9 Brilliant Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy

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Ever wonder how to keep your house tidy if you’re a super busy person with no time in the day left to clean? Wonder no more! These are killer tips, all which I live by, which help me keep a tidy home with 3 kids, a dog and a husband too.

Having kids at home, at any age and stage makes keeping a clean home a difficult thing to do, no matter the size of the house. As a mom of two boys, I am constantly refining routines and making systems to keep clutter at bay, minimizing dust bunnies and keep the home ready for guests at any moment in time.

Even if you work from home, there just isn’t enough time in a day to finish ALL THE THINGS because you’re busy with work, kids and trying to keep your sanity alive too!

I do have a great chore system that I use for my children and a great cleaning routine, but sometimes, keeping a clean home can be more simple than that.

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9 Things You Can Do To Keep Your House Tidy

  1. Create a daily cleaning routine
  2. Create a weekly cleaning routine
  3. Create a laundry system
  4. Get rid of junk mail
  5. Keep cleaning supplies within reach
  6. Tidy each and every day
  7. Clean as you go
  8. Never leave a room empty-handed
  9. Declutter

Create A Daily Cleaning Routine

Save yourself lots of time by planning ahead what you are going to clean each and every day – create a daily cleaning schedule.

This does not mean you have to spend an hour each day cleaning your house. Just add a few simple and quick tasks to your routine so your house stays tidy.

Here is an example cleaning routine

  • Monday: Wipe down bathrooms
  • Tuesday: Dust all rooms
  • Wednesday: Vacuum the floors
  • Thursday: Wipe down living room
  • Friday: Clean the kitchen extra well
  • Saturday: Recruit family into helping with outstanding chores
  • Sunday: Mop the floors

These tasks can be simple, they do not need to be a deep clean. Wiping the bathroom could mean taking a few Lysol wipes and washing down the toilet (under the lid, the base and the outside of it) which takes 5 minutes at most and ensuring the counter and sink are clean and free of toothpaste.

Create A Weekly Cleaning Routine

Your daily cleaning tasks are very important, but so are your weekly cleaning tasks. Your daily cleaning will make your weekly cleaning a total breeze. All you need to do on the weekend is dust, vacuum and get a handle on your floors. It shouldn’t take more than one hour a weekend if you do your daily cleaning well.

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Once a month you can do a deep clean, but you don’t need to do a deep clean every weekend.

Create A Laundry system

Laundry is one of those things that seems to pile up quickly and it drives everyone crazy.

I personally do 1-2 loads of laundry every day. With 3 kids and a husband, that’s kind of a much needed thing to do.

I make sure one load of laundry is completed everyday by making laundry one of those things I do first thing in the morning. After breakfast, I quickly go to the washer and throw in my load of laundry. Then I set a timer on my hone for 45 minutes and then go and change the laundry over.

When I was working full time, I used to do the laundry right after work using the same system. This ensures that the laundry goes through the washing and drying cycle.

Now the folding I haven’t quite figured out yet, I’m still working on that system. For now, everything goes into baskets and I fold when I have a few minutes.

Because I have a baby and some older kids, I put the baby in a bouncy chair next to me and send the older kids off to play video games so I can fold laundry a few times a week.

The older kids put away their own laundry after I fold them, so that really helps as well.

Get Rid Of Junk Mail

Recycle your junk mail right away so it doesn’t end up cluttering up spaces in your home. Sort your mail in general to ensure the bills go to the right places and don’t get forgotten about. Try a mail sorter by the front door to help you keep your mail organized.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Within Reach

I like to have some sort of cleaning supplies in every room of the house, if I can put it away and out of reach from the children.

For example, in the bathroom I keep lysol wipes, a glass cleaner and a counter cleaner with some cloths which I store in my cabinet under the sink. This can lock, so I can babyproof it.

In my kitchen I have all sorts of cleaning supplies as well, all neatly tucked away in a bin in my pantry so I can easily grab it for my daily cleaning.

I don’t store cleaning supplies in the bedrooms, however I do have a swiffer duster in the master bedroom closet which I whip out every once in a while to dust just the bedrooms.

Keeping the cleaning supplies within reach and easily accessible helps keep a tidy home.

Tidy Up Daily

I like to spend 15-20 minutes each evening tidying up the house after the kids all go to sleep. I either give the baby to my husband so they can spend quality time together, or put her in my baby wrap while I tidy and she can snooze safely on my chest.

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If a busy mommy like me can keep her home tidy, you can too.

Here is what I do each evening, and it takes mere minutes.

  • Tidy up the living room
  • Straighten up dining room chairs and wipe down table
  • Take all clutter of kitchen countertops
  • Sweep the kitchen floors (quick mop if needed in some spots)
  • Grab laundry and place in front of basement stairs (where the washer and dryer are located) for easy washing in the morning
  • Wipe down bathrooms with a lysol wipe – toilet and countertops
  • Take a walk through the house and straighten anything else out that is out of place

I mean, it sounds like a lot, but it’s really not…especially since it’s such a habit and the house is usually in fairly good shape already.

Now here is a fun thing we do in our home too, and it cuts my nightly cleaning routine by 75%. We call it tidy time.

Tidy Time – How It Works

I really like it when I can involve the whole family in keeping the home clean. I mean everyone needs to participate in family contributions, don’t you agree?

This is why the After Dinner Tidy works SO well for our family. We call it Tidy Time.

We chose after dinner as our family tidy time because that is when everyone is together in the dining room and I don’t have to spend extra time gathering the family together for tidy time.

The family works quickly to tidy up any things that are out of place and left out and about at a set time daily.

  1. Set A Time
    You should choose a tidy time that works for your family and one that you can be consistent with. Maybe you want to have a tidy home before everyone goes to sleep for the night. Perhaps it’s after dinner time like our family system. Could it be just before your husband gets home from work so he can come home to a tidy house? Whatever time you do settle upon, just be consistent.
  2. Set A Reminder
    Reminders are great, especially for busy households. Setting reminders relieves you of having to remind the kids about tidy time and then you won’t be constantly nagging them to complete their family contributions.
  3. Don’t Clean, Tidy
    This quick tidy is just as it sounds, a quick sweep up of the home. This is not the time for deep cleaning, but a time to put all the clutter away into their appropriate places. Some things you can do during the tidy time is empty the dishwasher, sweep up the floor, take out the garbage, and clear the coffee table. Do the dishes and deep cleaning at a different time.
  4. Make It Quick
    Make this tidy time a quick event. Give your children tasks to complete so they know exactly what to do and there won’t be dawdling and confusion from anyone during the tidy time.
  5. Keep It Fun
    Make tidy time a fun time! Add some funky music, create races for tasks to be completed and make sure to keep the mood light to ensure participation in tidy time in the future.
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Clean As You Go

Another thing I like to do to keep a clean home is cleaning as I go.

This really works the best in the kitchen while I cook. I like to wash the dishes as I make them dirty, because I don’t have a dishwasher and the dishes pile up. If I had a dishwasher I would simply place the dirty dishes into the dishwasher as they get used.

My husband is the opposite and makes a huge mess when he cooks dinner and it’s a dreadful clean up afterwards.

When I cook dinner, which is almost every night, it takes only 15 minutes after dinner to get all the dishes washed up and put away.

Cleaning as you go doesn’t just apply to the kitchen, you can clean up everywhere you are in the house.

If you have a cup of coffee in the living room, take your cup back to the kitchen and wipe up the table with a cloth before you move onto your next activity.

Never leave a room empty-handed

This is a pretty simple rule to live by. If you are going to the kitchen and notice a mug in the room you are in, take that mug with you and even wash it and put it away while you are in the kitchen.

Notice the garbage is piling up? Take it out!

See socks on the floor? Take them with you and put them in the laundry bin.

Just don’t leave a room empty-handed if there is something there that doesn’t quite belong.


The best way to keep a clean and tidy home is to get rid of clutter. The less stuff you have, the less you will have to clean. Taking a little bit of time to declutter now will leave you with less cleaning on a daily basis.

How To Keep Your House Tidy

It shouldn’t be a complicated process to keep your home neat and tidy. Try these simple techniques and be consistent in achieving optimal results. Be sure to try the tidy game with your family too! It’s kind of fun, and it helps you out with keeping a cozy and clean home.

how to keep your house tidy

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