply wrap it over the back of the seat and tighten the strap. It can also be placed in the middle armrest. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t appear like a garbage can in your car, which is a bonus. It’s also simple to clean up accidents, such as spilled yogurt, and it contains a lot of trash.

Tips & Advice for Car Trash Cans

Select a garbage can that complements the inside of your car. Choose a color and size that matches your car while not clashing with the fit and finish.

Choose a trash can that can comfortably accommodate the quantity of waste you intend to discard each day/like. The garbage will overflow if you select one that is too tiny. A too-large one may obstruct legroom.

Before you buy a garbage bag, decide where you want to place it. Some are better suited for hanging behind the front seats, while others are better suited for hanging from the gear shift or center console.

Where should I place your car trash can?

This is an issue that requires your attention. Many of the choices I recommend have straps that allow you to hang them from the front-seat headrest, the glove box, or the rear of the center console. But what if none of those locations are truly convenient for you and your driving habits?

As a result, one of your suggestions is the Carbage Can. It’s really just meant to sit on your car’s floor because it hooks to a floor mat, but I think that’s a sensible idea, especially in a compact car where a hanging trash can may take up a lot of potentially usable cabin room.

Finally, the producers of many of the hanging trash cans on your list recommend looping the strap over your vehicle’s shift lever so that the waste bin sits in the front passenger footwell. I don’t believe that’s a smart idea because it can interfere with transmission operation and divert your focus away from the road.

What features are worth looking for in a car trash can?

I believe it is worthwhile to select one with a lid. These trash cans keep unsightly rubbish hidden away until it’s time to dispose of it, and the lid also helps to keep unwanted aromas at bay.

Look for one with exterior pockets for little stuff. If you’re purchasing a garbage can because you frequently dine on the move, it’s a good idea to have a handy spot to keep a few clean napkins or hand wipes.

Most automobile trash cans have easy-clean interiors, but if you like to line the can with a plastic bag, search for a container with exterior clips to which you can tie the bag’s handles so you don’t have to pull them out of a day’s worth of rubbish.

Best Car Trash Cans Bottom Line

Don’t allow your car’s messes to mar your vacations! Get one of the top car trash cans on the market and tidy your vehicle. The majority of your suggestions can manage every type of garbage, from paper wrappers to empty juice cartons.

The QUARKACE Car Trash Can is your top pick, and it’s great for parents. However, if you prefer a more fashionable choice, the High Road TrashStash is ideal. Finally, if you want something to hang inside your car, I propose the EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can.

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