A Simple Trick To Keep Your House Tidy

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It shouldn’t be a complicated process to keep your home neat and tidy. Try this simple technique and be consistent for achieving optimal results.

Having kids at home, at any age and stage makes keeping a clean home a difficult thing to do, no matter the size of the house. As a mom of two boys, I am constantly refining routines and making systems to keep clutter at bay, minimizing dust bunnies and keep the home ready for guests at any moment in time.

Even if you work from home, there just isn’t enough time in a day to finish ALL THE THINGS because you’re busy with work, kids and trying to keep your sanity alive too!

I do have a great chore system that I use for my children and a great cleaning routine, but sometimes, keeping a clean home can be more simple than that.

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The Trick That Keeps The House Tidy

I really like it when I can involve the whole family in keeping the home clean. I mean everyone needs to participate in family contributions, don’t you agree?

This is why the After Dinner Tidy works SO well for our family. We call it Tidy Time.

We chose after dinner as our family tidy time because that is when everyone is together in the dining room and I don’t have to spend extra time gathering the family together for tidy time.

How Tidy Time Works

The family works quickly to tidy up any things that are out of place and left out and about at a set time daily.

  1. Set A Time
    You should choose a tidy time that works for your family and one that you can be consistent with. Maybe you want to have a tidy home before everyone goes to sleep for the night. Perhaps it’s after dinner time like our family system. Could it be just before your husband gets home from work so he can come home to a tidy house? Whatever time you do settle upon, just be consistent.
  2. Set A Reminder
    Reminders are great, especially for busy households. Setting reminders relieves you of having to remind the kids about tidy time and then you won’t be constantly nagging them to complete their family contributions.
  3. Don’t Clean, Tidy
    This quick tidy is just as it sounds, a quick sweep up of the home. This is not the time for deep cleaning, but a time to put all the clutter away into their appropriate places. Some things you can do during the tidy time is empty the dishwasher, sweep up the floor, take out the garbage, and clear the coffee table. Do the dishes and deep cleaning at a different time.
  4. Make It Quick
    Make this tidy time a quick event. Give your children tasks to complete so they know exactly what to do and there won’t be dawdling and confusion from anyone during the tidy time.
  5. Keep It Fun
    Make tidy time a fun time! Add some funky music, create races for tasks to be completed and make sure to keep the mood light to ensure participation in tidy time in the future.
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It shouldn’t be a complicated process to keep your home neat and tidy. Try this simple technique and be consistent in achieving optimal results.

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